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Me playing My Heart Will Go On in 2013, May.

Me playing My Heart Will Go On in 2013, May.

I have the ability to play four instruments, but I focus primarily on the piano and the clarinet. I’m still taking music class now in high school, and am still taking piano lessons and am in the wind ensemble.

I’ve been playing the piano since I was 4, but had to stop when I was 4 and a half because my hands were too small for me to try play. But then I had begun playing the piano once more when I was 6 years old. Though I may not be the best at playing, but I have continued playing ever since. Every year, I have to play at a Christmas piano concert, at Yokohama Union Church, along with my teacher’s other students. And every other year,  I have to play at a huge musical hall, in front of a lot of people. I always enjoy playing the piano by myself at home alone, where no one can hear my mistakes, but in front of people, I get pretty nervous. And it’s pretty hard to play the piano when your hands are shaking like crazy, but I believe that sometimes I really pull the song off. I believe that I will continue taking piano lessons until I graduate, but even then, hopefully I will have the opportunity to keep on playing the piano. The audio for My Heart Will Go On can be heard here.

One of the things I was extremely excited about in the 5th grade was the music curriculum. We had to decide whether or not we wanted to join the Japanese instrumental group that was primarily koto, or the instrumental group. I had chosen the instrumental group, and even though my first choice for instrument was playing the flute, my teacher deduced that I’d be better at playing the clarinet. Thus began me playing the clarinet since the 5th grade. In order for me to improve even more outside of class, I started taking personal lessons for about a year with another clarinet friend of mine. In the 6th grade I continued playing the clarinet, but then in the 7th grade I joined the wind ensemble to focus on the clarinet, so that in my music class I could try playing different instruments. I’m still in wind ensemble playing the clarinet. I don’t play the really high parts of songs, as I still find that hard for me, but hopefully in the future I will practice even more, and be able to do so. I enjoy playing the clarinet in the wind ensemble. There’s something about just playing your own part, but put together with everyone else’s parts it just sounds like the best thing ever. So this year is currently my 3rd year playing in the wind ensemble. Two of the songs that we played for wind ensemble in the first semester can be found on the wind ensemble’s supervisor’s blog, here.

In my music class, this year I’ve played the piano and the flute for the assessments, and I’m hoping that in the future that I’ll be able to start playing the saxophone again, and maybe learn some more instruments.