GCD – Personal Goal

In Grade 10, as part of the MYP, I was required to take part in the Personal Project. The Personal Project is where students work towards creating a product over a prolonged period of time. At the time, I was very interested in graphic designing and TV shows, and so naturally I used this opportunity to combine both of these interests. My goal was to learn more about graphic designing though creating 5 movie style posters that represented and advertised some of my favourite episodes from 5 different TV shows.

So with this goal in mind, this was the plan that I created for myself. Firstly, I focused solely on researching graphic designing, through various sources. I focused on looking up on Google or Youtube methods for creating movie posters, while I looked in books at different types of graphic designs, for inspiration. After using the sources, I created both my TSC, along with an action plan.

There were 3 TSC drafts, with my final one focusing on the smaller details, as my first couple were quite general and vague, such as “viewer is impressed by poster”, as “impressed” is a subjective term. Then, I included points in the TSC directed towards whether the viewer had watched the episode before or not, as this would allow me to focus certain points depending on the viewer.

As for my action plan, it was quite simple as there are not many steps towards creating posters. The action plan focused on both short term deadlines – such as asking opinions on my sketches, and long term deadlines – such as sketching the posters to creating the actual posters.

When it comes to achieving my goal, I was pretty pleased with my outcome. Here’s an extract from my Personal Project Report, where I reflected on my achievement:

“Overall I am pretty happy with the results of my final products (Appendix F). I am impressed with the fact that I actually managed to complete them, and I think the overall reaction to the posters were good, as seen at the personal project exhibition. In terms of the TSC I developed, I think that I hit some of the criteria quite well, such as “4+ posters made” as I ended up creating 5. But for the more specific and complicated criteria, I think for some posters I hit higher than with there other posters. At the exhibition, many of the viewers were impressed with the posters created, and that was one of my main criteria. Often the more popular posters were the ones that the viewers watched, and so that helped show me that I had designed the poster well, and that it portrayed the episode well. For those who had watched the episode, many times they would point to the poster and mention about how they love that episode and that TV show. For those who did not know the TV shows, they seemed interested in the posters by exclaiming that they were really well done, and I recall one person having a fright when one of my posters were presented on the computer, which was one of the emotions I wanted to portray in some of my posters. All the posters were related to the episode, and I think that they did not spoil the episode. There was one poster however, the Almost Human one, that I feel did not portray the episode well, and was similar to existing posters because I tried to use Karl Urban to try attract the viewers into watching it. That is a technique often used in movie posters, as famous actors or actresses encourage the viewers to watch the movie. I think with a couple of posters it was easy to understand, but also with the Almost Human poster it was hard to tell what the TV show or the episode was about. With the other posters, it was easy to understand what the general plot or story of the TV show or episode was, as the images were more precise. But I think overall, the posters hit the high points on the TSC I had created.”

As for reflecting, looking back on the project, I’m glad that I was able to do it as it helped me enhance my creativity skills, seen through various pages in the yearbook, but also helped prepare me for the IB, especially in terms of the Extended Essay, as this was also a project that was done over a prolonged period of time. At the time of completing the Personal Project, this is what the project meant to me:

The impact of this project was perhaps not big on the community, but it was mainly on me. But that is what initiated when I chose my global context, as I wanted to  focus on my and improving my skills. When doing this project it helped me realise the potential that I had for graphic designing. But the general project itself also impacted me. It helped to keep on striving throughout the ten months, while at times I just wanted to stop working on it, the project helped me learn to keep on working for a long time. Something I did not expect to learn from this project was to know when to take breaks. While this was a very long project in which I had to slowly keep on working on throughout time, this project made me realise that at times, my mental health is more important than trying to complete a project in a specific amount of time. My personal project helped me realise how graphic designers think, and more specifically, how those who design movie posters think. At times, some movie posters do not have a lot of thought put into them, because the money for the movie is used for other factors. Creating the posters made me realise the struggle that designers might potentially have to go through.

For more evidence of the Personal Project, please see here for my Personal Project Report.