Family Relocation ~ HKC 8 ~

Family Relocation HKC 8

I have lived in Yokohama, all my life. Both of my parents were born here as well. Although, both of my grand parent’s families are from the Kansai area.

My Father’s side:

My father’s father (my grandfather, Tsuneo Kawamura) used to live in Kyoto. My grandfather and grandmother are born in Kyoto, and they met each other in Kyoto. They were married in Kyoto, and they moved to Yokohama at around 1958, because the business in Kyoto wasn’t going well. In Kyoto, they were doing a Kimono business where they dyed the colors into the Kimono. But that wasn’t going so well so they decided to move to Yokohama, where their relatives offered jobs. And then they started several restaurants in the Kannai area. There, my father (Hideaki Kawamura) was born.

Kyoto: 250px-Kiyomizu-dera_and_Kyoto_at_night Picture 1

My Mother’s side:

My grandfather (Hisao Noguchi) on my mother’s side (Noguchi side of my family) was born in Nara, which in the west area of Japan, on 1940. He grew up in a place where there were no buildings at all.  There were schools, post offices, and houses, but there weren’t many buildings like Tokyo. He lived in a place where it was almost in the mountains. When he was in high school, he moved to another place in the west area of Japan. He moved to another high school where he could get more and better education for university. He went to a university in Tokyo. He met my grandmother (Yoshiko Noguchi) in Yokohama, where he went for work. After they married, they lived in Yokohama and my grandfather went to Tokyo for work.

Nara (Koriyama Castle) (On map: Nara highlighted):200px-Koriyama_Castle_Nara Picture 2

Although before my grandfather’s family (father’s side) lived in Kyoto, they lived in Busan, Korea. My grandfather’s family immigrated to Japan, in the 1920’s because of financial and economy reasons. And my grandfather was born on 1929, in Kyoto, Japan. He lived in Yokohama and passed away when he was 56 years old, on 1954. This was when my father was 25 years old. It was the time when my father hadn’t even met my mother yet.

Busan, Korea (on map: Busan highlighted) :250px-Haeundae_2008 Picture 3

So basically, both side of my family relocated to the Kanto area from the Kansai area, for educational and financial reasons.My ancestors are mostly all from the Kansai area, Nara, and Kyoto. They immigrated to Yokohama as they found new work and jobs, where they eventually chose to live with their own families.