Perspectives, Biases, and Paradigms

I agree to a great extent to the statement from Talmud, “We see the world, not as it is but as we are.” I believe that no one is able to see the world as it is, because everyone has different perspectives, and there is no one correct answer in seeing the world. All our perspective is shaped from our experiences, so there is no one has the same perspective of the world.

Referring to the Bloom’s Taxonomy, when someone looks at the world, they comprehend and understand what they are looking at by organizing that information into a category. This category may be different in different people, because everyone has a different experience and they create different groupings for their experiences. Then, people apply their personal knowledge that they already know to understand situations. This means that the way people see and understand the world is different because everyone has different personal experiences that will alter the way they perceive the world. So, the way we see the world is not the actual world itself, but we see it through our perspective of the world. That is why everyone will have a difference in how they see the world.