Pros and Cons of tourism

  • Income for local people
  • maintains essential service
  • Seasonal employment
  • Low wages
  • Rural depopulation (Low wages, but house prices are high. Need to move to a larger settlement for higher wages, lower house prices.)
  • Pollution
  • Congestion
  • Erosion of lake shores

How to sustain tourism

  • restricting number of cars and visitors
  • education on ‘how to maintain a sustainable tourism’ to local people and tourists
  • fundraising to repair damage
Effects on tourism by LEDC
  • foreign currency for investing in improving local services
  • more jobs
  • infrastructure
  • visitors
  • tourists educated about dangers to nature
  • profits go to tourism companies, and not much to the local community
  • foreign companies will bring foreign skilled workers, so the local people will only be able to do the low-skill, low-paid jobs.
  • pollution and disruption


Tourism Field Work at Kamakura

– Our aim was to know where tourists come from.

Kamakura Daibutsu Fieldwork Project (PDF File) 

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