Goals for 2012


I want to work on balanced.


I want to work on being quite, and hard working without the teacher shouting at me or something.  Also being balanced, meaning not always on the computer, or when I am on the computer concentrating on the work, and the work only. I think I can improve this by trying to stay quite, by not sitting around friends that I’ll naturally talk to. Perhaps also just keeping to my own work, not looking at other people’s will help me too.


We shall be mindful of the needs and rights of others. This is something else I want to work on. Like above, I can often make a conversation across the room, and knowing my experiences with that, it can be quite annoying, and will disrupt everyone else’s working. What I need to do is just stop talking, and laughing loudly a lot, and try realise that this might be annoying the others. Another value I want to work on is we shall be responsible in our actions. This is slightly like the other value I chose, except this is about my actions harming other people, and also me. With my actions I could harm people’s concentration and work, and I don’t want to do that to people, so what I could do to work on this is calm down, and remind myself that whatever I do, might disturb people.