Field Studies Reflection

What did I enjoy?
I enjoyed the canoeing,  because I was with my friends and we were singing random songs like Justin Bieber (who I totally hate) and just kind of joking around and having fun. Also the hot air balloon was fun, because it’s just an experience that I never probably won’t do again.What did I do well?
Living, breathing, blinking, seeing, having fun, touching, tasting, smelling, hearing.

What challenges did I face?
River cleaning defiantly was the hardest, when we had to cross the river, everyone was relaying on everyone else.

How did I grow?
I grew a centimeter probably.. LOL I’m kidding, I grew by not always relaying on my mum, but by doing things by my self.

What challenge will you set for yourself for this year’s FS?
I will try my best in all the activites, and have fun 🙂

Why is FS important?
Because it’s a fun way for children to learn about things, and just to learn how to live without relaying on your parents.

My favorite thing in Hakuba

Really pretty canoes. Not in Hakuba though.

Really pretty canoes. Not in Hakuba though.

My favorite things we did in Hakuba was probably the canoeing, because we had so much fun, singing random songs while we were canoeing. The campfire was also good, because in all the years I had camp, it was always raining when we planed to do the campfire. Plus, the songs were really funny, like the peel banana, or whooping cough with the bird. The skits were also good if you don’t include mine that is. River cleaning was kinda fun, but probably not my favorite, because I got really wet ( and had to hold a boy’s hand crossing a river too.)

Image Credit: Canoes in lotus yoga Inaz

Last day in Hakuba!!!

On the last but not least day in Hakuba, we went rock climbing, and I did 2 out of the 4 walls. Of course the walls I went on was the easiest ones. Time passed by soon, and suddenly, I was sitting next to May on the bus, not really wanting to say good bye. I had to though, as much as I didn’t want to. I guess I really don’t have anything to say. We stopped 3 times, and I bought lots of souvenirs.

Day 4 in Hakuba

In day 4 we went hiking, one of my least favorite things to do in the country side. After 3o minutes or something, it started to get really foggy since we were in the clouds (aka Zeus’ area to my friends) and there was sooo many steep hills, I slipped, and ruined my shirt (which happened to be white) with mud. After we took a break, I stayed in the back and took really slow with May, and Bernado, and we were the last people to arrive for lunch, which was indien curry. After that we practiced our skit, played around, and went down the hill – which was much quicker by the way. After that, we practiced our skits, which we were going to present that night, and then when to dinner. After dinner we practiced some more and went down to present our skits. Lets just say my skit was a fail, and I don’t really want to say anything about it. Daniel’s group was really funny, and naturally, they were number one to go get the snacks. Then we played something like jeopardy, with the catagories as ecology, Hakuba, Outdoor sports, Floral & Fauna, and miscellaneous. We did ecology 20 and 100. Just because I got ecology 20 correct, because the question was “how does the water cycle work” and I learnt it in 2nd grade. We got ecology 100, and then our final score was -80. The winners got member ship cards for the evergreen center. I was knowledgeable, by knowing how the water cycle worked.

Day 3 in Hakuba

Day 3 in Hakuba was  really fun!! In the morning after breakfast, we took a walk to the Aoki Lake, and when we arrived there we did team activities. The first one we did was one where you had to stand on a stick, and switch over people with out falling of the stick.Also the same except on a mat, and we had to fold the mat with the people on the mat. The next one was called helium stick, where there was a stick, and you had to place both of your pointing fingers under the stick with everyone else in the group, and go up and down without the stick falling. Then we had to cross lava (pretend) and there was a magic helmet which you could wear to cross the lava, but you had to carry someone, or get carried by someone. I carried Leticia, but in the end Leticia sacrificed her self for us. 🙁  Then we had a piece of sting, and had to make a knot in it, with someone else using your body. After we finished the activities we played some games like duck duck goose, then If you’re (wearing black, etc) then ameba tag (like chain tag) then ebi, kani, tako ( shrimp, crab, octopus.) The way you play If you’re is that 2 people are it and shout “If you’re wearing black” for example. If you are wearing black, you run to the other side. The way you play ebi, kani, tako, is that there is one it and the go 1, 2, 3, and on 3 they do a move, ebi, kani, or tako. If you’re doing the same move as him/her your also it.  For lunch we had a BBQ that we got to make ourselves! I was with Yuki, and Mitea. Most of the groups had 4 people but we only had 3 so there was a lot of food for us!!! 😀  After we ate we went river cleaning, which was nothing ourselves to this morning’s team activities. We really had to work together to go past the current. We made a chain, by holding hands, and I held hands with Sophie and Axel. I couldn’t believe I made it. I was a risk-taker, by going the hard way instead of staying in the back. We stopped by a convenience store, where I bought C.C Lemon and a snicker bar for tomorrow’s hiking. Then we walked to a foot bath, and finally walked back to the hotel. After dinner we walked to the area we were going to go hot air ballooning. I went in with Kate, Sophie, May, Leticia, and Mia. I was having a good time in it until I felt something hot on my neck. THe hot air balloon guys was talking about the oil dripping. OIL DRIPPING??? We all started shouting, “The oil’s leaking!! We’re gonna die!!!” At least we made it to the ground and made it. I went to bed after watching some TV, and talking with my group.

Day 2 in Hakuba

I woke up at 2:30 and heard people talking. Talking? Finally when I went back to sleep, I woke at 5:30, but it wasn’t the girls. It was the boys. Annoyed, I stayed in my tent trying to sleep- and failed. When it was 6:30 the other girls in my tent woke up, and we talked a little, and got ready for breakfast. For breakfast we had cereal and bread. After that we had free time, and time to get ready for mountain biking. I was in the easier group. Mountain biking was 2 hours and once we stopped at a spring where we could drink water.We went up hills, and many times I had to walk up the hill. I was so glad when we got back to the campsite, I was soo hungry!! The lunch was burritos, and Sophie said “I’m pro at making my burrito” but then she spilled more than I did so I guess I was the pro! 😛  Then we did canoeing, I was with Leticia and Sophie. They said the tallest was the captain, so I was the captain. The smallest in the middle, which was Sophie and then the second tallest in the front. I was a communicator by talking to my friends in the canoe, getting the hang of it. One part we played tag with a ball. You had to hit the other canoe with the ball. We only got hit once by Markus’ group. Then we went across the lake and then had a race, I forgot my jacket on the other side 😛 When we were close to arriving, we nearly fell down!!! After that we had lots of free time to get packed to go to the hotel. The hotel was nice, and I was in a room on the second floor. The boys were on the 3rd floor and had 2 floors- no fair!! We had then lots of free time, and got ready for dinner. I watched some random things on TV, on free time. Every day we did. Like make-up manga, and those japanese shows. For dinner we had a side dish, and some meat (I forgot.) But I remember we had chocolate ice cream!! Then we went to bed too tired to talk.

Day 1 on Field Studies

Boy, I was tired when I had to wake up at 5:00 in the morning,I was quickly woken though, because I was going to Hakuba for 5 days-I couldn’t wait. Walking to school with my dad, I met several kids on they way. But then I saw lots of kids by the buses-and teachers as well. I sat next to May- and cried just for a little bit. I was cheered up soon, and played uno with May, and also with her Ipod. We saw Fuji Q Highland. We played with the Magic Toilet- not a real magic toilet just an application on the Ipod, kind of a magic eight ball. Finally when we arrived at the Evergreen Outdoor Center we put a suitcases down, and when to go eat lunch. Then we made our tents with our tent/sleeping group. I was with May, Akari, and Sophia. After that we went to a treasure hunt, and there was 6 groups, and I was in group 5, with Marii, Anju, Naomi, Neil, Oliver, Michael, Aiki. We walked though the land of wheat. But it wasn’t really wheat. It looked like wheat. So we leant how to use a compass, and there was checkpoints, that said like, go 330° and one by one we took turns using the compass. After about 2 hours we arrived back at the campsite, we had free time, then chili with rice. After that we went to the campfire. The campfire at first was really big, but as we sat around it, it broke down and spread around a little. James, one of the instructors at the campsite, told us songs with actions. There was one that was like this “Bananas Unite! Peel banana peel, peel banana. Shake banana shake shake banana, go banana, go go banana.” The was also one with a potato. There was actions to that song. Then there was Down By The Bay, one I knew since 1st grade. Another was one about a Japanese Omatsuri (festival.) THe last one was a really funny one about a bird that died, because the bird had the whooping cough. It was really funny because we changed the genere so at first it was a normal rhythm, but then we did rap,or something else. The we told some stories, then we went back to the campsite, brushed our teeth and went to bed. In the tents, I was open-minded, by not talking so much, thinking about the other tents.

My Thoughts About Hakuba

I expect that I am going to get very cold, and wet when I canoe, but  I will have lot of fun. The most fun part I think is going to be the skits, or canoeing. I am probably going to learn how to build a tent, since I never did. I am looking forward to the lake cleaning, because finally, I am helping the world, and it’s a simple thing to do, while chatting and playing around. I have to say that I am a little worried about the tents, and the cold weather, also the mountain biking. I wonder who I am going to be with in the tent, in the cabins, and the activities.

Overall I think that Hakuba is going to be sooooooo fun!

Em 😛 😀 🙂Hakuba in Google Earth