Media Fair Reflection

On May 4th, we had Mr.Kew and Ms. Cox’s English classes hold a cross-class media fair, in which each student would present a poster which showed how different media sources can send different opinions or outlooks on the exact same topic. Each poster consisted of portraying 5 different media sources, with images or references to each one, and annotations which analysed the opinion being conveyed, the techniques used for that text type, etc. A variety of topics were presented all the way from “McDonalds”  to “Is Time Travel possible”, which made the fair very entertaining because the topics that were covered included those I have never thought about before.

I looked at 3 different posters, the first one by Kento Shirotsuka on whether Time Travel is possible. Personally, this was my favourite one, the 5 media sources being a Documentary, Movie, Youtube Video, an Anime Series and a Song. The reason why I liked this is because of the Youtube video, which explained how Stephen Hawking tried an experiment involving putting out flyers and posters inviting potential time travellers to a meeting at a certain place at a certain time. If time travel came to existence in the future, the time travelers could come back to this year and thus the meeting. To Hawkings expectations no one came to the meeting…

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 6.36.26 PM




Secondly I looked at Yongwon Choi’s poster which was on Climate Change, focusing on the question “Are we responsible for Global Warming”, and using the media sources of a  News Report, Political Cartoon, TV Advertisement, Graph and Article. The most interesting was the Cartoon because it visually gave us an understanding of the crisis and the effects we would be having on Earth. The Graph also helped because it gave me a more solid understanding and precise description of human impact on the heating of Earth.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 6.41.09 PM


Finally I looked at Gens poster which focused on Zinedine Zidane’s head-butt during the  2006 World Cup Final against Italy. He chose the 5 media sources to be a youtube video, news article, news cast, song, and a photograph.W What made this topic so entertaining was how the incident is not something we talk about because it doesn’t seem that significant of an event in the year 2015, and furthermore because it focuses on one action that occurred in the matter of 10 seconds. The song about the incident was very fun to watch because it started off with very pleasant uplifitng background music while a person sang, which I found out was to create an effect of mockery against those who provoked Zidane in the event, and therefore support Zidane.




Design Criteria Summary and Challenges

Criteria A is where you must do the necessary research to decide what problem your product should address, whether its in school or outside.  To elaborate, you must explain the need of a solution to a problem, construct a plan, analyse a group of products relevant to your project, and finally design a design brief.

Criteria B is where you must develop a range of ideas as to the product you will create to solve the problem that you are addressing, and decide one based on how well they satisfy the design specifications you have made.

Criteria C is where you actually create the product which you have chosen to work on. They must be created so that they follow the plan you made, and you must also fully justify the changes you have made.

Criteria D is where you evaluate the product you created. You must do this by creating a testing method which can measure the success of the solution, as well as evaluating based on legitimate product testing and seeing whether it fulfils the design specifications you created earlier on. Furthermore it is essential that you explain areas of improvement, as well as the impact that your product has on others.

I think the challenges I will have is on the research section which is Criteria A, because I must analyze a group of similar products that inspire a solution to the problem. Not only have I never done this before and thus am not familiar with this step, but finding similar products is just generally challenging in terms of research.



Art Reflection (Digital Design)

For this unit, our final project was to create a digital cover for the YIS handbook. I worked very hard on the process of making the design, which is why I believe that my final product is of decent quality. Firstly, in the “defining the task” stage, I simply had to know the general outline and the requirements of this project. Personally, I spent the least amount of time on this stage because there was nothing much to do other than write down what Ms. Rude was telling us. Then, I moved on to the “Research” stage where I inspected many other handbook designs from the past, and chose the 4 most optimal ones which I would comment on. It took quite a while to do this because there were a variety of different designs from the past, and since so many were so well made, it was quite challenging to pick out 4. Then I thoroughly commented on each one and reviewed it, by writing the positive points of each one, and later on, made a  concluding summary of which one I thought was the best. In the “Brainstorming” stage, I pretty much utilized my resource to define the design specifications for my Handbook cover. It did not take me that much time, but I spent a majority of it designing the page to make it look nice. Afterwards, I did the “The Sketch” where I did multiple thumbnails of designs that I could possibly do. I made up about 9 really rough thumbnails, but then I squeezed it down to 4 which I did pretty nicely and with time. It took me a great amount of time in this section because I annotated each of the 9 thumbnails stating why they were good and what the purpose of each thing was. In the “Design Direction”, I made 2 half page designs on the designs which I thought were the best. This took me time because I had to color in everything, create the right proportions, etc . One of the designs was based on Smokey breathing out a fireball which was actually YIS, and the other was where you could see half of smokeys face on the left side of the page, and on the right side there would be the letters Y, I, and S overlapping each other with the YIS logo in the middle.  After deep consideration I decided to do my final product on the Smokey breathing fireball design. I based this decision on multiple reasons which will be explained later on. I drew this on a full page and colored everything in. It was like the final product but in a drawn version. I did my “Client Review” by having Mr Coutts suggest improvements and give comments on my work. He gave me great feedback saying that the position of the fireball was too high, and that it didn’t seem like it was coming out of his mouth. He also said that the quote I placed on the lower right side of the page had a size too big. He even said that the page was pretty hectic and it seemed bunched up so I should consider removing the quote. Using his advice, I finalized what my design would look like. I finally did the last stage which was the creation of the final product. For me, I spent the most time in this stage because I wanted to fully show how hard I worked through this project through the product. I really wanted to manifest of how I thought of multiple factors such as the font, the message, the atmosphere, the color, etc.Since I was quite a novice at using Photoshop it was a tedious process for me to understand how to add certain effects and how to use certain tools.  However, looking back at the product of a person who isn’t good at art, I didn’t do so bad. Now I want to give a short explanation of my final product. Firstly, I wanted my design to truly resemble YIS and more importantly, send a clear positive message of the school  to the viewer. This is why, although its not obvious at first, by looking at my final product, it is visible how the message is how YIS burns with passion, and how it burns for success.  In the design, I included the YIS mascot, Smokey, on the very left so that people could see that the cover was based on YIS.  Since Smokey is a dragon I wanted to connect everything in a way that made sense and was put in an interesting manner, which is why I made the fireball as the YIS logo. I added a fire design on the word YIS so that it was relevant to my whole design. Overall, I actually enjoyed the challenge of this project which is why I worked very diligently, so I hope my work pays off.

Technology “What makes a good game?”

In tech class, we are currently learning about coding games on Scratch, and the factors which determine what is a good game and what is not. After some brainstorming, I came down to 4 primary factors which would grade the quality of a game.

1. Difficulty  (not too simple nor too complicated). In the criteria the higher the score doesn’t mean the higher the difficulty. For example, if a game gets 5/5, it means that its difficulty is just right. 1/5 means too easy or too hard.

2. Addictiveness.

3. Designs (sound effects, visuals)

4. Creativity (the game must be unique, not banal)

I will rate 3 games using these 4 criteria, giving each one a score out of 5 (1 being the lowest, 5 being the best).


 “Smash the Boulders” Difficulty: 1    Addictiveness:1    Designs:3     Creativity:2

In this game, the player would control a Dragon who would spit fire to break boulders, while dodging a bomb which was moving around on the screen. You would win if the bomb didn’t hit you for 40 seconds. The game was way too easy. The bomb that you had to dodge moved around very slowly, and you could predict its movements. I think it would have been much better if there were more bombs on the screen, so that you wouldn’t have to concentrate on the 1 and only bomb. It is not addictive at all as there is only 1 level, the game never gets harder, etc. Even for people who play this game for the 1st time, they will most probably never want to play this game again. In terms of design, it was mediocre. The character (dragon), the bomb, and the boulders looked pretty realistic. However, there was not a variety of colors or objects, which is why the game was hindered from getting a 4 or a 5. For the creativity criteria, I thought that it was very banal, and furthermore, that it was a kind of game that would be very common. The game idea wasn’t one which you had  to put much thought into, but it was rather the kind of  game idea that would pop up in your head very quickly. Overall, it was pretty disappointing, and I didn’t enjoy the game at all.

Stickman Gunner  Difficulty: 1    Addictiveness:2    Designs:4     Creativity:1

In this game, the player would control a stickman (which would have 3 lives) who would duck, jump, and move sideways, with the objective of getting past these monsters who would spit out harmful objects towards you. I thought that the game was way too hard. The monsters would spit these harmful objects way too quickly, not allowing the time for the player to move forward. . I think it would have been much better if they spit out these harmful objects at a slower speed so that the player can actually make progress and get past the monsters. This game is not addictive. Its way too hard, hindering the player from making any progress. In terms of design, it was mediocre. The stickman and the monsters fitted pretty well into the game. There was also music, which I thought fit perfectly into the game.  For the creativity criteria, I thought that it was that it was a kind of game that is once again very common.There are so many games in the world like this, which is why I wasn’t excited or astonished when I started playing this. Overall,I didn’t enjoy the game, but the design was pretty good.

Follow the Orange  Difficulty: 5   Addictiveness:4    Designs:4     Creativity:4

The objective of this game is to move the black dot to a green light without stepping out of the orange lines. It’s difficulty is just right. Its challenging and requires great focus, but it is not a game where its too hard that you won’t make any progress. It’s pretty addicting because there are many levels, and if you clear one, another level is waiting for you. Also, even if you lose, you still want to try again. Its designs are simple and good. I believe that this game doesn’t require great detail, and that the simplicity is the main reason why I scored this game high on the design criteria. For the creativity, despite the fact that this game is once you think about it, pretty simple, its not a idea that you can think of that easily and quickly. Overall, I actually enjoyed this game a lot.










English Reflection (Content+Form)

In this unit, we learned about the relationship between content (the writing) and the form that it is presented in. For example, when the content was a Sherlock DVD series , and if someone had put this into different mediums, ranging from a plastic bag to a heart shaped box, the meaning  behind the same content would vary. After spending some time fully understanding this, we started our assessment, which was to  choose 1 famous figure (for me, it was Stephen Hawking) , and put his life into 3 different mediums, and observe how the meaning would vary.

For the first medium, which was the “Short Story”, we had to make sure there was a conflict, a climax, and a resolution. In my case, the story was about how Stephen Hawking craved to learn.

Conflict:He was diagnosed with disease, the disease deteriorated, etc.

Climax: The disease reaches the point where he is in a life or death situation.He can’t speak or write anymore, which hinders him from achieving his goal.

Resolution:Stephen receives a computer program installed in a mini computer called the “Equalizer”. Allows him to communicate, so he can continue to endeavour to contribute in the fields of science.

The 2nd medium was a “Villanelle”, which is a type of poem where you are repetitive, in order to emphasize something, or send a certain message to the reader. I did a Villanelle on how Stephen Hawking craved to learn, but towering  obstacles got in his way. By repeating these 2 lines,

1)Science the penchant of this one remarkable child

2)But the wish was not granted, towering obstacles piled.

I sent a certain message to the reader. There was also a rhyme scheme that was extremely difficult to follow, which made the Villanelle very challenging to complete.

The 3rd medium was a Sonnet, which is a 14 line poem.  The first twelve lines are divided into three quatrains with four lines each. In these first 12 lines, the poet establishes a theme or problem. In the final two lines (couplet), the problem is resolved. The rhyme scheme of the quatrains is abab cdcd efef. The couplet has the rhyme scheme gg.  I found the “Sonnet” to be the most enjoyable form, as I was able to read the poem with flow (because of Iambic Pentameter), and it felt very nice.

From this, we can see how putting the same content into different forms can create a radical change in terms of interpretation, and how each form should be used in certain situations in order to most fully create the effect that the writer desires.



English End of Unit Reflection

How important is language in the use or abuse of power?

A week ago, I had to deliver a persuasive speech on “Why Santa Claus should be banned”.  I chose to do a speech on this topic, because  it forced me to incorporate numerous rhetorical devices in order to persuade the audience. From this assessment, I realized how powerful language is, and how it can be manipulated, in order to use and abuse power.

Although Santa Claus is a figure who everyone loves, and distinctly has more merits than demerits, through the effective use of language (rhetorical devices), it is possible to make it seem as if Santa is an adverse figure. By being able to use language in the proper ways, anyone can change the opinions or thoughts of the audience. This is why language is so powerful.

Another example of how language is so powerful, is through the TED TALK “Violence against woman is a men’s issue”. In this TED talk, it was explained how domestic violence towards woman is perceived as the issue of the victim it-self(woman), while in reality, it is a problem that men create. The most significant part of this videos was when the speaker, Jackson Katz, explained how the situation described as  “John beat Mary”, automatically changes into “Mary is a battered woman”, which is why we have the tendency to think its the woman’s problem. This shows how, just by changing around a sentence, it can create a whole new meaning.

Through these 2 examples, we can see how powerful language is, and how it affects modern day society. Perhaps language is the most powerful tool in existence. We must learn how to use language in justly ways, not in ways where we use it for power.







Criteria C-Art Reflection


My artwork was a observational drawing of a stool from the art room. I chose this one because it included many different compositions, which were mainly,  texture, values, shadowing, and proportions.

The actual stool I had to draw (sorry that its sideways. It is meant to be vertically longer)


To start off the drawing, I used the rule of thirds to divide the paper into 9 (3lines horizontally and 3 lines vertically).  Then I drew the outline of the whole stool. I was able to achieve accurate proportions, as I knew where each part of the stool should be, because I had utilized the rule of thirds.  I made the outline of the surface of the stool, rough, as it was made of wood. By observing closely, I could also see that the ring that connected the foots of the stool was not a perfect circle, which I added into my artwork as well. After finishing the outline, I truly realized that paying close attention to the object I had to draw, was imperative for a proper outline. Afterwards,I added the values to the legs of the stool. Since the color of the legs were a very light green, I kept it a light grey. However, I could see that some parts were a little darker than the other due to the shadow, so I added that in my artwork as well. The circle that connected the 4 legs together, was made of metal, so it was quite smooth. There were also some very dark parts in the circle. I was able to draw this out with ease. Then I had to add the shadows of the legs, which was quite challenging for me. I  had to focus on the different values that were present. The shadow starting from the bottom of the stool leg was very dark,  but got darker the further away it was from the foot of the stool.  I was successfully able to do this with the help of the tortillion. Afterwards, I added the values to the surface of the stool. I could see that from the right, it gradually got lighter as it moved towards the left. It took me quite some time to do this. Then I added texture to the surface of my stool. Since it was made of wood, I had to make it rough. There were also cracks in the actual stool, so that was manifested in my actual drawing as well. Finally, I looked at the artwork, made small changes, and I had a complete, beautiful piece of art.

I think that this was the best piece of art that I have created this year. I would assess it as “pretty good for myself”.  I am proud of the final product, as I dedicated a lot of time to it during Autumn Break. I  think that I was able to achieve this artwork, because I had learned various techniques which assisted me in creating a realistic observational drawing. For example, the Rule of Thirds, which helped me in proportions. Also, the value circle that we made in class helped me tremendously in the creation of this artwork. Also the use of HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B pencils made it easier to make shadows, different values, etc. I think that having materials that will assist you in your artwork is imperative for anyone, even very good artists.

Through this project, I learned a lot of different things, but the main one is the use of different values. At the start of the year, I did not know how to show the difference between colors such as yellow and green, just by using grey and black. The lesson where we made the circle with different values for different colors, gave me a better understanding how to draw realistic observational drawings without using colored pencils. I think that this something that must be remembered for any artist.

I got feedback that my  drawing was too light, not including dark values that were present in the actual photo. This resulted in myself to have to change all the values that I had already added into the artwork. All values had to be made a little darker. Although this was a tiring process, it made my drawing look much more realistic, and I think the change was definitely beneficial. If I had to repeat this project, I think that spending more time would have helped. Although I worked very diligently on this project, there was definitely time where I could have worked on this observational drawing. I also think that I would have spent more time on the proportions, because I did not do them as precise as possible.

Overall this was a project that I had to spent a lot of time on. However, I surprisingly enjoyed it, especially when I saw the final result.

English End of Unit Reflection

How does story work in the creation,maintenance, and change of culture and social values?


I think that, “stories work in the creation,maintenance, and change of culture and social values”,  by teaching moral lessons and values,  which prepare the people to face the challenges of the modern day world. Each generation and culture creates its own version of a story , altering it so that it conveys the moral lessons and values which are essential for that society and time. Without stories, we would have trouble preparing children to face the challengers and dangers, which they may encounter as they go grow-up. For example, by comparing the Grimm Brothers (written in 1857) version, with the Roald Dahl version (1982) of CINDERELLA, we can see that it conveys how the moral value of how we perceive rich powerful men has changed completely.   The way we used to think that rich men are the ideal and impeccable person, has changed into the idea that these kind of men can be far from perfection, and rather atrocious. This is manifested through an interesting storyline, which would not scare children too much, or leave too much of a deep impact in them. This is why stories serve as an excellent tool to convey  moral lessons and values, as they teach children, important values and lessons, in a very entertaining way.


(PSA storyboard) Which one I chose and why

In my PSA, I am planning to show how the simple action of littering may not seem like a big deal, but can bring huge consequences.  I will convey this by showing a video which has 4 parts. The problem in this video is that, a student decides to litter by dropping a pet bottle onto the floor. Then, another student passing by stumbles on the pet bottle. The stumbling student bumps into the student who had littered, and was currently opening his locker.The 2 students fall down. The resolution is that the 2 students turn out to get injured, while everyone laughs at them, making them feel very bad. I will also have the Cleaning Ladies say the slogan of,  “Do not litter or you will feel bitter”.  This will not only leave impact in the audience, but by having the cleaning ladies say this, there will be evidence to support my PSA. In the video, there will definitely be Audio, as well as a variety of colors (since the video will be in color). Since there will not be that much information and detail, it will definitely be between 30 and 60 seconds. However, we will make the video very concise and straight to the point. I also think that this is a good PSA idea because the video will be very humourous, yet raise awareness of this issue.  

 I chose this video idea, primarily because, not only does it raise awareness of littering, but it is also humourous, which makes it more enjoyable for the audience. Although the video is entertaining, it will be quite concise and straight to the point. This  means that the video will definitely be between 30-60 seconds. Like any storyline, there will be a problem and a resolution. As mentioned in the “Designs”, the problem is that a student litters, which leads to another student  tripping on the bottle and crashing into the student who had littered in the first place.  The resolution is that they get injured, as well as having everyone laugh at them. Unlike the 3rd video idea, there is not that much evidence to support my PSA. However, by including the Cleaning Ladies who say “Do not litter or you feel bitter”, not only does it  serve as evidence that littering is an issue ( from other peoples perspectives), it also plays the role of  a Slogan. This will leave impact in the audience, and will hopefully be a memorable PSA. There will be Audio and Color, as it is an vital part of the video. Without audio, no one will understand what the Cleaning Ladies are saying. Without color, the video will be very boring, dull, and unattractive.