Music Performance Reflection

I had just performed my song to the class, and I did pretty well except for one of the chords in which I played the completely wrong one. Looking back on my weekly videos, those were originally for a different piece to what I played for my final. But I still think that the warm ups helped with me just playing the piano in general, as they helped my brain and fingers move and get ready to playing the piano. I think the performance went well, as I had practiced a lot throughout the week to the point where I had been using sheet music, but mainly was just focusing on my hands and where to place them. The mistakes weren’t bad, I just think that when I play in front of people my nerves get the better of me, and then I find it hard to remember where exactly I have to place my hands, resulting in some incorrect chords. But I think that when I made mistakes, I tried not to let it show and just carried on. Overall I think that I did pretty well though, and my practice journals show this.

Music Variations-Mary Had A Little Lamb

In music class we had to create different variations for songs. Each person had to do 4 variations each, working in pairs (so a total of 8). I worked by myself as there was an odd amount of people. The song I chose was Mary Had A Little Lamb.


Variation #1 (Adding a baseline)

Variation #2 (Making a couple of changes to the original melody by changing the melody)

Variation #3 (Changing the key and rhythm)

Variation #4 (Changing the melody, and rhythm)

The first variation was adding a baseline to the original song. I did this first because it was an easy variation for me to do, and it makes the piece more interesting. The baseline was simple, just an arpeggio that worked with the notes. The next variation was also quite simple, with no base line, but just adding different notes in the melody. Only adding notes when in the original piece the pitch was the same. The next variation was something I found by mistake. I pressed two notes together on the piano, and I found that it made an interesting tone and sound, but was able to play Mary Had a Little Lamb. So from that I just played the melody. The first 3 variations were just found by me playing around on the piano, but I wasn’t sure about how I was going to able to make the last variation. So I put the original song into Noteflight and then just played around with the rhythms and the melodies.