Canada is its own Country!! -Molson Advertisement

Context and Content:

This advertisement is for a beer company named Molson Brewery. Molson Brewery is a Canadian beer brewery which originated in Montreal. This video was broadcasted on Canadian TV around 1994-1998 and was shown to the whole country. This commercial uses different camera techniques and editing techniques to get the audience engaged into the advert. Through using a persuasive speech along with the energising music, the video grabs the viewers attention and persuades the audience to purchase the beer. It is shown through a nationalistic perspective and is trying to challenging the stereotype of Canadians. The mood begins slow and calm but as the man starts talking about Canada, he starts to speak louder with more of a persuasive tone. The music begins to get louder which causes the overall mood to become more lively. 

Target audience:

The main target audience for this advert is all Canadian but may also be targeted towards people who think Canadians and Americans are the same. The advertisement targets both genders, all ages and people within all the social status. The man talking is uniting the citizens of Canada into one by mentioning everything good about the country. This advert could also be towards people who believe that Canada and America are identical. The video is trying to differentiate and clarify that Canada is its own country and is very different from The United States. Even though this video is trying to convince non-Canadians, majority of the viewers are Canadian as it is broadcasted on national TV. 

Language and Stereotype:

The man in the video is addressing, in the beginning, all the stereotypes of Canada which are not true. Some of the examples he mentions are that Canadians are not lumberjacks nor a fur trader, also that he does not own a dogsled. These are common stereotypes which the world sees them as. He then goes on to give reasoning to how Canada and America are different countries. For example “I believe in peacekeeping not policing”. Countries outside of North America, tend to group them into one as they both speak English and may have a similar appearance. Towards the end, he explains his nationalistic view that Canada is the best country in North America. He mentions that Canada is the number one country in hockey and is the second biggest country. Throughout the whole speech by the man, he uses “I” to represent the country. This is because Molson has decided to have him speak in the behalf to persuade the audience. By having one man, it is easier for the viewer to relate to him which indirectly is a representation of Canada. 


Molson Brewery has successfully made an advert to the Canadian audience by taking a nationalistic direction. By doing this, the audience becomes prideful of their country and connects the country Canada to the beer that they are selling. If you drink Molson beer, you are Canadian. They may also be persuading the consumers to purchase their product as they are challenging the Canadian stereotype. People may start buying it as they believe Molson is taking a leadership to protest against the commonality of United States and Canada. Canada is its own country and don’t think otherwise! 

Media Fair Reflection

The grade 10 english class hosted a media fair on the 4th of June in Mr.Kew and Ms.Cox rooms. Each of the English classes were divided into two, where one would walk around to spectate the other halfs booths. The students booths consisted of a poster and some students used computers to show the videos of which they analysed. All of the students were assigned to pick a topic of their interest which preferably is controversial. The overall purpose of this Media Fair was to show how different media sources could change the perspective on a certain topic.

The bipolar disorder poster was made by Yuu in Ms.Cox’s class. She made a poster on the topic of bipolar disorder and how different media’s portray this disorder. The 5 different types of media which she used was a blog, video, article, cartoon and a photo. The video she used was of a documentary of the experiences of Demi Lovato, a famous hollywood star. She went through the disorder and struggled with it. The blog was a tumblr page where they wrote down their thoughts everyday, somewhat like a journal. Something interesting she mentioned was that she believes that different media reflects a different perspective of the topic. Lastly the most interesting thing she talked about was how the color blue represents trust and freedom but also at the same time represents sadness. This is the reason why sometimes there is a blue light shining in the train station; to avoid suicides.  


This poster was made by Jake in Ms.Cox’s class. He made a poster on the way media portrays Jordans, a shoe company which is known for its luxury. The types of media which was used were a movie, article, commercial, web article and a music video. Michael Jordan, the founder of Jordans, created a movie named Space Jam to increase the sales for the shoes. Though these shoes were made only for men, recently Jordan has made women Jordans which was shown in the music video of Nicki Minaj. Lastly the commercial portrayed the shoes as though if you wore them you could fly. This message is false and is a advertisement technique. Depending on the media, the way Jordans are shown differs greatly. Some portray them as luxurious and positive but others were looked down upon as too expensive.


This poster was made by Alex in Mr.Kew’s class. His poster was about the different perspectives on nuclear power plants depending on the country. The types of media types he used was a blog entry, political cartoon, PSA and a video from the news. One key point he spoke about is that depending on the country, the perspective is very different. For example Japan, after the Tohoku incident occurred, the perspective on nuclear power plants changed drastically to negative. This is mainly because Japan is scared the incident would happen again. The reason why he picked a political cartoon was because he believed cartoons enabled you to relate better to the image. Alex did a very good job to find very different sources from different countries and different ethical backgrounds. Some where from Asia, Europe and Americas.


The Other Side of Brazil’s World Cup

The Other Side of Brazil’s World Cup:

This documentary is about the truth of what was happening in the favela’s and the streets of Rio during the preparation for the 2014 world cup. There are protesters on the street violently raising their voice about how Brazil is not ready to host the world up. Brazil has spent billions of dollars to build the stadium, increase the security and to improve infrastructure which is rather improvements for the rich in the country. Rather than spending this great amount of money on this event, the money should have been spent building hospitals, shelter and education for the people in need. The citizens of Rio are getting their rights violated by being surveillanced 24 hours a day and having the police force supervise the favelas as well.

The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau


The City of Ember, written by Jeanne DuPrau is about an underground city which was created to save the human race. Two hundred years later, the food is starting to run out, the generator for the lights are malfunctioning and all the resources are about to run out. The protagonists, Lina and Doon discover an old message and they start to wonder if it is possible to leave the underground city. They need to decode the message and tell the city before the lights of the city die out. Will they be able to do it?

New “Design” Criteria/Goal Setting

Criteria A: Inquiring and Analysing

In this criteria we explain and state the need for a solution to the problem. We then construct gather information by both primary and secondary sources to help us create the solution. Then we research existing products similar to what we are planning to make. Lastly we make a design brief to show an analysis of the research we have done . One challenge I think I will encounter is creating a design brief. I believe it is hard to sum up the research into one section.

Criteria B: Developing Ideas

In this criteria we first create design specifications which will tell us what the requirements are and what we want in the product according to the research. We then create feasible design ideas which where we will pick one which fits the design specifications the best. Then we create diagrams/drawings of the chosen design. I believe the challenge I am going to face with this criteria is drawing the diagram and matching the chosen design with the specifications.

Criteria C: Creating the Solution

In this criteria we create a plan which peers can follow to make the solution which they have made. They also follow the plan to make their solution. We demonstrate excellent technical skills when making the solution. We fully explain the changes we have made over the creation phase. One problem I believe I will face is following the plan and making the solution on the dates I have chosen.

Criteria D: Evaluating

In this criteria we create a test to test the product if it follows the design specifications we have created. We the evaluate the success of the solution based on the authentic product testing. Then we explain how the solution could be improved. Lastly we explain the impact of the product to the client/target audience. I believe my challenge is to create a testing method which will give me clear feed back on the product.

3 Educational Games

During our recent class we were assigned to research and look through the scratch website. On the page, there were a lot of games that people had created and made public to show others. The task was for us to find 3 games that were educational. Two of the game that I found was Math related, the other was related to English/German.

Game one:

This games is called Math works. It was mainly based on word questions. I believe it would be too hard to get first graders to answer a word question but the idea of using a answer bar is good. I am considering using a answer bar. It will also help them to type.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.37.48 PM


Game two: 

This second game is called “Learning basic English or German”. The one thing that I really liked about this is that it was simple. We were supposed to find games but this is not a game. I decided to add this one because I believe the idea itself is smart. I believe you could make a game after the text. That way you are able to test the student after reading what each translation is.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.42.14 PM


Game three:

This game was based also on math. This was practicing addition. It is a little similar to the first math game because it has a answer bar. The fish in the game asks you a question and all you need to do is put the answer to the question in the answer bar. This is actually a simple and very well made game that I believe I could use in my game. Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 8.34.27 PM

First Semester

Overall looking back at how first semester was I can say that it was not too bad but neither was it good. One aspect that was important about this semester was that it was the first high school semester. This meant that we were still just getting settled into high school. The amount of homework rose and I believe this was the largest area I was struggling with. Knowing this, for semester two I believe I should take all the mistakes I went through and improve upon it for the second semester. As well as the negatives, also taking the positives and doing them in the second semester is good.

Value Visits

During the first semester we went to KB, a kindergarden class to interact and socialise with the kids there. We once read a story to them and the other time we selected a book to read to them. I choose a book about Tacos. I decided this one because when I was small I remember reading it. After reading them a book we usually had time to play a quick board game. In my opinion I think it is great that we are able to go down to the kindergarden classes to interact with small kids. As a small child, I remember how amazing it was to talk with someone older than you. Now that I can give what I thought was cool to younger kids is great. I can not wait till the next we go down there.

Math Lesson of Coding

During our math class today we were introduced coding after watching a video about the world and coding. I decided to do This webpage was very helpful as it taught you step by step to make something. On the site, the purpose was to make a name which bounces up and down. I learnt a lot about coding and I was a good tutorial for beginners. I am very interested in continuing  coding and try to teach myself coding. I also believe YIS should have coding classes as it is a useful aspect for the future.


 Mr.Hamada’s Blog

Universal Reflection for English

For this unit we were questioned “ How important is language in the use or abuse of power?”. I think the use of language is very important for the use or abuse of power. If you are able to use your language well and be able to make people believe in what you are saying, you will be able achieve power. Language is a powerful source. Saying and using the language can even brainwash or manipulate people into believing in things that possibly isn’t right. This was shown very clearly after reading Animal Farm. In Animal Farm some of the pigs, by using knowledge and language were able to brainwash the animals with fewer knowledge. The sheeps and the other animals were doing things for the pigs as what people can call slaves. But the other animals thought it was the right thing to do. They were persuaded that everything that is happening in the animal farm is better than it was when Mr. Jones was in power.

For this unit as I said, we read Animal Farm. Animal Farm is an allegory of what happened in the Russian Revolution. Instead of using actual humans, George Orwell (the author) used animals to demonstrate what happened. As one of our assignments for this unit we were assigned to write a news article of the “Battle of the cowshed”. We were paired up with somebody and we were both going to write two articles. One was going to write the battle from the pigs point of view and the others from the human’s point of view. We exchanged and we peer edited eachothers articles. The second assignment that were assigned for this unit was to write and present a Rhetorical speech. I found this assignment interesting as reading Animal Farm, both Napoleon and Snowball were really good at giving speeches. The way the presented information and the way they talked to the animals is the way they achieved their power. We practiced using rhetorical devices and we tried to persuade the class about our chosen topic. Besides doing assignments, we watched a TED talk by Jackson Katz. He was talking about how violence against women is a men’s issue. What he said during his speech was that the way we talk about our problems changes. Who we put as the subject really depends on how people see the problem. He was mentioning that language is power and when people with power start standing up for these problems, the problems will decrease.

Over the course of this unit I believe the use of language is the main aspect that I learnt. From both the book and from the TED talk, the way language was presented really affected the way people thought. Making speeches and using these rhetorical devices were another aspect that I learnt. We were playing with rhetorical devices. A little by little, for every class we were analyzing how the pigs were talking to the animals. This really helped to see the changes in how they talked comparing to how the environment was at the farm.

For what I want to learn more about, I want to learn more about the history in the Russian Revolution. I was very interested when we were researching about the history. Another aspect I really want to learn about is improving on giving speeches and more about tricks on how to persuade people. Overall I really enjoyed this unit as it had some history and I also really enjoyed making and listening to people’s speeches.