TOK Flower Drawing Reflection

TOK Introductory Lesson


As your first blog entry for TOK, we would like you to consider your thoughts on this activity.  Beyond your initial reactions, try to include answers to the following questions:


1. What influenced your view of the flower?

The place where I sat (on the bleachers), the angle I was facing, and the lighting.

2. Did all students see the same thing?  Reflect.

No, some students chose to draw the whole flower, and some only chose to draw only the big flower. Some may even chose not to draw a picture of the flower but to draw the word, flower. Some even chose to draw the background scenery as where some people only saw the flowers and the vase.

3. What is the relationship between the flower and the picture? The picture is dependant on the flower however, the picture may be affected by personal backgrounds and characteristics of the artist.

4. What is missing from the picture?  Reflect.

From the picture, what is missing is the scenery of the surrounding.

5. How did you judge what is the best picture?  Reflect.

I judged for the best picture by its attraction of its appearance. Such as, pictures that involved good art skills. I chose a drawing which was well balanced, and big, however it used only one color, so my judgement depended on the quality of the techniques used in artwork.

6. Substitute “knowledge” for the flower.  Examine the influences on your knowledge and the way you view the world.

Knowledge is influenced by the background of the student including such as, cultural ethics, environment they were raised in, and the more limited a person’s knowledge is, the view on the world is more biased because less ‘wise’.

7. You were asked to pick the “best” flower.  What does the “best” mean?

To me, the best meant the most attractive. I tried to choose a flower disregarding the colours it used because obviously some people did not have the access to colour pens, which made it unfair. The best one meant to me, the one with most artistic skills.

2 thoughts on “TOK Flower Drawing Reflection

  1. I liked your answer for question 3, “the picture may be affected by personal backgrounds and characteristics of the artist” since the pictures really did depend on the characteristics of each individual artist which made each picture different and unique.

    For number 4, I think you could perhaps write why the ‘scenery of the surrounding’ is missing ; did you specifically chose NOT to draw the scenery? If so, why??

  2. Be careful that you read the questions carefully and check answers…Q2 asked ‘did students see the same thing?’ You answered not about what they saw but what they chose to depict… answer the question. You don’t mention perspective or other things which limited a persons view f the flower nor the recsources/tools you were given to display or present the picture. Your responses are very brief and show lack of consideration/discussion. Please take more time and effort over the reflections in future Rikako

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