Grade 6

Goal 1: I want to get higher scores for math tests.

Did I succeed? Yes, I actually did. For the final math exam, I got a way better score than I did before, since knowledge was out of eight, and patterns were also out of eight, and I nearly got there! Communication was out of 6 and I made it! Yay! 😀

Goal 2: To finish my pages for Chowa

Did I succeed? Well, kind of. I finished the part I was supposed to finish, so yes. I also got to interview some people about places they liked, and we took photos.

Goal 3: To get better scores for P.E

Did I succeed? I did! In this P.E we did gymnastics, and I got a pretty good score. Except for creativity, but that’s alright, I was more concerned about my score for doing P.E. Also, I never did the Japanese vault before, and I didn’t practice it and then I had to preform in front of everyone, and I made it! Except I hit my leg on it, and got a huge bruise, but that’s alright!

Things I’m proud of:

Flower Prints By: Emily

This is my flower print we did in art. I’m really proud of it because I was a week later than everyone else, because I was in Belgium, and I finished it on time!

I’m also proud of this poem I made in drama, for a presentation.


Tell me, what is so bad about friendship?

You’re stuck to each other’s hip,

they’re there when you cry,

they praise you when you hit a bull’s eye!

You might fight

but we’re totally tight.

Nothing can pull us apart

because we’re best friends form the start!

Best friend forever

no more betrayer

I’ll stuck by you,

even in an igloo

you’ll stuck by me

when we’re by the sea

or when we have to leave

I’ll still believe

You’re my best friend ever!

I’m proud of this poem, because it tells a lot about me, and my friends. Also, that I was able to think of a poem in such a time, while everyone else just looked on the internet.

6C Final Dance Game from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

I’m really proud of this, because we thought of this on the day it was due! Many thanks to Kate, and Iruka for thinking of the robot part, and thank you soo much to Mrs.Erickson, who helped May and I with our moves!

I’m also really with some of my blogs posts, such as my Reflection on Silk Road, and my Investigate Reflection, for the first project in technology. I’m happy with these, because I wrote a lot with these, and I thought a lot, and with the investigate reflection, I did keep what I wrote, so I’m pretty happy with that, because even now, I’ll still what I like in the beginning of the year.

Overall, I’m really happy that I made all of my goals!


  1. Hi Emily!
    I am in Mallorca, Spain for my summer break. As part of my Masters of Education study (yes I am here on a beautiful island in the mediterranean working!), I am creating a blog for my assignment.
    This inspired me to look at other people’s blogs to see what they look like and I found your blog as part of Mrs Cofino’s teaching.
    Hope you are well and say hi to your family from me.
    Ms Catasti xx

  2. Emily, What a great learning tool. I am sure you are enjoying learning with technology much more than the traditional way. You should thank your teacher for helping you have this experience.

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