Is FOX News over with their biased reports?

Source Citation of Article Analysed:

“California Lawmakers Seek to Ban Imitation Firearms.” Fox News. FOX News Network, n.d. Web. 24 Nov. 2013. <>.

This article reflects upon the incident, which had occurred in October this year, where a 13-year old boy, Andy Lopez was shot dead by a local Sheriff as he was carrying a fake rifle. I chose to reflect upon this topic, as I have been watching English news channels for the past months, and I started to realize that there are many incidents reporting on kids and teenagers being shot and killed by the U.S Police. Anyways, this article reports that recently, the lawmakers of California are trying to ban the manufacturing and sales of toy guns and rifles, which their appearance look exactly as of those that are real. The article does not have an author, and is published by the It reports in a way that shows that this news was reported in accordance to their perspective, because we know from the article that it reports in a way to make the reader think that the death of this teenager was the fault of the teenager himself, and should not be blamed upon the sheriff. However, judging by an article reporting the original incident, I prospect that this fatal death was due to the miss and unawareness of the Sheriff rather than the boy’s responsibility of holding a toy gun. From such thinking, I perceive from this article that FOX News is still biased.