Collage Reflection-Art

So for art we had to make a collage based on our line drawing, seen here, except it could be more abstract. See the progress of my collage here.

I’ll put the final picture up soon!

So now for the reflection:

I think that this piece of work is my best piece this entire year. I think it’s because anyone can stick pieces of paper and make something out of it, and I’m not really a good drawer. Also, I have always enjoyed collages, and I wanted to work really hard on this piece, seeing as it’s the end of this school year. I like how I changed the colours from the original, because I’m more of an abstract fan, but also just seeing nature always in green, grey, brown, and such, it’s fun to add brighter colours to things. What I really like about this piece is my waterfall. Many people don’t think it’s a waterfall, but once they know it’s one, it really does look like a waterfall. The thing I like about the waterfall the most is the ruffles I made, which represent the water when it splashes. I was told that the splashes waterfalls make aren’t that straight and perfect, but if you think about it, this is a collage, and it’s abstract, meaning that it can be anything. Something I would’ve liked to work on is the proportion. Because when I compare this to the original drawing, I can see the my waterfall is a lot higher up, and I have a little bit of water, not just full waterfall like on my collage. Also, choosing the colours was hard, because you have to see if the colours will stand out, or work together and such. But I think overall this wasn’t the worst art I’ve ever done, I dare say this is one of the best. I’m really proud of it, even though I know it can be better.

Final Art Line Drawing Reflection


In the second art unit, Make Your Mark, we learnt about line drawing, and the different techniques about it. We learnt how to accomplish the significant concept, line can be used to convey shape, texture, and tone. How can we communicate visually was our unit question. We had to show this by our final  project, a photo from field studies, showing the differenct line techniques through the background, mid-ground, and foreground.

My first drawing was taking a part of Van Gogh from the internet, and drawing it. In my first drwaing it wasn’t that detailed, and I only just used normal lines, whereas in my final drawing I used several different types of lines. Also, in my first drawing, the tone was very dark, so I was kind of hard to see the difference, but in the final one, I used different tones to show where the sunshine came from, or to show that things were closer together.

I wish that I could improve my drawing by putting different tones on the different layers. For my foreground tree, it blends in with my background, and the mountains were really dark, and similar. The thing I absolutely hate is my cloud in the background. I wish that the shape of the cloud was more like a cloud, and not so heavily shaded.

Preparation and Planning


  • Tree
  • Leaves
  • Bush -leaves
  • Riverbank/boardwalk



  • Mini waterfall
  • Rocks
  • Concrete



  • Mountains
  • Forest -leaves



  • Afternoon
  • Noon



  • Cloudy
  • Cold
  • Windy
  • Fall



  • Hakuba
  • Japan



  • Water -running -trickling -waterfall, splashing -water hitting water
  • Wind -trees -bush, flowers -leaves
  • Animals -birds
  • Nature -leaves hitting ground



  • Fresh/Cold air
  • Nature -trees -flowers
  • Water -fresh
  • Dirt (dirt trail)

Mark Your Mark-Draft Feedback Reflection

My team of feedback was Akari, Daniel, and Kate. So I gave feedback to them. First to Akari, make sure that your marker works, and make the mountain darker. Also, make the lake look like water, not just a blank area. For daniel, I suggest making more clouds so it doesn’t look out of place. Also add some straight lines, so it’s not only random and dots. And lastly for Kate, you should make it lighter, and work on making it less crowded.

People said to me that I should work on my details, and making my foreground bigger.

Mini Reflection on 3D Shapes

I think I did well with the pyramid and the cuve, because you can clearly see where the light is coming from (which was left.) You can see where the light is in the other shapes but they don;t look that 3D. The worst I think was the sphere and cone because I used dots for them, and when I used dots I ddin’t make them gradually change, they suddenly changed. But overall I’m impresses with my work, I never knew I could do this well.

Art Reflection-Tones in Shapes

In art we got this assignment where there were 3D shapes, and using different types of tones and lines we had to make them look 3D.

And now I have to make a reflection about it. Here we go 🙂

I think I did well with the pyramid and the cube because you can clearly see where the light is coming from (left.) You can see that in the other shapes as well (for the cylinder it was right) but they don’t look very 3-dimensional.   The worst I think was the sphere and the cone because I used dots for them, and when I used dots I didn’t make them gradually change, they suddenly changed. But overall I’m impressed with my work, I never knew I would do this well.

Hakuba Art Journal

Hey, so for art, we got to make an art journal. Check it out!

So field studies is over, and it’s time to think about how I did on my journal. I think I did well about writing my days and the different writing styles. What I cold’ve worked on was probably drawing live pictures, for example, people. All of the people in my journal are stick people, and probably the only thing I drew that is related to people is the hand drawing holding my iPod. I have to say, drawing real life things s hard for because I always feel like the layout is bad or everything isn’t evenly spaced. I’m proud of my work, because usually I enjoy making journals, but I knew if I would start one I wouldn’t make it like this. The one picture I’m most proud of is my and holding my iPod, and that was drawn over my day 3 picture, but it was kinda weak, and it had loads of stick people. If I had more time to do this I would draw a landsape without any people, or draw over my stick people with something else I did that day. For some reason I like my day 2 drawing as well, even though I have stick people in it because the scenery is not drawn realistically, but it’s more like abstract-I like. Overall, I’m proud of my art journal, but I know I can improve on it.