Book Trailer – The Blood of Olympus

One of the books I had read that I recommend is the final book in the “The Heroes of Olympus” series by Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus. After reading the first Percy Jackson series, and this series, I’m sad to see it go, because I have always been a fan of Rick Riordan since I was a child, and his greek/roman mythology stories are always going to be my favourites. While there are some factors that I am a little annoyed with, I’m pleasantly surprised at how nice the ending is, and I can gladly admit that I did shed a few tears at the end of it.

For those who don’t know, this is a second series to the Percy Jackson series. Each of these series have 5 books in them, and if you’re going to start reading books by Rick Riordan, I recommend starting with The Lightning Thief, and working your way through the greek mythology books to this one. It’s a story full of action and adventure, with heartfelt moments about difficulty with family and love. While certain parts can be cliche, I continue to always enjoy Rick Riordan’s writing style, and can’t wait to see some more of his work.



The trailer that I made for this book can be seen here:

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Kindergarten Visit

The kindergarten visit was really cute. First Mrs. Brown read one of the books about support, which is what we were teaching the kindergarteners. Then we partnered off. I went off with my partner into the loft, which I could barely read. The kid had obviously read the book before, as he raced through it. We then proceeded to go make a puzzle (which I had trouble doing.) It took a long time to do but it was pretty enjoyable. Then we played this twister-like game about learning the continents. I spun the wheel while the boy and his sonic toy played. It was pretty cute. Then we had to leave but it was lots of fun.

Reflection on Book Trailer Criteria

1. How many criteria do you think it is useful to have?  Why?  Can you have too many or too few?

I think 10-20 criteria is okay. It can’t hurt to have too many criteria, but it would be hard to be able to do every single one, and also that it would get kind of confusing.

2. Which of the criteria the class came up with do you think is the most important?  Why?

I think that all of them are equally important. You need all of them.
3. Do you feel that the class left out any really important criteria? What ones?

I don’t think the class left out anything.
4. Do you think the process we used (research, small group agreement, then whole class agreement) is a good way to develop criteria – why or why not?

I think it’s a good way, because if we all did it in the sametime, it would get extremely confusing, loud, and disorganized.


1.  Which applications do you think will be best to create a trailer?  Why?
iMovie. I think iMovie is good, because it’s simple, and the effects is pretty neat. It seems to be made to make this kind of stuff.
2.  Which applications do you think will be the least useful for creating a book trailer?  Why?
Perhaps quicktime, because it’s made to do recording and such, and we don’t need to use that kind of stuff.
3.  Do you already feel confident about using the application?  If not how much will you need to learn?
Pretty much. I don’t use iMovie that much, and with a little help I’ll be able to use it. I use it sometimes, but sometimes I forget how to use it.
4.  Do you think it makes more sense to choose an application and then start designing, or to design your trailer first and then choose an application to make it?  Explain.
I think it makes sense to choose an application and start designing, because you could play around with the things on that app. If you design first, you might not know how to use somethings, or realize that you can’t do that on the app.

Why is it so easy to be mean?

I think it’s easy to mean, because when people are mean, they often think that people aren’t going to challenge them. Everyone one of us has been mean at least once, and it’s hard to explain the feeling you get whenever you are mean. But usually after, you feel kind of guilty. It makes you feel powerful, and that usually is a feeling people like. Compared to being nice, it a whole lot different. If you’re being nice to someone, it makes them feel like everyone cares for them, making them feel powerful, and they could kick you down. While being mean people wouldn’t try be mean back to you….Explaining thing question is pretty tricky…