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Amongst our presentation for TOK, my partner Sarah and I, have done thorough preparation and researching for our Oral. First of all, we did not really know what to focus our topic on. As I was just learning about ‘media’ and their manipulations in my English L+L class, I had made use of the knowledge I learnt from the topic; how media may intentionally change our perception. Therefore, I suggested what if we focus on how media may manipulate our minds, which I thought was a success because we were able to structure our debate to our knowledge question (open question); To what extent can advertisements manipulate our perception?. It was really good that we both lived very close to school, because on weekends we were able to meet up and share our ideas, practice, and we also stayed after school working on our presentation (even if we got kicked out of the library and had to work in the foyer), which really helped us prepare for our presentation skills; our time usage, the flow of the presentation (smooth, not ‘uhm….’) and this really affected our presentation in a good way in order to engage the audience. Also, the merit of our topic is that it is something we encounter on a daily basis, we can see advertisements every where, and this made it easier for us to involve real-life situation and make statements from our personal experiences to answer the question, such as, our situation with the Starbucks. It was a coincidence, non-intended, about our experience of when we talked real-life situation using Starbucks as an example. We decided to work on our presentation at Starbucks on our weekends, since we figured it was easier to just meet than talking on Facebook. So we went in, and then I saw the product on the poster, and Sarah recommended that it was tasty, so I bought it, and then I realized how this may apply to our knowledge question. Also, how we came to choose the Subway Super Bowl commercial was also a great coincidence, I had been thinking how my friend was a great fan of Super Bowl, and how he would get really excited and passionate over the season. Therefore, I was searching through Super Bowl commercials amongst YouTube, and I came to find a Subway Commercial, which was a perfect fit for us because Subway was right down in Motomachi, so it was easy for us to film. The fact that I always use Subway, and how I knew it wasn’t as healthy as it actually is portrayed as, helped me come to recognize a knowledge question on how advertisements may portray a certain image to make products and services look better than it actually is. So considering all of this, I thought that although we came up with our knowledge question after a while of time, it was good because our research and the creation of our presentation was very easy because we knew what we had to talk about to answer the question, from our very own life experiences. I think that however, the first video where I go buy a sandwich, was pretty long as suggested by Ms.Wilson, and the classmates, and I could have suggested for a cut in the editing. The music we put for the video was my favorite song, and I thought it was good because it fit the tempo of the visual, which did engage the audience, which we could say that it was one of our ways to persuade the audience in similarity to what advertisers do in reality. However, I think as stated in the reflection rubric, we could have discussed more about how the sports athletes in the Ad may have influenced the audience, which I did include in my research but was cut down on the presentation. We could have also included how the use of the character ‘Jared’, which the Subway commercial has been using him for about 15 years, may have influenced the audience as well (For example, every year the audience watch Super Bowl, they see Jared every time. This can create familiarness, and become more close in terms of distance with the audience and engage). Overall, I think to the point that we were organized and we had planned due dates for every part of the project let us stay on track however, we could have associated more relevance in between the Subway commercial analyzed in the beginning, cut down the Superbowl Statistics video (maybe just mention the scale of the event) and associated more amongst the real techniques used in the commercial. The perspectives amongst answering this question however, was good I thought, as we achieved on talking amongst two views of the topic; the advertisers’ view, and the audience, the consumer population’s view. We were able to mention views in a style of ‘debate’, which means, we had two slides each for presenting ‘not our responsibility’, and ‘our responsibility’. Therefore, we were able to discuss, so we can smoothly lead into our conclusions, where we answer our knowledge question. As mentioned in our feedback rubric, we should have also included an image of the product rather than our stairway photo, had I thought it was good to include as much real-life experience/situation so we can engage the audience by bringing familiarness, and also smoothly introduce the audience to our topic through the topic we had learnt, ‘forced perspective’ however, it may have been irrelevant, and may have been better to put a photo of the product.

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  1. You have worked hard both on your presentation and this reflection..( nothing to do with TOK but..please try to use paragraphs when you write Rikako, as you present a whole wall of writing, never a good idea for any subject response. Change paragraph as you change what you talk about – helps you plan and organise your responses.) You identify some areas to improve but don’t forget the main point is the content though you dwell largely on the way you presented. Keep using TOK language and linking to AOKs & WOKs throughout..Also refer to multiple perspectives. After concluding you need to identify implications ( possible consequences ) Nonetheless, great work for your first presentation.

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