Global Warming-Voice Thread

What can you do to stop climate change?

I think that it’s impossible to stop climate change, because it’s natural, but I think it’s possible to at least slow down climate change.

Because humans produce lots of carbon dioxide, and that helps heat up the world. If humans stopped using so much carbon dioxide, the raising climate would slow down. Humans can stop using so much carbon dioxide from going into their car and driving as much. Also if humans would stop cutting down lots of trees, and planting more, the trees would take the carbon dioxide, and releases oxygen, helping us.

Reflection on Child Labor

Emily and Markus from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

What would you improve about your presentation?

I would liked to have explained more, or maybe had made it a little bit less dramatic. Perhaps more questions would’ve been good.

Would you ask any other questions or bring up any other arguments?

Yes I would ask other questions, because I feel that we didn’t explain several things that could’ve been explained. I was also cut off on one of the questions, but I don’t think people noticed. Maybe if we explained more about the punishments, or how and where I lived. I feel that, that info was really needed looking at the other people’s presentations.

When you watch the video, do you think you were persuasive? Why were you able to persuade the audience (language, tone, evidence?)

I don’t think I was that persuasive, I had paused several times to make a dramatic effect. My language and evidence was good (I think) but my tone was a high pitch, but I’m not sure if it sounded like I was scared, which is what I wanted to go for. My evidence made sense, and they were used correctly in context.

Please include a link to at least two of the primary sources you used to get your evidence. What do you think was the advantage of using primary sources? (sources written at the time of the Industrial Revolution).

Primary sources are good, because you get the information straight from the resource, because if you use secondary sources the information might be slightly changed, or not as correct as primary sources.

Part 2:

In 2-3 sentences explain the argument for child labor in the Industrial Revolution.

Child labor is good, because it’s cheaper for the factory owners, and also because the fingers are small and nimble. Another thing that’s good is that the kids get education. Not the writing/reading education, but the education is working the machines and such, so in the future, they can open their own factory, and know how the machinery works.

In 2-3 sentences explain the argument against child labor in the Industrial Revolution.

Child labor shouldn’t be allowed because of the punishments they get. Several of these punishments include getting whipped, or even including sexual abuse. Getting whipped includes in breaking the skin, and then the dust from all the machines get in, so the skin becomes effected. Some other things that happens to the body is loss of fingers, hair, toes, as well as hard times breathing and such. This happens because of the machines, when kids are fixing the working machines, machines will cut off the fingers/toes, and take the hair. Also they’re so dusty all the dust goes into their lungs.

Do you think England would have industrialized as quickly without child labor? Why or or why not?

I think not, because everything happens for a reason. So if it didn’t happen it probably take longer. Perhaps it would’ve made it longer because since the children were cheap. If they didn’t use children, people would’ve gone broke, and people wouldn’t have been able to make more things.


Man or Machine?

Answer the question: Man or Machine?

I would say man because people (man) understand feelings and emotions while machines don’t have those. Man because we know more things than machines do, nachies only know things because men put knowledge into machine don’t learn.

List all the machines you have used in the last 24 hours.

Computer, TV, computer recharger, phone, iPod, fridge, lights, toothbrush, tap, toilet, earphones,

Is art more or less important than machines?  Explain your answer.

It’s less important because if you focus more on art, you could have a really nice computer, but it doesn’t work. Once you’ve got the technology than you can focus art, and thinking about how to make it pretty.

Chose the top 3 machines that you couldn’t live without.  Justify your answer.




List three jobs that are done by machines that used to be done by humans.

Now we have buldozers, but before man themselves have to crush the buildings themselves.

Electric sharpner, but before we had to sharpen ourselves

and lastly cooking, we have machines that  can cook, for example rice.

What do you think life would be like working in a factory in a developed nation (ex. Japan/US/UK)?

I think it wouldn’t be as bad as working in a developing country because we could control the heat, or the machines would be faster, meaning that the work could go faster.

What do you think life would be like working in a factory in a developing country (ex. Mexico, Indonesia, Sri Lanka)

I think it would be pretty bad because the machines could get broken easily, meaning that you would have to fix the machine yourself, and it could get really hot, and you wouldn’t have the air conditioners and stuff.




What are the advantages of using machines?

We can get work done faster, and have fun using machines.  Also that if you’re working, it could help with you’re mistakes, for example misspelling things.

What are the disadvantages of using machines?

It takes electricity, which could add to your bills, and kids don’t go out and play as they used to, they’re stuck to technology inside. Also, we  don’t get knowledge ourselves, we just use technology to find out things, for example math equations, or how to spell things.

Spain and The Philippines

My presentation. Sadly it doesn’t have sound. Sorry 🙁

How do historical empires still effect us today?
Historical empires still effect us today, because our religion, and language is influenced by some of the huge empires. The universal language is English, because the U.K conquered large parts of the world. Christianity is known all-over the world because the Roman empire had spread Christianity around their empire. Many people around the world go to places that had

Empires Reflection

What happens when one country controls another?

When one country controls another things spread to the other country. For example China had colonized Japan and Korea and they

brought the Chinese language, and in Japan it turned into kanji, and Korea changed the language with familiar shapes. Also, in Japan, some of the food is originally from China, such as ramen, or soba.  In Korea a long time ago, people spoke Japanese as well as Korean, because Japan had colonized Korea. It’s similar with the Romans, French for example is close to the roman language, just changed over the years. Rome was is well known as they had conquered a large part of  Europe, whereas the Chinese empire or the Japanese isn’t as well known.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an empire?

The advantage of being an empire getting lots of gold, like the Romans did, and they used the gold to help their architecture, but then also to bribe soldiers to stay loyal to the emperor. And yet, having lots of gold is bad, because then you think you have unlimited gold, and keep on spending it, until they have no more, and the

empire falls. It’s the same with power, people are loyal to you, but then like the Japanese empire, they think you can do anything, like go against war with a country much larger, for example Japan verses America, and then Japan lost.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a colony?

The advantages of being a colony is that you’re protected if there’s war, and also that you learn new cultures and food. For example the Chinese showed the Japanese and the Koreans the language, and they took it and made it slightly different. The bad thing though is that your country might disappear, or your territory gets smaller. Also, you get your will taken away, and your money as well.