Source Article: McKenzie, Jethro Mullen. David, David McKenzie, and Steven Jiang Reported from Beijing. “5 Dead after Jeep Crashes and Catches Fire in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.” CNN. Cable News Network, 28 Oct. 2013. <>.

Summary: This article reports the fatal incident of the crash of a jeep into the guardrail of Jinshui bridge, and put flame on one of China’s most politically sensitive landmark, the ‘Tianamen Square’. It states that 38 people were injured in total, with 5 people including 2 passengers, a driver, and 2 tourists were killed in this crash. This incident was not only reported by CNN because of the large numbers of fatalities and injuries it has caused however, it is also reported due to a greater concern. The Tiananmen Square has a great history in political wise, the entrance part of this square, the Tiananmen Rostrum stands as an entrance to Mao Zedong, a city closed from Beijing. The square itself has also faced political issues, such as in 1989, where the government and civilians faced against pro-democracy demonstrations, in which case the square had set on fire. From the following history the Tiananmen had faced, it is reported in great consideration due to the political tension built by the fire from the jeep.

Knowledge Claims:

In such article, following knowledge claims have been made by the authors denoting all this information.

“Tiananmen Square is China’s most politically sensitive landmark as a result of the events of June 4, 1989, when government forces opened fire on civilians to quash pro-democracy demonstrations.”

The authors state to know that the Square is China’s most politically sensitive however, the statement made here is very vague and vigorous because there is no way for one to tell/no index that measures how politically sensitive a building is. However, the statement made afterwards in the sentence, ‘June 4, 1989…’ provides evidence and gives a backup to the statement made previously.

“Authorities moved quickly to tackle the blaze and clear up the scene.”

Here, the author states that the authorities moved quickly however, this, we can not also tell how quick the authorities moved, and therefore this is also vague. The response of the authorities to this crash might have been slow and inefficient however, this sentence claims to know, and persuades the reader that they (the authorities) had done its best.

“The square is often closed or put under heightened security before and during major events.”

Here, the author claims to know that the square is at all times, closed due to security.

Knowledge Questions: Following knowledge questions can be come up from the concern raised by the incident of the crash.

Central Knowledge Question: To what extent should the government and the civilians be concerned about the tension brought up by the Tiananmen caught on flame?

Associated Knowledge Question: How effective were the authorities when involved in solving for the crash that blocked off the busy area?

Associated Knowledge Question: In what situation will conflict may be brought up between the government and the civilians?

Evaluation and Identification of the News Source:

The origin of this text is the authors of the CNN news publishing company, and the purpose of this article was to inform the audience especially those who are going to travel to China, are already their tourists, to keep them conscious of the political situations Beijing is facing, for their own securities. It may also be to inform those who study politics, and keep watching over China’s political situation at the moment, to be able to analyse and or predict of events that may happen/occur in the future times. I believe that this article is not biased because the three authors only report of the situation of the crash, and the fatalities/aftermass the incident has caused, with providing numerical data such being, ’38 injured’, and or ‘5 killed’. However, some may argue over this article that it may be biased in when claiming knowledge claims at stated previously in the above paragraphs such as, ‘



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  1. This is very good Rikako but it is unfinished…how come it stops in the middle of a sentence? You have missed 4 and 5 of the assigned tasks. Also you did not embed the video..just better to see it and easier too. Please check work over carefully to ensure it is fully finished and to avoid errors or omissions.

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