The Elements: Mood (Drama Journal)

Last week in drama class we looked at another element of drama: mood. The overall mood of a scene or even a play is usually created by the use of all the other elements in drama. For example by using elements like human context, tension, focus, aubtext and language you can create an overall mood.

We explored this by doing two improvised/devised pieces. One concerned a parent trying to find out why their child is upset after a day at school. This often had a very small touch of tension but language, focus and human context were very obvious in this piece as it was a caring relationship. This was shown in the elements mentioned above and created the overall mood which was a mix of sadness but then turned towards caring. The second scene was a meeting between a CEO of a high end computer company and his sales manager. They were having this meeting because recently sales have gone down. The sales manager is trying to convince his boss to spend money on a new advertising campaign. During the meeting they were constantly interrupted by their assistants. The way the two men talked to each other (language) really developed the mood as it was very frantic, fast paced and complicated. This made the mood very frantic and fast paced.

The same way we developed mood in our scenes is often how mood is developed in plays and movies. Mood can be very useful in getting themes and other such things across in plays and movies.

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