To become a ‘real man’…

masculine-advertisementsHave you ever heard a guy say something along the lines of “Be a real man” or “I wanna be a real man” ? Well, what they mean by ‘real man’ is a man that has all the stereotypical ‘manly traits’. What I mean by manly traits are the muscles, dominance, toughness, aggressiveness… you name it. Often, companies use these thoughts to promote or convince their audience to buy their product. This is an advert that was made by the Dusseldorf Panthers, to promote American Football. The Dusseldorf Panthers are an American football team that originated in Germany, and is the oldest still existing American football team in Europe. The team created this advert in hope to convince European males that the other ‘football’ (soccer) is for weaklings.

The image features a black background, with a man’s arm in a flexing position. There are black stitches on his biceps, and the light is shining on his arm from above. The shining light and the stitches on his arm are lined up so that his biceps resembles an American football. The ‘football’ is placed so that it is directly in the middle of the advert, and is obviously intended to be the main focus. By not putting the man’s face in the advert, it allows the male audience to put themselves in his position and imagine how it would be like to be him.

Not only do the stitches make the man’s bicep resemble a football, they also show that men that play American football are tough in several ways. Firstly, the stitches shows that men go through real and serious pain during the game, but continue to play. The stitches on the bicep are used to shock the observer, and draws them into looking at it more intently. Also, the positioning of his arms suggests that the man is not bothered by his wound, and seems profoundly proud about it. In the advert the bicep is objectified for it does not show the man’s face. Furthermore, the association with defined muscles on men can be sexually appealing to women and gay men, which would create a secondary target audience.

The text placed on the bottom of the advert uses a Serif font, and is also bold and white so that it stands out from the black background of the advert. “American Football, The Tougher Football” only consists 5 simple words, but is very effective in its purpose to tell off Football players and fans. By using the word tougher, it tells the audience that American Football players are more capable of great endurance and stronger than Soccer players. Again, women tend to be more attracted to the ‘tougher’ men, and so the text is very effective in convincing both men and women to become a fan of American Football.

The Dusseldorf Panthers successfully uses stereotypical masculine traits to convince its target audience that American Football is the ‘real deal’. The shock that the stitches on his bicep could cause also draws attention to the advert to emphasise what real manliness is. I personally think that although it can be intended towards women and gay men, the more obvious audience of this advert is men. Despite the slightly disturbing image, the standards of masculinity is clearly displayed through its objectification of muscles to show that the tougher, the better.

English Media Fair Reflection

The Media Fair for the 10th grade English class was held in Mr. Kew and Ms. Cox’s room on June 4th, 2015. For this fair, students selected one type of subject, and investigated 5 different sources of media about the subject. The Media Fair enabled us as students to see how different forms of media portrays a subject, and see how different medias show different messages and opinions.


For this fair, I looked at the subject of chicken nuggets. Often, chicken nuggets are portrayed to be unhealthy and disgusting, because most medias portray it that way. However, it still does exist and lots of people still eat it. Because of this, I thought it would be a good controversial topic to look at. The 5 different media sources I looked at were a magazine ad, subversive art, TV commercial, article, and picture. The most interesting media that I found was the subversive art, for the artist Banksy used chicken nuggets to portray that ‘human are too selfish’. Through investigating these 5 different sources, I saw how different medias use different types of techniques to get their message and opinion to the public.

Out of all the different types of media posters, I took notes of 3 that caught my attention.

The first one I looked at was Sena’s poster. Her topic was ‘Disney Princesses’. The 5 different sources she used were a move review, poem, song, ad (photo), and subversive art. The different types of medias often used the disney princesses to show something, whether it was a message or an advertisement for clothes. For example in the medium of subversive art, it was written “When did he stop treating you like a princess?”. The image featured of a disney princess that had evidence of violence on their face and upper body, while showing a smile on their face. In this medium, the disney princesses are used to convey an eye-opening message to victims of violence in their daily life, and to help them out to stand up for themselves.

The second poster that I looked at was the topic ‘Same Sex Marriage’ by Daana. The 5 media sources that she used were a music video, TV commercial, news report, poster, and youtube video. Out of her poster, the media I found most interesting was the music video for Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The music video was released in 2012, and now it has more that 140,000,000 views. The music video features a gay couple getting married. In the end of the music video, it states clearly that they support gay marriage. “The Heist”, the album that this song was released in, defends homosexuality and this is one that clearly shows that. Also, some of the lyrics in the song supports the message that there is nothing wrong with being homosexual.
The last poster that I looked at was Masashi’s poster. His topic was ‘McDonalds’, which was somewhat related with my topic, and so I thought about comparing my investigation. The 5 media sources that he used were a poster, film, graph, TV commercial, and news article. Looking at his poster, I found that most of his sources were targeting teenagers and children. Nowadays, we find wi-fi everywhere and we basically live off of it. McDonalds uses that as an advantage to lure teenagers into their store. Even in their advertisement, they line up french fries on a red background that make up the wifi symbol. Teenagers love cheap food and free wifi, and so how they advertise their food is very convenient. Also, Masa looked at a documentary, that showed a guy that ate only McDonalds for 30 days straight. This was very interesting, for not many people try these types of things, and a very good way to gross people out.

(I couldn’t post the pictures for some reason.)

Overall, I found the Media Fair very interesting and think it was a good way to show individual results of our investigations. This helped us understand further more that different medias use different techniques to convey different messages, and only use information that would help them to do so.

IS10 Synopsis of Salmon Confidential

Salmon, that plays a big role in our ecosystem, industry, and food supply, has been decreasing in drastic numbers in Canada. A research done by Kristi Miller showed results of these fish having the ISA disease (Infectious Salmon Anemia), which infects mostly all of the wild salmon that goes through the biggest migratory route in British Columbia. Research results done by many labs points fingers that trace back to the Salmon farming industry, but the government and CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) still continues to turn a blind eye to these results shown. Everyone who speaks up with information and results of these fish having the ISA disease is “shut up in someway”, so that the information does not damage the industry. Local researchers are saying that the next step is for people to care about the fish and become part of the department of the wild salmon and look after the fish, for the protection of the wild salmon has to be carried out by the society.

The Host

The host is a science fiction, romance novel by Stephenie Meyer, published in 2008. It is set in a post apocalyptic time, after being invaded by aliens called ‘souls’. These souls are implanted in the human body referred to ‘hosts’ and they take over the body and replacing the host. Wanderer, a very experienced soul was put into a host called Melanie Stryder. Normally, hosts are too weak when the souls are input into the body, and therefore vanishes. However, Melanie is not like other hosts. She does not vanish, and she starts to communicate with Wanderer. At first, both of them hate each other but soon realises that they need each other in order to save the human race, and reach their loved ones.



Design Criteria Summary and Challenges

Criteria A- Inquiring and Analyzing

In the first criteria, the student explains why there needs to be a solution to a certain type of problem. The student needs to construct what they need to know to be able to solve the problem, and also analyse similar products from before to be able to make a solution that fits their problem.


Criteria B- Developing Ideas

In the second criteria, the students develops design specifications, to help guide them to a solution. Then come up with a few brief ideas of how to solve this problem, and annotate each and every one of them. Then, choose the final design and justify them, refering back to the design specification, and develop accurate detailed and accurate drawings/diagrams and or outlines.


Criteria C- Creating the Solution

In the third criteria. the student constucts a logical plan to organize their creation process. During the whole process, the student must show their skills of creativity and follow their plan that they constructed. Uf changes are made, students must justify why they changed them.


Criteria D- Evaluating

In the last criteria, the student constructs a detailed testing method to measure the success of their solution. Then, the student evaluates their success of the solution based on their design specification in detail. Lastly, the student explains how the solution can be improved, and explains the impact of their solution on their audience.

Graphic Design Reflection

Graphic Design Reflection

{Final Product}


During the graphic design process, I found some strengths and weaknesses in the steps.

My strength is the design process is the client process and the peer feedback. Whenever I got feedback from my peers or from the client, I used the feedback very efficiently to make my product better. Also, the ideas that they gave me got added with my idea, and became a lot better overall.

My biggest weakness is the sketching process. At first, I did not have any idea of how I wanted my design to look like. I took a long time trying to figure out something but ended up throwing the idea away. In the end, I had to ask a lot people to get at least some idea, and tried to build up on it. From this, I can see that coming up with original ideas is not my type of thing to do, and is my weakness.

        {Sketching Stage (Sketch Ideas)}


In the final product, I think the biggest strengths are the use of space, and the display of playfulness. The use of space is something I concentrated on a lot, because I didn’t want my design to be something boring. Because I left my design really simple, the use of space was a crucial point through the making process of the product. Also, I think the display of playfulness in the product was one of the biggest strengths too. Because the overall design is simple, I think that the colors spilling out of the black outlines is cute and interesting. It shows how it is not perfect, and I personally very like the concept.

I think the weakness in this product is the background. Because the background is just white, it looks a little too simple. Also, the colors used on top of the white is only 3 colors; red, grey, and black. At first I thought that it would look cool because it is the school’s signature colors, but after I made the product it looked a little too simple.

I think the font of the words is my strength too, because it displays the same playfulness of the dragon. This is also good for the target audience, because it matches for our age, and young age. I figured writing the letters freehand looked better because it does not look perfect like the other fonts, and displays originality.


I used the feedback from my peers very efficiently to make my design better throughout the whole design process. The most important feedback I used was after I finished my tight sketch. One person commented that the font of the words didn’t look like they belonged with the dragon. Looking at my first tight sketch design, the font of the words is all blocky and looks a little hard and too perfect. However in the dragon, there are places that are without color, not properly filled in with color, and the black outline is a little sketchy. This feedback gave me the idea to freehand all the writings with the same black outline on the dragon.


      {Peer Feedback}                                              {Tight Sketch that peers gave feedback to}

From this unit, I learned that peer feedback is very important, and that I have to keep on getting feedback from others to make my product better. Without the feedbacks, I wouldn’t have thought of changing the fonts to the freehand writing. I also learned that I have to try out the idea on paper or computer instead of imagining how it would look like in my head. This is because the things I imagined in my head did not turn out to be that satisfying for me. This is very important for me both as an artist and a learner because I am more of a visual type of person. I tend to learn more things when I write them down on paper.

However, I still don’t know how to use a design to portray a message. Because this design was just for the Student Handbook, I didn’t have to think about making the design hold a message. But in the future when I need to make the design portray a message, I am not sure if I am going to be able to do it.


What makes a good game?

Have you ever heard anyone say “This is such a good game!”? I’m pretty sure everyone has said it at least once in their life. But what exactly is a good game? What makes a good game so “good”? After researching for good games in Scratch, I picked out some of the games I liked, and the qualities that drew me into it.

1) Line Runner- This is a very simple game, yet very addicting. In the game, you are the line on the left side and you use the down and up arrow keys to control what the line does. Blocks appear from the right side of the screen, and you need to press the down and up arrow keys to dodge them. When you hit the blocks, it is game over.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 10.04.35 PM I consider this game as a “good game” because of the weird music. The addictive tune was running in my ears while playing this game, and it made me stay to play more of it. Another quality I liked is how simple the game is. I usually don’t like complicated games, and like games that only has a few rules. This game was really simple and I could easily play again with 2 clicks on the mouse.

I would change the color of the blocks to make it clear that you are the black line. It sometimes confused me while playing the game.

2) Flappy Bird Scratch Edition- Here it is… Flappy Bird! This game is allover the internet on how addicting the game is. The game is fairly simple. You are the red bird, and you need to control it to avoid the green pipes. You go through the pipes and control the bird with the space bar. Pressing it makes you jump. The rules are no touching the floor or the pipes.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 10.18.09 PM  The best quality of the game is the music. It is very very very addicting, and something I have never heard of before. It is not a tune that keeps on going and going, but there are different types of melodies embed into the music. If this was a song, I think I would download it. Another quality I liked is the graphic images. Not too complicated, not too simple. It is a really cute and colorful game. Finally, I really like that you only use the space bar to control the bird. It is really easy, and all of these qualities together make it a “good game”.

If I were to, I would change the background so that it moves a little when the bird is moving, so that the graphics look more dynamic.

3) Sky Dive- This is a fairly simple and fast game. You are the person sky diving from the top. You use the arrow keys to quickly move away from the black birds. The objective is to get many coins without losing all 5 lives.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 10.37.59 PM I  think the best part of this game is its fast pace. It really gets your attention. Also, the music has some kind of twist to it so that it makes you rush a little. This makes the game more dynamic and fun to play with.

If I was to change something in the game it would be the ending. When you loose all 5 lives, it just freezes on the moment, and it looks really weird. There are no buttons on the screen, and you have to press the green flag to start again.


Unit 3 Reflection

What is the relationship between the content of a text and the form it is presented in?

Content and Form are strongly related to each other. Content in this situation means the information you are working from or the object. Form on the other hand means how the content is presented. Changing the form of the content can change the meaning of the piece you are working on. You can change the form in many different ways, such as changing the environment and changing the perception.

For example, there are two restaurants. One of them, most of the tables and chairs are facing the wall, with only some tables that are facing each other. The other, has all the tables and chairs facing each other. If you compare these two, you can see that both of them have different purposes. Because most of the first restaurant’s tables and chairs are facing the wall, people who come here to eat do not come here to socialise and talk for a long time. On the other hand the restaurant with all the tables and chairs facing each other enables people who come here to socialise, sit back, and talk for a long time. Changing the environment this way can cause the purpose of something to change.

Another example, is when you change the perception. For example, you buy a teddybear for a friend. The occasion may differ, ranging from a friendly gift, birthday gift, or to tell your true feelings to your friend. If for example you like this person, you would definitely not give it to them just like that. You would wrap it or box it, making sure that it looks in the best condition. However, if you are just being friendly and bought them a gift, you might just give it to them in the plastic bag that you bought it in. Just by changing the perception of an item or thought, it can change the whole meaning or something, and your feelings towards something can change.

In this unit, we learned about how the content is determined by its form. We were assigned a task which took one specific content, and putting that into many sorts of different forms. The content I chose was Michael Jackson, and his strict father. The forms we were asked to put it in was narrative story, villanelle, and sonnet form.

The narrative story form include a conflict that is followed by a resolution, and attempts to resolve the conflict. The conflict usually begins when a routine is interrupted by something, or changed by something. Because the character wants his/her original routine back, they attempt to solve the problem, which is the rising action. The climax in the story hits when the problem in the conflict can’t get any worse without a resolution.

A villanelle is a 19 line poem with two repeating rhymes and two refrains. The form is five tercets followed by a single quatrain. The first line and the third line of the first tercet is alternatively repeated through the other 4 tercets. In the last quatrain, the first line and the third line are put in so that it is the two final lines in the poem.

In a  sonnet, there are 14 lines, each with 10 syllables (iambic pentameter). The word “Sonnet” is Italian, originally coming from the word “sonetto” which means little song. In an English Sonnet, there are 3 quatrains and 1 couplet with the rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg. Often in a sonnet, there is a point that the poem shifts in topic, or carries a change. This is called a “volta” and usually appears in the beginning of the 3rd quatrain.

In conclusion, the meaning of the content can be changed in a matter of seconds with the form it is presented in. Stories with a conflict and resolution can be seen as a different story from a villanelle and a sonnet. Even if the content is the same, changing the form helps you change the meaning of something and can be used in many different ways.

Unit 2 Reflection

Unit Question: How important is language in the use or abuse of power?


Language can be used in many ways. It can be used to deceive people and used to persuade people into doing and believing in something. Tones of how it is said may change how aggressive it is. Rhetorical Devices can be used in the speech to make the speech a little more persuasive. There are a lot of speeches that use rhetorical devices, and most of how they are used are very effective and powerful.


At the beginning when we started this unit, I wanted to learn how language, tone, and actions can change the audience’s opinion. Reading through Animal Farm gave me some ideas, for Squealer does a lot of things to persuade the audience and make them think the way they want them to. During the course of this unit, I learned about the different ways to persuade people, and make a persuasive speech. For example, I learned that there are a lot of rhetorical devices that can be used in different types of situations, and how I want the audience to think.


Through the course of the unit, I learned a lot of new things. First, we learned some basic information about The Russian Revolution. Honestly at first, I did not care that much about the Russian Revolution, because I thought it had nothing to do with Animal Farm. This was my second time reading Animal Farm in school, for we read it last year at my other school. Last year, the assessment was to write about an event that happened in the actual book from one of the characters in the book. It was hard for me because I am not very good at imagining things. I forced all my imagination out of myself to do that assessment, but I got a normal grade. In this assessment, I had to report The Battle of the Cowshed from the human’s perspective. I did better than expected in this assessment, and I think I was able to learn a little bit more on how to write about a specific event from one’s opinion. In the other assessment, the rhetorical speech, I think the topic I chose was very good, and overall the speech was well written. From when I was small I hated performing or giving a speech in front of people, even if I practiced a lot. This affected the speech a little, because having eye contact with everyone made me stutter due to nervousness.


Overall, the areas of growth in this unit was writing about an event from one’s perspective. I think I was able to learn more tips and ways to  interpret things from someones opinion and way of seeing it. I worked collaboratively, especially when I needed help in the rhetorical speech. I asked my peer to check my speech and check if I was reading it smoothly enough. I also helped others to edit paragraphs in their speech. We also peer edited our Animal Farm article together to make it better.

The hardest part in the whole unit was coming up with a rhetorical speech. It was really hard because as I said earlier, I am not imaginative at all. I searched all over the internet to find an easy topic I could write about and was familiar with. In the end, I remembered watching a movie where a dad was over-protective about his family, and forced them not to be curious. From this, the idea to use that in my speech derived.


If I was to do this again, I want to change my speech into notecards, so that I have a higher chance to have eye contact with the people in the classroom. After this unit, I still don’t get a little bit of the Russian Revolution, and how the Animal Farm characters connect to the actual event in the Russian Revolution. This topic made me a little curious about the Russian Revolution, and I want to know more about the events.