TOK Perspective and Bias

Quote: “We see the world, not as it is, but as we are” To what extent do you agree with the quote?

I agree with the quote in some aspect as some areas of knowledge can be subjective to the audience which allows for prejudice to carve our view of the subject instead of having hard facts that cannot be overturned easily. AOKs which would fit this description are Ethics, History, and Arts. In each of these Areas of knowledge, we are allowed to observe different knowledge and interpret it the way we wish. For example, in the case of Art, when we see what others claim to be art which conveys a specific message, nothing can prevent use from believing it conveys an entirely different idea, and isn’t even art.

However, some AOKs have much more solid knowledge that cannot be prove wrong easily by people like us, and therefore must be accepted. For example, in Math and natural sciences, the knowledge is based on years and years of research done by experts and therefore we have no other choice but to accept it as we cannot prove this knowledge wrong. A simple example of this would be seen in chemistry; when magnesium is dropped into concentrated hydrochloric acid, it will start to effervesce and dissolve in the liquid. This knowledge has been discovered many years ago and still cannot be proved wrong.