Sem1 reflection and my goals for next semester

Semester 1 Report Card Reflection

1. What are you most proud of in your semester one results?  Why?

I am very proud that most of my teachers really understood me, and some teachers praised me for this semester’s effort. I have also got better scores for collaborative skills and knowledge and understanding.
2. Given the comments of your teachers, what do you most need to work on?

Organization and punctuation. So far, I have had 8 unexcused tardies. This is due to poor time management, which could be fixed. Organization is another similar problem that I have to fix immediately. I will always have to intend on finishing tasks on time and always bring it to class and give in good quality work, which means organizing my time schedule more wisely.
3. How will you work on #2 above?

So far, I have been leaving my homework until the very end before the due date until I was eventually forced to do my homework and this is because of lack of spirit to some classes. From now on, I will force my self to be open minded to subjects that I do not enjoy much and I will try to plan a schedule for each task, bearing the ‘time’ I have for it, rather than cramming my self.

4. How do you feel about your Approaches to Learning (ATL) feedback?
5. Review the learning goals you established in Semester One.  In what ways have you met them?  What remains to be done?

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