Sustainability Response Poem

This blog post is a response to Mr. Azby Brown’s Presentation, which was presented on February 15th. Currently he is studying architecture and carpentry. He came to our school to talk about the Japanese lived long time ago, recycling and reusing and sustaining a life without damaging their environment. He showed us hand drawn pictures, shared personal stories and told us how we can help sustain our resources.


A Tanka poem is a traditional style of writing that is almost similar to a hakiu. The way a Tanka poem is laid out is by the number of syllables on each line

      1st line: 5
      2nd line: 7
      3rd line: 5
     4th line: 7
     5th line: 7

This is my response Tanka poem,

“Why waste”

How My Tanka Poem Connects To My Humanities Class

My Tanka Poem is connected to my humanities class because it is related to the History of Japan and how Japan changed because of Globalization and  Development. “Why Waste” shows that Japan was so careful to sustain their resources and never wasted a single thing, but when foreigners started to come into Japan, they changed Japan forever. They influenced the Japanese in so many new ways that Japan started to decrease their original lifestyles and opted for the foreigners. Japan is doing the opposite of benefiting because of that mistake. Though in the Edo period, they had a lot of resources, they are losing so much now a days because of the lifestyles they have chosen to take upon. They can definitely have a chance at saving there resources and sustain them, but they need to look to the ancient Japanese lifestyles in order to help them.

How My Tanka Poem Connects To My Life

My Tanka Poem is connected to mine or our lives’ because, this is the way we live. “Why Waste” opens our eyes to show us how our carelessness it destroying the world and that we need help from everyone to start sustaining our resources. Notice the water were wasting during our showers, brushing our teeth and washing our hands. Limit that. Notice the plastic filling the oceans. Instead of wasting plastic by throwing it in the waste that contains the regular trash, we need to recycle. Don’t you want to drink clear, fresh water from rivers and lakes? Well now we can’t. The Japanese used to only collect wood from the branches that fell from trees. Look where we are now. Cutting down trees is not only effecting the trees from replanting, or forests but also effecting animals and their habitats. Extinction is caused by something, and deforestation might be it. After listening to Mr. Azby Brown, I feel that I am wasting so much and I want to help sustain our lives by not talking long showers or by recycling unused objects and mold them into something new perhaps. But, in order for our lives to work, “Why Waste” tells us to look back on our ancestors and learn from their lifestyles and use them in ours today. If we do that, Japan might have a chance to restore their resources.

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