Research Internship (2016)

This past summer, I did a research internship at Osaka University. My certificate that I received from this internship is shown below:




A photo of me with my research professors.


A photo of the university building that I worked at.



My reflection on this internship can be found in the audio track below:

Cambodia Service Trip 2016

During my 11th grade year, I got the opportunity to go on this Cambodia Trip. Before we went on this trip, we were all told to raise approximately 75,000 yen. This money will then go to buying the materials required for the school that we will build at Cambodia when we go on the trip. The way in which I raised money for this trip was to teach students at a local Japanese school. I taught the students there both English and Mathematics. It was a great experience for me in using my teaching experience that I have obtained through being the robotics mentor at my school in teaching the students at this Japanese school. After we all raised the money for this trip, the time to go on the actually trip had arrived.


After a tiring flight to Cambodia, the trip from the Phnom Penh airport to our first hotel spoke for itself. We could observe a different environment, different people, and everything was different. Everybody’s perspective changed drastically within these few minutes. The next day, when we travelled to Pursat, the environment was even more divergent as we were moving into a more less economically developed area. As a person with an Indian nationality, I do have experience in seeing some poverty even though I lived in Japan for my whole life. However the poverty level in Cambodia was ten times more, and the amount of child labour that was implemented in their work forces were exceedingly high when comparing to India. Children were working at factories, malls, shops and many more. Children in Cambodia were technically working everywhere, except they didn’t go to school. When we went to the work area where we are planning to build the school, all the children and teachers over there looked at us as gods who came to give them a new life. With this in mind, we all went directly into our work of building the school.

It was a great experience for me in working with the children when building the school. All the children were saying that they all really wanted to study but they don’t have a proper school to go to. This gave me an impression about how much blessed I am as an individual to get such high quality education. During the days at the work site, we actually stayed at the work site with our tents that we had brought from Japan. This gave all of us an opportunity to live the lifestyle that the people over there were having. We all faced a lot of struggles. Especially when taking a shower as there was only one well that we could use and each person had to take equal amounts of water when showering. It wasn’t like my normal lifestyle in Japan where I would just get into the shower and could stay there as long as I want. Also it wasn’t like my lifestyle in Japan where I would have access to hot water all the time, while the water in the well that we used had only cold water. This again gave me an impression of how much of a fortunate person I am in having all these resources at my fingertips. Water is a resource that is very important for each and every individual’s life and I am very glad that I have full access to it. I will try to definitely use it very wisely when I get back to Japan by using it less and in conserving a lot of water when I don’t need to use it.

After all the hard work that we did, we finally constructed the school. All the children were very happy about their new educational future. As a celebration for this achievement, we played games and taught them English. As we left, all the children and teachers were thanking all of us for starting a new chapter in their lives. Personally for me it has been a great opportunity in living in their lifestyle, and in understanding the type of pain and struggles that they go through in their lives. Such as from not getting access to education to not getting access to water. This trip has really opened my eyes and made me understand the world outside of Japan, which is a very economically developed country. I will definitely from here onwards will use my education to the best of my ability, and will utilise water in the most efficient manner as possible. I am looking forward in participating in many more service trips like this in the future to both gain learning experiences and to benefit other people.


Building the school



During Breaks



Playing with the children



Final thank you ceremony (Before we left work site)


My further reflection on this topic can be found in the audio track below: 






Aikido (10 years) –> Healthy Habits

I learnt Aikido for a total of 10 years so far, since I was in kindergarten. There are many types of martial arts in Japan like Karate and Taekwondo, but the reason why I chose to learn Aikido in the first place is because I was interested to learn more about self defense since my childhood. Aikido is more of a self defense martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba. Aikido is often translated as “the way of unifying light energy”. There are a series of belts that you get in Aikido which distinguishes people’s levels after passing specific tests based on their skills. You get belts according to the order given below:


  • White
  • Yellow 1
  • Yellow 2
  • Orange 1
  • Orange 2
  • Blue 1
  • Blue 2
  • Green 1
  • Green 2
  • Brown 1
  • Brown 2
  • Black (DAN 1)


It was always my goal to earn my black belt in Aikido, and the day had come when I actually did. My test was 50 minutes long, and I fortunately passed the exam. My black belt and my certificate is shown below:









Aikido is not just a martial art that I do for getting belts, but I also do it for releasing my stress. As an IB student, we have a lot of stress and pressure in school. But aikido gives me the opportunity to forget everything and to let out all my stressful energy and pressure into the flow of movements that I do at my aikido dojo. Especially when I perform the Kata. The Kata is known as the set of techniques that is done individually without any opponent. The flow of movements when doing this Kata really refreshes my mind and releases all the blockages in my mind. After doing all these techniques, after each day of class, we do meditation at the aikido dojo. This type of aikido meditation that I do at the dojo is best thing about Aikido for me. Meditation gives me the opportunity to just relax and to reflect on the type of day I had. Meditation also helps me to drag all the fresh energy from the surroundings into me. Aikido is one of my activities that I do on a regular basis as an healthy habit to release all my stress, and I hope that I will get an opportunity to continue doing aikido when I get into university.

l’intérieur de la vie “Hemanth”

Mercredi 3 Septembre

Je me présente. Je m’appelle Hemanth. J’ai 15 ans. Je suis indien. J’ai habité au Japon toute ma vie. Mais je n’est pas nè au Japan. Je suis nè à Pondicherry. Je suis trés grand. Quand j’ai du temps libre, je lis des livre ou arrose les plantes. J’aime faire des sports. En specifique, J’aime faire de la tennis et du basket, mais je ne suis pas bon en joueur de basket. J’ai appris le tennis pendant 8 ans et je joue pour l’équipe de l’école. Mes matières préférées sont les Mathématiques, Physique et le Français. Mon ambition est de devenir  ingénieur en mécanique parce que depuis mon enfance, j’aime robotique. À l’école j’ai choisi le Français comme matière au Baccalauréat International. J’ai choisi le Français et non pas le japonaise parce que, je veux apprendre une nouvelle langue. J’ai déjà appris beaucoup de Japonais pendant mes 15 ans de vie au Japon.  Par conséquent, j’ai choisi le français pour apprendre une nouvelle langue, et je souhaite que cela m’aidera à l’avenir.

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Robotics Club Mentor

This year, I was again given the valuable opportunity in being the robotics mentor of the MS Robotics Club. In this club I was the robotics mentor where I managed the robotics club alongside Mr.Hamada and Mr.Hilbourne who were the supervisors of the club. During my time in the robotics club, my job was to mainly help, teach and manage all the students in doing their work that they were assigned to do for the day and in also communicating with the supervisors about how we should structure the club lessons for our upcoming events and tournaments.


I have normally a lot of experience in being a leader but in managing a club and in teaching the students who were in the club was a whole new exposure for me. First in the robotics club, I managed a small group of students. With that small group of students, I assigned their agenda for what they needed to accomplish for the day. The tournament that I prepared them for was the “Robo Sumo”. So for that tournament, I individually managed and made my schedule that consists of the things that I need to teach my students for each week leading up to the actual tournament.


At the end of each lesson I made them reflect upon what they had done, and also made them set their own goals which they needed to accomplish before the end of next lesson, and also made them think on how are they going to accomplish that. After all these weeks of training, it was the day of the Robo Sumo competition in which the group of students that I had managed and teached came first place. This was the best time in my life because last year I had myself won this tournament, and now the students that I had managed and teached had won. I hope I get this opportunity next year again, so that I can continue in doing this.


This whole experience of managing and in teaching them was a very new experience because now I am acting like a role model for those students. This opportunity of mentoring was a very new learning experience for me as this mentoring gave me the opportunity in acquiring knowledge in managing a group of students in a club and in teaching those students. I gained knowledge such as how to change my teaching style for beginner and intermediate students simultaneously, and I also obtained the ability to explain the same concept in many different ways so that the students can understand better. By learning the ability of how to explain the same concept in multiple ways, my knowledge on those concepts became stronger and stronger.
With this knowledge of management that I have gained through this mentoring, this will help me in managing a certain event or club that I would want to conduct in the future. With the teaching experience that I have gained, this will help me in teaching other students inside and outside of school in the near future.














Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.49.16 PM

“The Medium is the Message “

Have you ever thought about the reasons, choices and factors that attract you in buying a product? Was it because of the celebrity associated with the product, the poster the product is on , the design, or did you really need it? Have you ever thought about how you get attracted to a product that you don’t need? In getting to understand more about this topic, we had a media unit in which we had the chance to choose a company and  analyse how they promote their products through different mediums. Then after this we had a media fair. The media fair was an event between Mr.Kew’s and Ms.Cox’s class, which was held on last Thursday, 4th June. The purpose of the media fair was to give us students an opportunity to explore other people’s research and at the same time in conveying what we had researched on our topic to other people. In other words, basically this was more like a gallery walk. The gallery walk was divided into two shifts were, for the first shift there were around 10 students who presented while the rest took notes and walked around in visiting the people who were presenting. In the second section it was vice versa, where the people who had presented previously had the chance of taking notes while the people who were previously taking notes presented their posters of their topics. I had the opportunity in presenting first. But after the first shift I eventually started going around in taking notes. I interviewed 3 participants and the informations that I had obtained from them are shown below:




Kazuki’s topic was about a piano manufacturing company which is” Steinway & Sons”. The text types he had analysed were commercials, photographs, documentaries, blog articles and poster adverts. In the commercial that he had analysed, he found out that that the commercial was trying to express the longevity of the piano. As the commercial starts of with a little boy with playing the piano. Then throughout the commercial it shows how the boy is changing and growing while the piano is of the same condition. Most of the things that he analysed used a lot of symbolism except for the the documentary source where it basically showed and revealed the mechanics of the pianos that they make in their company. By making this documentary they are showing how the pianos they make are very special and unique in comparison to other pianos.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.16.08 AM











Masaki’s topic was about the urban railway system. The types of text types he had analysed were a song, poster, commercial, photo and a travel writing. This was a very interesting topic as he really analysed sources which was towards the urban railway systems. And the sources that he had analysed publicized on different aspects of the railway systems. Like some mediums raised awareness about the safety issues in regards to urban railway systems. Some mediums where about the promoting of “To me card”. And at the end, there were some mediums which conveyed the message of noise pollution which is widely happening in the railway systems. After I had gotten all the informations and in depth analysis from him I asked him to give his opinion about which medium he thought was the most successful. He said that the video clip of “Dumb ways to die” was effective as even though this video was conveying the message of safety issues of railway systems in a humorous manner. By conveying this whole topic in a humorous way, they are making the message that they are trying to convey more reachable as when somethings are funny we tend to remember them for a long period of time due to some psychological factors in our brain.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.16.18 AM















Keigo’s topic was about “vocaloids and their significance in music productions”. The types of text types he had analysed was digital article, commercial, lyric video, youtube video and quora thread. In Keigo’s opinion he felt that when comparing the other text types, he personally felt that the digital article was the most effective as it consists of not just texts but also different varieties of mediums just in that one article which presented a wide range of detail to the readers of that article. Such mediums were for example, videos and photos when excluding the actual text.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.16.30 AM












To conclude, from this media fair it is evident to see how much every company uses significant marketing techniques in their promotion of their products. From these research obtained and analysed it is clearly shown how companies promote their products indirectly and directly in many different mediums. From social media, to newspaper articles. This media fair was a very good experience for me and I am looking forward to do many more units like this in the future.




Varsity Tennis (2014) –> Physical Activity

I have been learning tennis since I was in 1st grade. I practice tennis and go to tennis lessons on a regular basis. Like once every week. As the 2014-2015 school year had started I was always looking forward for the tennis season which is always during our spring season. After a week school had started, there was an announcement made for the starting of the tennis season. I was really prepared and excited about the tryouts. On a fine Wednesdays, a relaxing day after school was our first tryout for the tennis team. The tennis team is always split into two teams. And they are Varsity (V) and Junior Varsity (JV), each consisted of 8 players. This year we had 12 people who had tried out. This was bad as this increased the number of people who were going to get cut from the team. As there wasn’t enough players to fulfill two full teams, at the same time there was too many players for the Varsity team as we only needed 8.


As we went to the tryout we all were very nervous. For the first 15 minutes, at the tryouts I was very nervous. I kind of hesitated to freely play. But after that, I kind of moved into the game, and started playing better. During the tryouts we did various drills such as volley drills, smash drills, servus drills and many many more. After the tryouts, the results were announced. The whole place was in pin drop silence with Mr.S taking the team list. Then he started naming the Varsity players. I was eagerly waited for my name to be called out. As soon as he called my name out, I was full with joy. I was also full with joy that the people who didn’t make it to the Varsity team, stayed in the Junior Varsity team which was decided to consist of 4 players instead of 8. After the tryouts and the announcement of the team rosters, I felt really grateful in getting this opportunity and was looking forward to my first game against St.Marys.


On the Saturday, was our first game, We travelled by train to the St.Marys campus. I was put to play Singles 3. It was my first actual tennis match that I have ever played throughout my lifetime and in my tennis career. I was playing against a senior. I won the toss and decided to serve. I really hesitated. It was my first serve in an actual game. The game was really intense. I tried my best but my hesitation kept on pulling me down, as for almost every single game I had went to deuce and then lost after that. The final score was 6-0 6-1. I was really disappointed but was pleased with my effort at the same time. After my match Mr.S gave me some advice on how I could improve my performance in my game. He advised me many things, but the main thing that he told me was to improve my servus. As I went to my next practice session at school, I took the meaning of servus more seriously and practiced my servus a lot. During this time and my next match which was against ASIJ, due to some new entries of some new players I was put as Doubles 2 with my partner being Erik, who is a senior. We practiced very hard together before our next match. During our match against ASIJ I think personally I improved because my ground strokes were good and my serves mostly went in than before. I think the only thing that made us lose the game was due to lack of communication which I think I need to improve on before our next match against CAJ.


On our next match against CAJ, I was put as doubles 1 with my new partner Wessle. It was a great experience in being his partner and in  interacting with him when we were both playing. On our first match together and the last match before AISA against CAJ, we did a great job in coming back and lost 6-1 6-3. It was a very good improvement as we communicated really well. I felt that we could have won this game but the only thing that dragged us back was we didn’t watch out for the corners and the sides. And the opposite team kept on hitting it at the corner of the court which was always unexpected. I think for our AISA tournament we should improve our communication skills and also need to be more conscious about the sides, in case they hit it there.

This tennis AISA tournament was my personal first tournament in my life. It was a great experience. This tournament this year was hosted in Osaka International school. We went to Osaka by the Nozomi 8. The tournament lasted for 3 days. Me and my partner did a very good job in the tournament but due to some unforced errors we lost in the quarterfinals and were put into 6th place out of 8 teams. I think we didn’t really do a good job in our communication but at the same time, as said before we weren’t  conscious about the corners of the court which really pulled us down. But other than that we had a great season. We all came back from the tournament with a lesson. I would like to thank Mr.S and Mr.Z for their coaching which made me really improve by a lot throughout this season. I think before my next season I should improve on my footwork and my servus. I am planning to take extra tennis coaching for our next year’s season and I hope that I will come back with a bang !!!!


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 11.14.08 PM










Me serving in the quarterfinals


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 11.14.23 PM








Me going to hit a volley


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 11.14.45 PM











Me and my partner with my coach