ElectroCity-Town Simulation

Scarcity: Insufficiency of supply

Game Strategies:

  • Build power plants such as windmills, that are eco-friendly to the environment.
  •  Keep on improving the sizes of each building.
  • Build leisure facilities and farmlands.
  • Give education and solar panels to the population.

The game taught me that to prevent scarcity of food and energy resources in the town, you should create food by making farmlands, and you should create power plants unless you want to buy electricity from other cities. If the town is scarce in nature and forests, the population decreases because the environment becomes unecofriendly. If the town is scarce in energy resources, the amount of energy you can produce is limited wind mills, and other sustainable resources.


Yes, I would want my city to expand because I want to conquer over a large area of land. That way, I have control over more population, so I will get more profit from tax and electricity production. I also have more options to build different types of facilities, making the town more developed.

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