Powerful Women Representations

During class, we have looked at several media that depicted the presence of women as ‘strong’, ‘persistent’, and ‘powerful’, such as the movie trailer of, ‘The Proposal’. This movie, I have seen before, is about a man and a woman, which their relationship is a hired worker to a boss, who both forcefully have to pretend that they are a couple that are about to get engaged. The reason for this is because the woman (Margaret) has to deport the country and in order to prevent so from happening, she makes a decision to pretend that she and her worker (Andrew) are getting engaged. In this movie, the female character is portrayed as really powerful in comparison to the male. Margaret has a really strong power in terms of authority, mainly because she is the ‘boss’, so she is in the position of the social status where she can tell Andrew to do whatever she wants him to do. Because of this, her attitude towards him throughout the movie implies her obstinacy and powerfulness.


Furthermore, media that depicts women as strong can be found more on movies such like, the ‘Biohazard/Resident Evil’ series.

Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer

In this movie series is a main female character called Alice, who physically fights against numerous number of residents who have turned into zombies because of a virus that was unintentionally spilled and spread through the breakage of a single chemical test tube. Although in reality it is nearly impossible that a women or even any human can defeat every single zombie that approaches, Alice has long survived in accordance to her physical fitness and her exceptional ability to handle guns and other weapons. She has not only defeated all zombies, but she has also been fighting to defeat her biggest rival, the Umbrella Corporation. This is a renown company for creating consumer products but on the back, they secretly conduct bio-genetic engineering, and the spilling of the ‘T-Virus’ was due to the accident of this company. Throughout the movie series, the Umbrella Corporation tries to capture Alice and create many clones of her because of her ‘desirable’  fit body. Alice tries to run away from those who work for Umbrella. The image of the female character is portrayed as very powerful, to the point that even hundreds of men who are attempting to capture only one woman, does not succeed. From this, I think that from my perspective, the women is depicted as too powerful, and far different to the reality (the reality of the physical ability of women).


Such media applies wrong interpretation to the society. It may impact the way women think; that being ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’ is the true definition to being ‘attractive’. It may also affect the views of men; that remaining more calm and maintaining obedience against women will make one attractive, and the men in the society may turn hesitant.

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