Pros and Cons of tourism

  • Income for local people
  • maintains essential service
  • Seasonal employment
  • Low wages
  • Rural depopulation (Low wages, but house prices are high. Need to move to a larger settlement for higher wages, lower house prices.)
  • Pollution
  • Congestion
  • Erosion of lake shores

How to sustain tourism

  • restricting number of cars and visitors
  • education on ‘how to maintain a sustainable tourism’ to local people and tourists
  • fundraising to repair damage
Effects on tourism by LEDC
  • foreign currency for investing in improving local services
  • more jobs
  • infrastructure
  • visitors
  • tourists educated about dangers to nature
  • profits go to tourism companies, and not much to the local community
  • foreign companies will bring foreign skilled workers, so the local people will only be able to do the low-skill, low-paid jobs.
  • pollution and disruption


Tourism Field Work at Kamakura

– Our aim was to know where tourists come from.

Kamakura Daibutsu Fieldwork Project (PDF File) 

Kony Reflection

Do I believe in ‘Kony’?


During I&S class, I have watched the movie, ‘KONY 2012‘, and made a reflection on it. Overall, I think Joseph Kony is an existing person, or else the team could not have interviewed the police, and his name would have not been on the list ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorists’. However, I am not sure if I believe the entire information on Kony. There are lots of suspicious points about this projects. First of all, I do not understand why this had to be mentioned so suddenly on to the internet, and I do not understand why they had exaggerated so much of his existence, in the 30-minute video. If Kony is a really serious intimidating person, I do not think the team would had to pledge Barack Obama for more than a time. Also, the news could have been on TV before the ‘invisible children’ had to make a movie to pledge the world for donations. My question is, why did ‘Kony’ spread in a short time? If the criminal has been causing a crime from long years ago, shouldn’t the news have spread to the world gradually? Also, I think this video’s target is youth population who has access to Facebook. If social medias such as Facebook and YouTube did not exist, the video have not spread so quickly. I think so, because I think the video is exploiting human ‘minds’. The young population usually likes to be updated with the recent news, so they can join the conversation. This persuades a person to watch and ‘share’ the video by peer pressure. I also think it is unusual for a video to have an expiry date. Why did the team set a specific date? Is that also another hidden motivation to pressure the viewers with ‘time’? It also showed lots of scenes with a huge crowd holding up banners that says, ‘deliver your voice’ but I think this is also another type of peer pressure. It is secretly hinting you to join everyone else. I say this video was strongly persuasive, and maybe there was too much of a ‘campaign’ atmosphere. It was exaggerating more on how ‘we’ can support or make contribution, rather than exaggerating the criminal’s life career and his personality. If we really need to spread awareness on the criminal to the world, we would need to communicate to the world about his career to the world, instead of pledging for donations. So yes, I do believe in his existence, but I do not trust ‘Invisible Child’.