Heineken beeeeer!


Context: Heineken the company which made this advert is a beer company that originated from Holland: a well known  for its green bottle with an red star. The advert was created in 2015 and Heineken beer gives two options to working men, either going back to work or watch the Champions League Soccer game in Barcelona. However, the catch for going to the soccer game is that the individual must ask their boss to come with them to Barcelona at that moment. Not the next day, or a week after: they have to travel to Barcelona at that moment. Throughout the advert the Heineken uses the stereotype of beer being a masculine drink and therefore used men only in their advert. 

Content/text: The advert takes place at a liquor store and the very obvious thing is the placement of the Heineken beer around the liquor store. Heineken beer covers most of the liquor store and you can see it placed in front of the entrance making it the focus point and commanding the attention of customers. Heineken beers are also placed inside the coolers and on shelves. During the advert camera angle switches often, but despite that Heineken beer is constantly in the background. It shows the importance of that product and subconsciously inputting the idea of Heineken beer into our minds.

Target audience: The audience for this advert are working men and soccer fans over the age of 21. Working men were targeted as the audience because in our society we tend to have the mindset that these men drink cold beer after a hard day of work. With Heineken targeting these men, they would subconsciously buy Heineken beer which is exactly the effect the advert intended. Soccer fans over the age of 21 are also targeted. At the end of the advert it says “Grab a pack of Heineken for your chance to watch a match in europe” soccer fans who are over the legal age of drinking would purchase Heineken Beer for a chance to win tickets.

Stereotype: In this advert it uses the stereotype of beer being a masculine drink as there’s no woman shown. One thing that this advert does not include is women. This is because for this advert women are not being targeted due to the stereotype that circulate our society. The first stereotype we face is that beer is for those who are masculine suggesting that only men drink it, and no women. Beer tasting bitter can be the reason why we think only masculine people can handle it, but in fact this is very stereotypical and wrong. Not all women may prefer beer, but there are women who are complete in love with the taste of the beer. Making this advert stereotypical by associating masculinity with beer and only including men, and no women.

Language: My advert being a video consists of mostly dialogue. The dialogue in the advert is a conversation between the participant and his boss. At the last few moments of this advert Heinekens logo comes with a slogan “Open your world” This slogan suits the company because Heineken did ‘open up the world’ to the participants by giving them the opportunity to travel to Barcelona to watch a soccer match. The advert also ends with  “Grab a pack of Heineken for your chance to watch a match in europe”  This start off with “Grab” a monosyllabic world that gives punch start to the statement. Heineken targeting audeince who are men and into sports decided to go with simple and fast word, which can be a representation of people who are athletic. It also includes “your” a personal pronoun making this statement personal and makes people want to buy a pack of Heineken for a chance to watch a match in Europe.

Conclusion: The advert uses the stereotype of beer only being an masculine drink by only including men. But also the advert has helped Heineken beer as a brand to be exposed to the community which essentially was the whole point of the advert to be made. “So what are you waiting for? go get your pack of Heineken!”




Media Fair

The media fair was held in both Mr.Kew and Ms.Cox room during our english period. The media fair was held for us students to present a controversial topic in our current world, and research the different types of media that talked about our issue. This was conducted to learn how to analyse media and media is used to covey the message.

The first poster I looked at was Giulio and he researched about KFC. His 5 choice of media was, poster advertisement, street art, video clip, news article, Tv advertisement, and how each media is used to promote the product or obstruct it. The most interesting type of media that Giulio choose was a street art done by Banksy. Majority of the people for their poster choose the mainstream medias, like advertisement and so on, but Giulio on the other hand choose something that wasn’t mainstream. The street art done by Banksy is going against KFC by showing animal cruelty. This is because KFC chicken is farmed under very harsh condition and through the street art Banksy wanted to covey that message. This is very interesting because not many people would think of using street art as a media to persuade others and it was Giulios interest in Banksy that allowed him to choose street art and be more creative.

The second poster I looked at was Gens and his topic was very interesting being the Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt in the 2006 world cup final. What is already interesting is Gens topic, choosing something thats not many stream, he took his own interest and made it his topic to research. His 5 media that he choose was youtube video, news article, news cast, song, and photography. The discussion we had about this topic was the youtube video that sang about Zidane’s headbutt. The video was both mocking Zidane and also protecting him by making a joke out of it. At first the message was hard to understand, because the tone and the music used for the video was very happy, which got me really confused because for Zidane it was a dark moment. But, as we got to talking we realised that the happy tone was to make a mockery about of the situation kind of giving Zidane support for what he have done. The choice of his media was also interesting considering that not topics are made into songs.

The third poster I looked at was Yongwon’s, who choose climate change as his topic and looked at news, TV ad, new article, graph/article, political cartoon, news report. His topic is about climate change, which is a global crisis we are facing at this moment. The most interesting media that Yongwon choose was a political cartoon, that visualises the crisis helping the audience to understand the topic a lot better. I think cartoon was a great way to communicate the crisis besides graphs because its always good to have images, which are a lot more understandable than complicating terms only understood by specialist.


Dear, editor of The Guardian

Regarding the article “Pope Francis: Freedom of expression has limits” published in January 16, 2015, I agree with what you have written about Pope Francis’s take on freedom of speech. Freedom of speech was created for us humans to be able to express our thoughts, however as stated in the article there are limits to what can be said and what cannot be said. I believe that we can’t use the excuse of freedom of speech to make fun of religion or faith, in this case what Charlie Hebdo did by creating a cartoon of prophet Muhammad. Every religion has a pride they must protect and when that pride is made fun of, that’s the limit for freedom of speech. By Charlie Hebdo creating a cartoon of prophet Muhammad it has provoked and insulted Muslims. I think that power of freedom of speech is with all of us humans, but we can’t abuse this privilege and blast another religion or faith. We must respect the limits to what we can say through freedom of speech, and use this power to speak up for the weak ones or the common good.

Maze Runner Book Trailer



Maze Runner is written by James Dashner and its a story about this boy named Thomas. Thomas is woken up in a elevator left with memory of his own name and nothing else. He is pulled out of the elevator and finds himself stuck in a glade with bunch of teenage boys. The galde however is covered with huge walls in all direction. Thomas soon realizes the wall is a maze and figures out its the only way to freedom. He decides to run the maze himself, and with the help from his friends in the glade would he be able to get his freedom!?

Design criteria summary

Criteria A: Inquiring and Analyizing.

Criteria A’s topic is about Inquiring and Analyzing. This means that when Im designing my design brief I must only use the relevant and useful information for my topic. In order to get high marks on this criteria there are 4 things that needs to be done in top quality. Out of the 4 the challening one seems to be the seocnd one, constructs a research plan, which states and prioritizes the primary and secondary research needed to develop a solution to the problem independently. It will be a challenge to stare and prioritize primary and secondary research.

Criteria B: Developing Ideas

Criteria B’s about Developing Ideas and in this criteria we concentrate on making a design specification that can help us students to chose the design idea we have. We would also need to justify why the design we chose is the best one, and we need to have planed out drawing or diagram of how are design looks like. I think the most challenging task in this criteria is the drawing part, especially cause im not the best artist.

Criteria C: Creating the Solution

Criteria C’s about creating the solution and it the criteria were as students take the design idea and actually create it. In this criteria we must demonstrate our technical skills when making the solution, and follow our plan as we create the solution. If changes were made on the way, we must justify the changes made to the deisgn that was chosen. I think the challenging part of this criteria is demonstrating techincal skills during the soultion. I think its the hardest because what I think is a techincal skill, the teacher might not.

Criteria D: Evaluating

Criteria D is about Evaluating our final product which we created in our creating the solution stage. In this criteria we test at our product to see the response of other students who has yet to see what the product is. In order to evaluate we must come up with a detailed and relevant testing method which can show the success of the product. I think this criteria is the easiest at of all the criterias, but the difficult part of this task is to come up with a detailed method to collect data. Its hard to find students that has the time to see the product and give you feedback.




PE Futsal

During the futsal unit, the students had to create skills/drill and lead the lesson with the drills that group had created. The groups were divided into 4, and I was in the super geeks with, Daniella, Nisak, Ellen and Michael. As a group we had to come up with skills/drills according to what the group was in charge of. The first lesson we were in charge was the warm ups. For this lesson we had two leaders, who ran in front of everyone the class and took in charge. If the runner in front started to the different things the people in the back most follow. The second lesson was drills. For this lesson we chose to do a game called sharks. One student in the middle and the rest has a ball trying to avoid the person in the middle, the shark stealing your ball. I think this was a very effective drill, because ball control is very much need in playing Futsal.


Overall, I think in this unit I did better than the other units. I think I did better in Futsal because I was back from my injury and I enjoy playing Futsal. Through out the unit, I tried to be the leader especially during the classes were my group had to take over the class. When we played games I tried to be a leader by caring the ball and passing to my team mates when they had nobody near them. However, I think I can improve on staying on task. I feel very strongly playing futsal, so sometimes I felt like I can goof around. So I can defiantly improve on that. I can also try to be more of leader in games and out it.

Games for tech

I think good games are made out of many characteristics. For example good games should definitely be fun, addictive, interesting, and easy to play the game. In order for me to create a scratch game for my final project, I have looked at three educational games that can help me create my own game.

The first game I looked at is called, easy simple math. This games whole concept is about solving simple problems. I would probably improve this game by adding subtraction as well, because I only saw additions. The coding is very long, but I think if I understand the built of it I can use it as well.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 2.06.10 PM



The second game I looked at was a guessing game. This game was about different shapes changing into different colors, all you had to do was guess which color it was going to change to. I think this game is fun because you are guessing and also at the same time you learn the shapes are. The coding for this game seemed more complicated than the other one. To improve this game I would add more colors instead of two.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 3.07.31 PM


The third game I looked at was a maze game. This is easy, but its to simple. The whole objective of the game to make it to the green goal, without bumping into the sides. This game has the simplest coding out of all the games I looked at. I would improve this game by adding more levels. Having one level is very sad and boring so ill add 5 or 10 more.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 3.16.47 PM


English reflection unit 3

In this unit we learned about the relationship between the context of a text and the form its presented in. At first I had no idea what this unit question was. But over, the last 6 weeks and the activites we have been doing over those week has helped me to understand abit more of this unit question. The first activity we did in class was to choose a person and to research about their life. We had a task to create a timeline for the things they have accomplished throughout their life. I choose to research about Kobe Bryant, as he has acoomplished many things in his NBA carrer. The next thing was to look at the timeline and find something interesting and write a story out of it. I choose to write about the feud between Shaq and Kobe over the three peat season the lakers had. Third task was to write a poem following the rule of the peom, “Dont go gentle into that goodnight” The poem has to have one strong message about the person and the A C of the first one always have to repeat at the last part of every stanza. The message I decided to choose was winning, since Kobe Bryant was all about winning. The last task was creating another poem that followed the shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet was a peom the was conncentrated on one message, but the message is told gradually as the poem ends. For this sonnet I choose the message, legend as Kobe Bryant broke many recoreds in NBA.

We also expanded poems, which I think helped me most understand the unit question. By expanding a poem I learned that each line has a deeper meaning then how its presented. Simple line can by translated differently just by expanding the poem. By expanding the poem I was able to understand the meaning or the concept of the peom much more. I think the unit question meant that the more you look at how its persented the more context you would get out of it.

English Reflection

For this unit we had a question we had to answer at the end, which is “How Important is language in the use or abuse of power”. I believe that this unit question is very important for our understanding of language in the use of power. Language is something we use often and if we were able to use only our language to persuade people the way they think it would be a useful power us humans has achieved. Language can come in different form, but if we were able to put our language in a way that manipulates the audiences thoughts than it would be a powerful thing. In order to learn about the language in the use or abuse of power throughout the unit we did many learning activities, such as reading animal farm, wrote a rhetorical speeches and watch a ted talk.


Reading Animal Farm by George Orwell was the first thing we started to do when the unit started. Animal Farm is a book based on the Russian Revolution that is shown throughout the animals on the farm. The pigs on the farm are based on the communist who took over Russia, in this case it took over the farm. The other animals are reflections of different parts of Russian society and it shows how the communist, the pigs affected them. After reading animal farm the next activity was to write a rhetorical speech. This learning activity was to write a speech about a topic that was ridiculous. The topic was ridiculous because it would help us students write the rhetorical speech more persuasive. We had to include 6 or more rhetorical devices making the speech persuasive for to change the audiences thoughts to the same idea as mine. This task actually helped me to understand the use of rhetorical devices because I was able to understand how those rhetorical devices can make people believe in what I think. Ted talk was the last thing we did. The ted talk was a video based on how the words were placed. I learned how words can change any meaning and how it can change the mind of ours to something else.


Overall, I think the use of language is one of the most powerful things we were given but yet to understand. I think the answer to this question is that, our language is something that can be used as a powerful tool. It can make people the way you think If the language was persented the right way.