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“The Medium is the Message” – Marshal McLuhan


How does the medium affect the way an audience perceives information? This was the question we were presented at the beginning of this project. Does the way information is presented influence us differently depending on if we saw it in a television series or saw an ad on a billboard? At the beginning, I thought there was a contrast since a billboard is more obvious than a product appearing on an episode. However I did not consider that surrounding and positioning effects the way information is identified and how the object is presented differently depending on the audience. After researching my own topic, DID (also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder), I was able to realize that the effect is much larger. This disorder was displayed differently even within the same medium.

On the 4th of June 2015 we presented our topics to each other during a Media Fair and I decided to look at 3 different posters, Daniel focused on the band called “iamamiwhoami”, while Jennifer concentrated on same sex marriage and Kate addressed the movie “The Interview.”IMG_3332

iamamiwhoami, which consists of Jonna Lee and Claes Björklund, uploads their audiovisual to YouTube regularly and this is how they built their fan base. Consequentially the band is not very popular, resulting in there not being a lot of information about iamamiwhoami. This forced Daniel to mainly use sources, which were released by the group. Nevertheless he was able to find several video and text sources, for example he found a filmed interview, in which iamamiwhoami is described as very mysterious since the singer Jonna Lee does not reveal a lot of information, because she wants to remain secretive. This caused the answers to at times be incomprehensible or puzzling. Also Daniel found several different text sources, which portrayed the band in different perspectives, such as the texted posted on The Round Table was very negative and included phrases such as “the iamamiwhoami video series has completely failed in carrying out the project”. On the contrary the posts found on the Facebook page dedicated to the fans of iamamiwhoami, are all very positive and mainly target fan, since the page is only viewable to people who pay a regular fee. Furthermore, I found it captivating that Daniel included a video the band had produced and analyzed how they portrayed themselves, which was interesting since the group includes several hidden metaphors and meanings that only a person familiar with the band would understand.same sex marriage

Jennifer focused on same sex marriage, since she felt that the topic has gotten a lot of attention in the past few years, because several celebrities have come out in public. She analyzed several different sources that displayed different opinions on this hot topic. In addition, she looked at different age sources, which allows there to be more variety. Personally the most interesting medium was the video interview, Kids React to Gay Marriage, which showed how children between the age of 5 and 13 reacted to gay and lesbian marriage proposals. I found it fascinating by how different kids reacted to the proposals and how they had been influenced by their parents and their community to think the way they do. I find it amazing how it is now frowned upon when someone is against same sex marriages, since most people follow the opinion presented to them and by celebrities, such as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, openly displaying their thoughts on homosexuals through their music video, people are more in contact with this idea of family. Also it is frustrating how their parents and community swayed their opinions. People should be able to make their own opinion about same sex marriages.

photo 2

Kate also addressed a hot topic, the movie The Interview, which was released in 2014 and could only be seen in cinemas for a limited amount of days due to numerous threats. These uproars caused a lot of publicity about this movie, resulting in mixed reviews such as the review from Cara Nash, which encourages people to go watch the movie even though there has been a lot of controversy about the film. Several articles support the movie claiming its “freedom of speech”, however there are also many articles, which advise to avoid the movie due how the movie displays North Korea and its citizens. On the other hand, Kate also analyzed how Columbia Pictures advertised the film using posters and the trailer. I found it interesting how the poster used Hango of the poster, preventing most of the viewers to be able to read it. Overall I think in order to judge the movie I need to know more information and possibly watch the movie, nevertheless I can see that there are clearly different opinions about the movie and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I found the Media Fair entertaining, since it was interesting to see the interests of others and how their topic was displayed in the different mediums. I would enjoy doing this activity again, however I would have liked more time to look at the posters because I would have liked to learn more about the topics of the other students.

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Physical & Sensory Deprivation


No sight, no hearing, no smell, no taste, no movement and no feeling. Nothing. Can you imagine how it would feel like to live like this? Well, to be honest I hadn’t even thought about such a life, before it was brought up in my English class. It really got me thinking about how people in such a situation would find a way to appreciate their life and actually be happy.

When my teacher brought up that we should try and spend 20 minutes with no physical movement or sensory input, I was eager to try it out. What I hadn’t thought about though was that 20 minutes can feel like hours when you are doing nothing.

So this is how my 20 very long minutes went by:
It already started of horribly I got quite nervous and felt totally uncomfortable just a few minutes after I started it. My pulse had shot to the sky and I just wanted to move and escape from the darkness. Thankfully after so time I was able to calm down and concentrate on the activity at hand. So I started to think about what everyone else in the world would be doing at this moment while I’m lying on the floor, hear, seeing and smelling absolutely nothing, and how life was going on without me. I wanted to talk to someone so badly about what I was thinking about but I couldn’t, I was trapped in my own body.

Gradually my eyes started growing tired and my mind was getting hazy, when I suddenly remembered a book I’d read a while back which was called “Me Before You” by Jojo Koyes. It was about a quadriplegic who didn’t want to live anymore since he felt so useless, so I started wondering about if a person who can’t move feels so horrible how does someone with nothing but their inner self feel, it must be excruciating, How would someone find the will to keep going? I do not know. I would just feel like a useless object lying around, with no purpose in life. No hope, no will to carry on living.

Slowly I started to feel my body urging me to move, but I had to stay still till my alarm rang. Afterwards, I thought about how 20 minutes had been bearable but how would a lifetime of no physical movement or sensory input feel like? It most be horrendous. Don’t you think?

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