Reflection on the First Week

What were the biggest changes from MS?

I wasn’t expecting the classes to be all different people, and that it would all be mixed up. Also, having an earlier lunch is great, but having 4 periods in a row is pretty tiring.

What has helped you to transfer to HS smoothly?

I have friends who are in many of my classes, and that really makes me feel comfortable and easy-going.

How are you planning on organising yourself to complete homework tasks this year?

Since I’m doing many activities, especially in the first semester, I have to make sure that I have time to do my homework, and plan out the times.

Any high points (or low points) from this week?

Right now the weather’s really hot and it’s distracting me, and also I feel like i’m not getting enough sleep, as I’m feeling really tired.

Multiple Intelligences-Reflection

1. Describe your top three intelligences. Are they accurate? Give examples of things you do, like or are good at to justify your answer.

My top three is musical, language, and self (which is tied with social.) I feel like this is accurate, because I really enjoy music, and I find rhymes amusing, but easy to remember. I like to whistle, or sing a lot, which is another trait of musical. For language, I like to find out where words originally came from, and often I research different names. For self, I like the peace and quiet, and sometimes I just lie around, focusing on my breathing.

2. Do you use your other five intelligences less than the top three (from question 1)? Are the results of the survey all correct, partially correct or completely wrong? Justify your answer.

Well I do use social often, but then that was tied with self. I sometimes see things logically, but I don’t really use nature, or fitness to help me with learning, so it was mostly correct.

3. Should some intelligences be more important than other intelligences, or are they all of equal importance? Explain and justify your answer.

I believe that they are mostly equal, but logic is really important, because in some situations if you don’t see things through logically, you might take longer, or mess up some how. But then, thinking logically makes people over think, which doesn’t help.


So I was a buddy for the kids from Ishinomaki who came to our school. The girl I took care of was called Misaki and stayed at my house. I learnt a lot about what Misaki went through, and I was surprised to see that she was really positive despite everything. She was living in a  for around a week with her grandma, mum, dad, and her 2 little brothers. They only had one bottle of water a day, to share with the entire family. But she said the sky was beautiful with lots and lots of stars, because there was no electricity. Her school on the first floor was up to 1 meter, which may not seem much but if you think about it, it’s pretty big. And yet she never seemed to be bothered talking about these things, she was really humble and kind. I hope this was a good experience for her and that I will see her again 😀

Field Studies Reflection

What did I enjoy?
I enjoyed the canoeing,  because I was with my friends and we were singing random songs like Justin Bieber (who I totally hate) and just kind of joking around and having fun. Also the hot air balloon was fun, because it’s just an experience that I never probably won’t do again.What did I do well?
Living, breathing, blinking, seeing, having fun, touching, tasting, smelling, hearing.

What challenges did I face?
River cleaning defiantly was the hardest, when we had to cross the river, everyone was relaying on everyone else.

How did I grow?
I grew a centimeter probably.. LOL I’m kidding, I grew by not always relaying on my mum, but by doing things by my self.

What challenge will you set for yourself for this year’s FS?
I will try my best in all the activites, and have fun 🙂

Why is FS important?
Because it’s a fun way for children to learn about things, and just to learn how to live without relaying on your parents.

7 Rules of WildMind (Free writing)~Natalie Goldberg

  1. Keep your hand moving (if you get stuck 1.go back to the beginning. 2.Repeat the last thing until something new comes  to mind.
  2. Lose control*except keep your appropriate for school filter ON
  3. Be specific.  For example, the shiny black car with neon lights that seemed to change colour every 5 seconds.
  4. Don’t think
  5. Don’t worry about spelling, grammer, or punctuation.
  6. You are free to write the worst junk in the universe.
  7. Go for the jugular Go for the kill. (If you fell like you are not really saying anything, and you want to get deeper. Try writing “what i really want to say is…” and then keep going.)

I wrote really deep, from things that happen to me. But I found it really hard not to add any punctuation, and not to press the delete button, which i did all the time.