Refrigerator Reflection

So for science class we had to do a voicethread presentation on an electric device, and I chose the refrigirator.

I think overall I did well with my voicethread, but my time-management was bad, bringing down most of the work for the last 2 days. But I think I made good points, and my research was good. What I’m afraid is that my voicethread wasn’t long enough, but hopefully it had good information, so it wouldn’t be that bad. My slides itself was kind of boring, because there are only pictures of refrigerators.

Element Poster Reflection

My Beryllium Poster

This assignment was assessed against the one world criteria. How does your poster show this skill?

Because my poster shows the problems with the element, which is beryllium. The information was relevant, and it showed how it helps in our lives. It  explains what beryllium is, what it looks like.

This assignment was assessed against the communication criteria. How does your poster show this skill?

Because it shows pictures of what beryllium looks like in it’s pure form, but also in it’s other forms. The sentences make sense, and includes all the references on the back.

What was the most challenging thing in completing this project? 

Oddly it was the time management that was the problem for me, because I left my poster to the day before, and I got home later than usual, so I had to rush everything.

Have a look at some of the other posters, which element would you choose if you had to do this assignment again – give a reason for your choice.

I think I still would’ve chosen beryllium, because I didn’t know anything about beryllium before, but now I realise it’s all around me, and it wasn’t one of the hardest elements to chose, it was just alright for me.

Investigating Mining

Which parts of criteria D and E were you most successful at demonstrating in the assessment?

I think that my procedure was detailed. My graph and tables were pretty good and detailed.
Which parts could you have improved on?

I have to improve on my conclusions, and adding the safety part in as well. I need to improve in my conclutions by adding more details, and just answering the question, instead of just slightly avoiding it.

Breast Cancer

So for science we had to work on a disease and I chose breast cancer.

I am really proud of my research and my essay. I’m proud of these because I found it hard in the beginning to find out the political, social, cultural, and the environmental information, but then in the end I was able to find lots of information.

What was hard was my essay, because to get all the information from dot points into full sentences, and being able to connect them. Also editing my essay was hard and annoying.

I think that working by myself is better than taking notes when the teacher is working, because it’s hard to multi-task when the teachers talk and taking notes at the same time. Working by yourself means you can take your time, your own pace. So I hope that in the future we can work on out own. 😀

So here is my speech 🙂


Emily De Ruyver



December 7 2011

Breast Cancer

Words: 719

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that effects the breast of both male and female. However the disease is far more frequent in women. Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women, but not for men. 1 in 35 women die from this every year, about 40,000 worldwide. 1 in 8 will be effected by this disease.

There are many symptoms for breast cancer but not all of them prove you have the disease for sure. A lump in the breast is fairly common, but does not always mean breast cancer. Change of nipple is also a sign of breast cancer, where the nipple becomes irregular shaped. The nipple also may have a blood stain, or a rash may appear on or around the nipple. Swelling or a lump in the armpit is another symptom. These are all signs of breast cancer.

Breast cancer happens in many places in the body. It happens in the lymph nodes, for example under the arm, close to the center of the rib cage, and near the collarbone. It appears in muscle, fatty tissue and skin, usually close to where the tumor is, like the muscle of the chest wall. The illness also occurs in bones, like ribs, spine, pelvis, long bones of the arm and legs. Breast cancer can effect bone health, because it goes into the bone marrow which is the flexible tissue inside the bone. Then the bone starts to weaken, and might even break. Breast cancer also spreads to the lungs and liver, because of the blood streams that go there. When the cancer spreads to the lungs, breathing gets shorter because a tumor is growing in the air pipe. Overall, the places that cancer may spread to are lymph nodes, muscle, fatty tissue, skin, bones, lungs and liver.

Breast cancer is treated by various types of therapies and surgeries. First, people usually go through surgery. There are different kinds: lumpectomy surgery, where only the tumor is removed; simple/total mastectomy, where surgeons remove the entire breast that has cancer; and modified radical mastectomy, where they remove the entire breast including the underarm lymph nodes. There are also different kinds of therapy: radiation therapy, where surgeons use radiation to get rid of the cancer; chemotherapy where chemicals are used to kill cancer. Chemotherapy has side effects, including nausea and fatigue; antihormonal therapy, where drugs are used to stop the hormones from working and going through the normal routines. Because of these treatments, people are more likely to survive, but even so, people can still die.

Culture and society play an important role in educating people about breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness month is an effort to let people know more about the illness, and for scientists to find more information about the disease, as we still do not know why it happens. Pink ribbon is the universal sign for breast cancer. Pink, because it shows even if your breast gets taken away, you are still a woman. Pink ribbon is often seen during October, because that is the breast cancer awareness month. During that month many activities and events happen. For example, in various countries there are races or walks which raise money for research on breast cancer. Also many buildings around the world are lit up pink, for example the Tokyo Tower and Botanical Garden of Curitiba. There are also pink days, where employees wear pink clothing or accessories, and money is raised. The National Football League (NFL) also participates in this, by putting pink on their advertisments, website, and by even wearing pink gloves. This is all for women’s breast cancer. While for men, they do not have that many charities, because men breast cancer is rare. But in 2009 charity groups for men breast cancer, such as Out of the Shadow of Pink and A Man’s Pink, got together and declared the third week of October as “Male Breast Cancer Week.” Many people all over the world, both culturally and socially, are trying to find out and stop breast cancer, no matter what gender.

Breast cancer has killed many women, and also men, but people are trying to put a stop to this. Hopefully some day breast cancer will be stopped, or at least science will find out why breast cancer is caused.



Science Project-Carrots

How long did you spend altogether on this assignment?
I spent maybe around 3 hours and a half. I mostly probably used most of the time for the presentation.
List some things that you have learned about food and digestion from completing this assignment.
I learnt that carrots has no fat at all, and glucose, but not a lot. I also learnt that when digesting, in the ileum, the sugar particles, vitamins and minerals are absorbed.
What about the assessment are you especially proud of?
I’m really proud of the keynote presentation, because it’s simple but then you actually learn some things from it.
What about the assessment would you do differently if you did it again?
I would make it more interesting with pictures and such. Maybe also showing the test tubes and such.

Water Rocket

Apollo 20 Takes Off!

In science we have been learning about space, so for our project we had to make a water rocket.

Aim-To see how far each rocket can go, due to the air pressure.

Water rockets work due to air pressure. You put 200 ml of water in it, but one of those squirting caps on it, and then place it on the water-rocket launcher. Then pump the pump (haha) and then press the lever, and off you go!

Prediction: I think group 2 will win because the top is pointed, and looks more stable then the other group.

1.We had 3 water bottles, 1 foam sheet, some hard cardboard paper thing and duct tape. First we made 4 fins out of the foam sheet by making one in the beginning, and then cutting it with a utility knife,(cutter knife) and then tracing that one 3 times and cutting those ones. While someone is cutting it we put tape around the fins so it would become smooth. Then we put 2 pieces of tape the fin, and stuck it to the bottom of the round water bottle (we had 1 round one and 2 squared ones.)

2. Then cut the bottom half of the squared water bottle (be careful) and then tape that to the bottle cap part, since the water will be coming out of that.

3. Then cut the other squared water bottle, the top part, and tape that to the top of the water bottle, the rounded one, to make the top pointed.

4.Then tape the cardboard paper to the top, and make a circle to stick for the lid on the top.

Results are on the top, as well as the pictures! (Thank you Kate for making this google doc)

My prediction was correct, group 2 was tied with…. GROUP 1, which is basically my group..Yay! I’m not sure why my group really won though, because the top is flat which makes it go slower, and the bottom was squared, making it harder for the air to go around. But the group 2 tied because they had a pointed top, and their bottom was rounded. But then, group 1’s was really light… I think this was a fair test, because even with the wind and the different hights, with 4 different people are 4 different places it’s quite accurate. But one group didn’t get to shoot theirs because it leaked, but that was their fault. I learnt that the fins on a rocket are usally faced down, because it help the air, and and why it is always put on the bottom.. Because if it wasn’t then the rocket would tip down and fall towards earth.

Overall, this was such a fun experiment!