The Power of Media

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” – Jim Morrison

How many types of media can you think of right now? There are so many forms of media today that we don’t even realise they are one. Common forms of media include interviews, TV shows, magazines, blogs (just like this one!), and books, but there are many others that you might not have thought of, such as movies, cartoons, songs, pictures, video games, and advertisements. These media are all intended for various groups of audience, and the way each of these media communicates information to the reader is not exactly the same.

We had a chance to explore different types of media on our favourite topic, and share them with our peers in a media fair. Here are some of the presentations in the media fair…

Katie's Poster on The Guardians of the Galaxy

Katie’s poster on The Guardians of the Galaxy

Katie presented her poster about the movie, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and explained how each of these media investigates the same topic but differently. She focused on several media, such as comic, movie trailer and reviews. Through detailed analysis of each medium, she concluded that although these media talk about one topic, The Guardians of the Galaxy, some present it in a positive way while the others try to draw the reader’s attention to the negatives, that the movie is too similar to another famous movie, Adventurers, for example.

Emily's poster on body image

Emily’s poster on body image

Another eye-catching poster was presented by Emily, who explored a variety of media about body image, such as song (All About That Bass), speech and pictures. While each of her chosen media sends different messages, I thought the speech expresses one of the most fascinating opinion that the term “fat” is not an insult but just a fact. I agree with the speaker of the speech, but I also think that “fat” is almost always considered as just another way of saying ugly, or unattractive. Emily created an interesting contrast between the messages communicated through different forms of media in her presentation.

Sasha's poster on

Sasha’s poster on Into The Woods

Sasha researched on her favourite musical, Into The Woods, and discussed about five different media types, including article, editorial and interview. Based on her critical thinking, she explained that her personal interview with one of the cast members of the play was perhaps biased, because it was from a completely different perspective compared to other people as the actress was playing a role in Into The Woods. Some of her sources depict the play positively, like the personal interview, while the others, such as theatre review convey negative aspects of the play.

Looking at the posters our peers have made, I have learnt that it is extremely important to know what kind of influences the specific type of medium has on the reader when receiving information through any medium.

99% Death

What do you think it would be like to live a life without the five senses? Everything, including colour, music, flower scent, communication, is taken away from your life, and you are left only with your mind in the darkness. To find the answer, I spent 20 minutes at home, lying on the floor with no physical movement or sensory input.

Living a life without five senses is way tougher than you might imagine. When I had my experiment, there was nothing I could do except to think. I felt as if I was shut out from the outer world and trapped inside myself because I could feel nothing at all. A vague terror seized me at not knowing the end of the task, which felt like the longest 20 minutes of my life. There is no one to talk to, no one to help you, and no one to spend time with. You cannot feel the existence of anyone or anything (even of yourself), and there is you, all alone in the endless isolation. You are 99% dead, yet you can still think with your mind, with that 1% left, to keep you alive.

My experiment was only for 20 minutes, however, I could understand some of the things people in the same situation might be feeling. They might be feeling “dead”, although they are still “alive”.

What would your world be like if you suddenly lost all five senses after you fall asleep tonight?