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Cross Country End of Season Reflection

Before joining Cross Country, I was extremely worried about how I would perform. A combination of embarrassment and physical discomfort were my biggest concerns. However, now that the season is over, I am extremely happy I made the choice to join. I pushed myself to join this sport, as I wanted to prove to myself that I am able to do anything I set my mind to,  and to test both my physical and mental boundaries. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the last meet as it was during the holidays, however I am still satisfied with my performance this season. Looking at my times, I can see that I have continuously improved with each meet.



This was also evident to me when I began to find practices easier, as I became more used to running. Although early morning practices were very challenging and tired me out, I found myself getting more and more comfortable with long-distance running, and enjoying the satisfaction it brought me after a run where I knew I performed to my best. I came to realize that I was able to run much further than I thought I could if I mentally changed my thoughts to  be more positive and encouraging. I feel now I have better endurance than before, and am able to be more confident in my running abilities. I now know that my biggest area for growth would be self-motivation, as sometimes I find myself getting lazy with running. However, I am more aware that I am able to grow as a person by increasing my ability to motivate myself. I had never done an independent sport before, and this was a very different experience. In team sports you are able to somewhat “share the disappointment” if you do not perform well, whereas with such an individual sport I found that you only had yourself to blame. This got difficult at times as I would feel bad and constantly feel that I could’ve done better, however now that I reflect on the improvement in my times I realize that I definitely have pushed myself, and am proud for the progress I have made.

I may consider doing cross-country again next year, and I will aim to keep up my endurance before then so that starting again will not be so challenging. I would also aim to be more motivated and set a specific goal to train for, which I feel would inspire me more. Doing this sport has made me much more interested in improving my health and fitness ability, and has shown me all the benefits that regular exercise can bring.


Cross Country Mid-Season Reflection

This year I decided to join the cross-country team as part of my school sport for semester one. I have never participated in a running sport (e.g. cross country, track and field) before, and wanted to try something out of my comfort zone. I also wanted to improve my aerobic fitness not only for the upcoming basketball season but also for my general health and wellbeing. My goal was to learn how to challenge myself both physically and mentally, as I feel cross-country is a sport that tests your ability to persevere and push through.

It is currently the middle of the season, with 3 meets already done and 2 more to go. I have attended 2 meets so far, as one of them I was unable to go due to illness. My first meet was the best, as I was able to complete the race and felt physically the best. The second one I faced great difficulty, as I was unwell, that weekend and therefore struggled in the middle of the race. Although I had to stop half way during the meet due to an asthma attack, I was proud of myself for still completing the race.

Practices occur 4 times a week, twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon, and it is compulsory to attend at least 3 of these. So far I have always completed at least 3 a week. The middle school and high school teams run together at routes such as Yamashita Park, Suicide, and Zig Zag (hill sprints)

My Athletic Profile

I feel I am now aware of areas that I could improve in to benefit my cross-country life. I now understand that I need to work on my hill running, which is where I struggle the most. Mentally, I need to work on pushing myself more during practice to keep running even when I feel tired. I also need to work on having a more positive attitude, so I look forward to meets/practices more.

Participating in an unfamiliar sport has tested me in new ways. One challenge for me was that most of the people in my team have ran competitively before, and therefore have had more time to develop their skill/fitness for the sport. The first few meets were tough as my body wasn’t used to that much exercise and I had aches etc. the following days.

Waking up at 6 am on weekdays is challenging, and made me hesitant about committing to this sport. However, I am now used to this routine and do not mind waking up early. One time when I wanted to give up was at the second meet when I felt extremely out of breath in the middle of the race and was forced to stop and recover. I felt that I did not do my best, and thought that perhaps I was not cut out for cross-country. However I managed to fix this situation as this week I went to the doctor and received medication to help me recover from my cold, and now feel much better physically.

I feel that I have improved my fitness as now I am not scared of running long distances and know that I am much more capable that I think. I feel I have also gained a lot of confidence in trying new things as I have realized that I am able to join new activities and get out of my comfort zone.If I were to start the season again, I would train and prepare myself before the season began so that I would be more fit/ready when the competitions started. Also I would not push myself as much when I was sick as I feel this made me sicker rather than resting.Currently I still am unsure as to whether I have improved. I feel that I have however I have yet to properly time myself and see a definite result.

This experience has made me more interested in trying different sports, and definitely made me consider joining a sport like track and field. It has made me more curious about individual sports and a person’s ability to push their self.

This weekend is the last meet before a 2-week break, and I aim to get a better time than I did the first week, and improve my personal time.