Philip Zimbardo is a psychologist who conducted an experiment in 1971 at Stanford University on about a dozen university students. Students were randomly selected a role, either the prison guard or prisoner. The study showed that the students acted under the title or label they were selected. Some of the guards started to become very abusive and aggressive towards the prisoners. While the prisoners started raging and protesting against the guards.

Media Fair

The YIS Media Fair was held at YIS to raise personal interests on a favourable topic to the Grade 10 English class.

Mia’s topic was based on the use and public image of Marijuana. One interesting aspects about this topic was even though that marijuana is considered harmful and wrong in society, well known celebrities and artists promote them freely to the public.


Alex’s topic was about the nuclear power plants and the environmental issues of it. Interestingly, Alex explained how different regions have different perspectives on the idea of nuclear power. Some regions value the energy and money out of nuclear power over the environmental issues.


Jennifer’s topic was based on the legalisation of same sex marriage. In her poster, it was interesting to see that even though religions are often against the idea of it, the idea has become more accepting in today’s culture and society.



Editorial Response

Dear editors of The Express Tribune,

Regarding your article posted on January 15, 2015 “Charlie Hebdo caricatures an attempt to divide people and civilisations: FO”, I believe that Freedom of Expression should not be misused or show any form of  malpractice as means to attack, harm or abuse public sentiments or religious beliefs. The publication of the sacrilegious cartoon on the French magazine has been a demonstration of how the power of freedom of expression was used as a harmful method to attack, described to be a “criminalisation of an act of Islamophobia”. Regardless of the fact that Charlie Hebdo had attacked an idea and not people through their controversial cartoon, it is safe to say that this cartoon has offended many people who support Muslim ways through their legally expressive, but morally incorrect methods. I agree with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation or OIC act to send a letter to the french magazine to seek for a recommended apology but in response, Charlie Hebdo had again abused their power of freedom of speech with a snidely mocking cartoon. I believe that the freedom of speech should still exist as an allowance or right for people to freely express themselves but still be formally considerate towards cultural beliefs and ideas. Because of the happenings of the cartoon and the shooting, it is logical to keep the freedom of expression but criminalise hurtful comments towards cultural religion and beliefs deliberately designed to provoke or harm the ‘common good’.

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“Summoned to attend Mrs Drablow’s funeral in Crythin Gifford, Arthur Kipps, a young solicitor, journeys serenely to her tall, lonely house situated on the bleached salt marsh beyond Nine Lives Causeway. He did not suspect that Eel Marsh House guarded the memories of a pitiful secret, nor did he understand – until it was too late – that the mysterious black-robed woman who inhabited its shuttered rooms exacted a terrible revenge.” – Susan Hill