About Me

Hello, my name is Oliver, I am from England, but i have never lived there. I have blonde hair, and i am reasonably tall. I was born in Singapore, and have lived there for five years. I have also lived in Bangkok, and now my family lives in Japan. I like to play soccer, tennis and go running.

I have two older sisters and i have two dogs, called Ozzie and Jack. I used to have two hamsters, a budgie, two rabbits, and then they had babies, but we only kept one. I have traveled to many countries all over the world. I play the trumpet, and I like to ride my bike. At school i study spanish, and i really like it! I like to hang out with my friends after school.

I like to go skiing with my family every winter, and in the summer i like to go to the beach. My hobbies are to play soccer, tennis, running and scuba diving.
My favorite foods are peach, mango, strawberries and dumplings.
And that is all you need to know about me!


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