Brain Bowl Competition

For session 1, I have been engaging in a lunch-time activity, called ‘Brain Bowl’. It is an activity where general knowledge questions from the following subjects; English, Math, Science, Japan History, World History, Geography, Music & Arts, Literature, an Current Events. You have to be good at memorizing detailed facts, which I am not really good at. I do really good with critical problems that use imagination so when it comes to remembering dates and facts, I really do not do well. From now on, I will try to do my best to remember things so that I win an award for next year’s competition.

The resenting point is that I knew answers to a lot of questions but I was too hesitant to press the button. Also another thing was, I couldn’t under stand some questioner’s questions because their enunciation was hard for me to understand. As I have gained an experience by today’s competition, I would like to capitalize this experience for next year’s competition.


Hand-outs from competition.


  • We were given a lot of snacks on our team table, which toned down my nervousness.
  • I also bought nachos-tortilla chips for 200 yen and it tasted awesome!!
  • The good thing was that, I got to skip school for the whole day.
  • YIS was 4th out of 8 schools and St.Mary won


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