Thosmas Middleton (the writer)’s classic tragedy of female cheating and fraud know as Beware came to YIS in January. However this re-inactment was set in New York City in the 1970’s.Most of which revolves around the main female characters. Livia, a Bohemian who collects art and is widowed, whos stratagy was to tamper with peoples lives close by her to maintain control over the new york art world’s as well as being reccomended with the local mafia commander Antonio Duke. At the beggining of her fraud she double-crosses niece (art student) Isabella and her neighbour Bianca who is an Italian fashion model, however she falls in love with Bianca’s husband-to-be called Leantio. Leantio is a local art dealer who has disastrous outcomes. All of which was directed by Mr. Meikeljohn


The play commences with a fashion show sort of entrance of all of the characters. Everyone has their own characteristic cat walk walk. The play then progresses with Bianca and he husband-to-be walking in and meeting him mother. The play central point was Bianca and how high maintenance she seems to be which allows the viewers to compare the sophistication between the mother and Bianca.


The way this topic was made clear was through the characters, the three main ladies you could tell that there was something not right between them, you could see they didn’t fully enjoy being in each others company by the way they all looked at each other and the technique in which they spoke. This, when i first noticed, was in the first scene when Bianca had met Leantio’s mother, it was clear that there was something going on among them. The theme of this was drawn to a close after seeing all of the women together, not all at once.


The set that had been made up was simple yet sophisticated and easy to focus on all of the movement and where all of the performers were. Seating arrangements were also better for the audience to focus. The make-up as well as the costumes more realistic as if we actually were in the 1970’s which was highly appropriate for each of the characters. This creative set was completely required because there were so many scenes that were focused on the house, not only the house but out and around the houses which was very brilliant. The lighting was perfect for how the settings were positioned. There weren’t many props during this play which made it just that much easier to focus on the characters and the dialog.


All actors delivered their lines properly and distinctly with only some troubles with the confusing words and lines. The space that was performed in was convenient for the whole play and each and everyone of the cast members used the stage appropriately and cooperated nicely and did not mess up and get in the ways of others. The house that was built was amazingly creative, where there was an up-stairs and a down-stairs both used wisely and appropriately. I also admired the curtains and how they were used to their advantages. Only problem was the walkways that were used echoed and you were able to hear everything that was going on behind the house, when people were walking in the house, upstairs and even to get out. The idea of the play was portrayed to excellence however many people had few problems understanding what the characters and cast members were saying.


The presentation of the play was to a very high quality. It was prepared well and only needed a few touches with peoples lines. The targeted audience was high schoolers and adults mostly, with few middle scholars because in my opinion the ideas were faintly understandable to few also kissing/romantic gestures, however it was mostly the language that was hard to decipher. The scene where William was dancing around trying to get the attention of one of the three main characters was highly entertaining and charmed the audience immensely.


So in general the performance was accomplished. Most of the ideas were known and presented well to the audience through the dialogue and characters. All actors were conveyed well and were understandable to the audience. The main criticism i had was some of the actors were having a little trouble delivering their lines concluding in many audience members getting confused. The some audience members couldn’t really make out sometimes what the characters were saying because of the sophisticated and complicated language. It was very enjoyable with some humorous moments with characters and the atmosphere the actors were executed and was easily focus-able.