Environmental Sustainability

During our last I&S class, we were assigned into different groups. We discussed about the issues related to different themes of the environment. There were five themes related to the environment, and each group had to research about the topic they were assigned. The five themes were, 1. Food 2. Water 3. Energy 4. Ocean 5. Cities and I researched on water. I learnt that many people do not have regular access to clean sanitized water due to freshwater scarcity, and this is a leading factor that contributes to the deaths of children from diseases such as cholera. It also traps people in the cycle of poverty. This problem can only be solved if we use the water resources more efficiently. After discussing with my group, I have learnt the five different issues related to the environment. Below is a table of problems, causes, solutions related to the five themes.





Food Food crisis- Droughts cause less harvest of crops such as corn. This causes meat prices to increase because there is nothing to feed cattle. Natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy Develop new crops using biotechnology. Get government to support the damaged farms.
Water Poor access to sanitized/fresh water. Deaths due to diarrheal diseases such as cholera. Over use of water for farming and industrial purposes. Use resources more efficiently.
Energy Lack of energy Demands for energy is increasing because people are becoming wealthy. Build a bigger energy source. Promote wind mill/turbines. Give more energy to people living in the poor conditions.
Oceans Pollution / Damage -Diversity of natural resources are decreasing. Pollution is causing average temperature to rise, which affects coral reefs and crills. This will affect the food chain and the ecosystem. Development of industries and power plants. Invest more money on environmental sustainability. To do so, economic development activity has to decrease.
Cities High carbon emission causing global warming. Over population. Use of cars that emit carbon dioxide. Get more renewable energy.

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