Kiva Donation Project

In our past classes, we were assessed to choose an appealing group from Kiva, and persuade Ms.Madrid to donate 200 dollars to the chosen group. We, Hanna, Tao, and I, chose the Hurihans, a group consisted of  a women and a couple, who live in Kyrgyzstan. We chose the group as the following factors were appealing to us:

  • They suffer from poverty but they work at an NGO to grant the fortunes of others
  • They need the money to buy live stock, and make their ends meet -> this means, they will spend the loan for better living condition
  • Their income wage is very low (Their monthly income is less than a bottle of a drinking machine)
As we identified the group, Hanna and I strived on creating the elevator pitch (persuasive writing), Tao strived on creating the visual presentation.
What we regretted on the presentation:
In our group, we had a little problem when we were answering other’s questions. Because some in our group had been given a mistaken information, when one of our members were answering a question, there was a conflict between the audience and us. If I was able to gain confidence and stand up to tell the true information and lose the conflict, we may have done better to gain trust from the audience. I also think that our group could have discussed before we started the presentation, so we would have been sure to have the correct information.