GCD – Management

There are two positions that I’ve held in two different activities that have shown my responsibility in managing groups and events. This can be seen in my contribution as Vice-Officer, therefore the Elections Officer during the President and Vice-President elections, and as an editor in the 2015-2016 Chowa Yearbook Team. I have been in both of these activities since Grade 6 until Grade 12.


Elections Officer 2015-2016

As the Vice-Officer of the Student Council 2015-2016, I was also the Elections Officer during the election term as I decided to not run for any position. During this time I worked with another council member, and to work out many different details to ensure that the elections ran smoothly.

Firstly, dates had to be organised for a series of events that annually take place during the election season. This involved setting the dates for the class elections, the nomination forms being submitted for the presidential/vice-presidential candidates, for when campaigning begins, the final speeches for the presidential/vice-presidential candidates, the final voting, and then the meeting for the new student council. Communicating with the one of the Student Council supervisors, we worked out the dates and informed the administration.

Secondly, we had to focus on creating the scenarios to give to the candidates. Scenarios are given to challenge the candidates, and allows the voters to see the way that think, and how they’d react to situations as either the President or Vice-President. It was felt that the scenarios of the previous year were not serious nor realstic, and therefore didn’t represent the Student Council properly. The finalisation of the scenrios was done during a lunch time and here’s an example of one for the president:

A broadcaster has gone home to parents explaining that next year, the school day will be extended to 5 o’clock, before after-school activities. After hearing about it from their parents, a number of students are upset about the change and are threatening to go on strike. They are rallying support. What would you do to represent them?”

Thirdly, smaller details, such as the order of candidates or the order of the official day was finalised, along with writing the script for the actual day. It was decided that the Vice-P would go first, seeing as there was only one nominee. Then the audience had the opportunity to ask questions. After the President candidates were to give their speeches, with the order to be selected at random beforehand. After the speeches, questions could be asked, and then an introduction to the scenarios was given. Then after each candidate answered their scenario, the audience was allowed to ask general

Hosting the Presidential Speeches with Kate. M

Hosting the Presidential Speeches with Kate. M

questions to the candidates. During this time, the presenters–me and the other student council member–had to select members from the audience based on grade, as we didn’t want to focus on one grade in particular. The script can be found here.

Chowa Yearbook Editor 2015-2017

Being a Yearbook Editor  for two years has really pushed my dedication to this group. In the 2015-2016, Yearbook ran twice a week, from 4-6. However, as an editor, when we had meetings for the editors they would often run past 6 o’clock on a school evening. This proved to be tough, but I didn’t particularly mind because I enjoy helping out the Yearbook team, because everyone looks forward to it at the end of the year. This dedication was really important in the time when the Yearbook was due to be sent to the publisher, as many pages were unfinished. This required me to stay everyday after school for many many hours, checking which pages were in, editing pages, and more. This time was stressful, but we managed to complete it in the end .

One aspect that I was in charge of was the communication between the school’s literary magazine group and the Yearbook group, as we wanted a collaboration in which they would help write up some parts of the Yearbook. I initiated this with the supervisor of the activity, and we’re still working together now, in which I am still the spokesperson between the two groups.

This year, 2016-2017, I’m one of the senior editors, which is one of the most important positions as the seniors are given a large proportion of the book. Along with this, the senior editors are given the responsibility to ultimately control and organise the majority of the book, such as choosing the theme, colours, and more. So far it’s going so good, except the actual test will be during the week that the yearbook is due. The Senior Editors have talked to the seniors again about their pages, and it’s been a very organised system.