27 May 2014, 2:00pm
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Graphic Design – Art

In the first step, which is defining the task, I have spent a lot of time trying to make it visual and interesting. I incorporated the words in there, so that it all looks as it is one. I played around with the words to and images to clearly show what I was talking about, but also make it a bit fun when looking at it. This part of the process generally gave me an idea of what my designs are going to look like, as we had to include a lot of things, and I did not want to make my design look like everyone else’s, so from the very beginning I had my head wrapped around very uncertain ideas of how my Handbook cover would look like. Overall I spend a fairly long amount of time making this part of the process visually interesting, as well as I also figured out what I liked to do with letters and images. I somewhat was looking for my own style. This is how the first part of the design looked like (only the top half of the page):


The second part of the design process, which was Research, I spend a shorter amount of time on, because personally, I don’t get inspired by others that often. I am the type of person who either creates something by myself or copies. I researched a bit about how to make a good Handbook Cover, for students and just normal Handbooks, as well as how to make a good book cover. I stated a couple of things in bullet points, but overall I did not spend a lot of time on this stage as it did not help all that much. I still made is somewhat visually interesting. You can see the page on the image above (bottom half of the page).

BrainStorm. This was also a short stage for me as all I did was stated a lot about how I have to organize my handbook cover to make it looks good. I stated that I have to have good use of negative and positive space, to keep the balance good. The colours were probably one of the most important to me. This whole stage was just basically brainstorming ideas that have to be used while creating the actual cover.


Stage four, sketching, This was my favourite stage, as I got to show my creative side, making different designs that I could possibly use. I created many different designs, ending up with 9 in total. I was happy with this and this was definitely my strongest stage, as I got to do what I liked. From the 9 designs I chose first top 3, by going around to people and asking which ones they liked most. And then after  the top three were chosen, I asked my table mate (May) to tell me which two are best and ended up choosing two sketches ones with May’s advice. I spend a long time on this stage as I wanted to have as many possibilities as there is to be able to make the best design.


Design Direction was a slow stage, but I did not enjoy it. I just redrew the two designs I chose from the sketches in order to see how they would look like in more detail. I was not impressed with the drawings and I sort of gave up on it. This was the part though where I got a lot of feedback on my designs and from there I chose my final design look. The feedback was really helpful and I was thankful to have good and honest friends.

unnamed-3 unnamed-2

Tight sketch was even slower than the Design Direction. I do not enjoy redrawing my own drawings. The tight sketch did give me a good idea of what I had to improve on, in order to have a good cover. That was a strong point in this stage as I really got to see what does not work for me and what has to be changed. Besides that it was a very slow and boring process for me.


The client review really got me to see what I have created. Although the client review was done on the Design Direction Sketches because I  did not have my tight sketch done yet, I got good feedback on it and had a lot to think about. This stage was a great wake up call, about that I have to make this cover appealing to everyone and it has to have the least amount of flaws as possible.


Finalizing the product was by far the longest stage. It was very frustrating to make what I needed and to get things to look the way I wanted it to. I have done a lot of research on how to use the tools on Photoshop and I did my best not to get too annoyed, but at times it was hard. This was a great learning stage, I got to know myself better, and my skills. I learned a lot about Photoshop, and that I have to take things slower from time to time. Although I am not that happy with my final product, I am proud of the effort I have put into it.


My final work is a very simple design. I decided to keep it with simple colours. I used only the colours that were used in the school logo to create my design. And because I have done so, I knew that the colours would match, as the logo has matching colours, and is balanced. My colour scheme was mono, as other than using black and white, I used only one colour, which was red. I used a different tint of red as well, but it is still counted as mono. I only chose one font, which was Helvetica Neue, Light. The other letters which are seen in the word “Student” I have drawn and written myself. I think that my composition is good, there is a good sense of balance, and it uses the positive and negative space well. I had to make the background something other than a plain black solid colour as the letters were already plain and solid. I also had to vary the background colour a tiny bit, which resulted in making the middle of the page a lighter shade of grey. My design has very little spacing, which means that it is all grouped in the middle, and the dragon which spaces the design out. I think that the spacing in my design is exactly what I hoped it would look like. The spacing and placing is also what sets the mood of the design. As the Student Handbook is mainly aimed at MS and HS I decided to make it serious, with a touch of something playful. I thought that was a great idea, because in when you join MS you are still very playful, but you start to get serious, but in HS you are always serious, but looking for a playful moment. That is also how I made up my mind of who is my target audience.


The feedback I got on my designs was very useful to me, as it was the basis of how I changed my design. Although my friends feedback was all positive, without any negative comments, or comments on improvement, the client review and one on one peer evaluation helped me a lot with making my final design. I read through the feedback and looked at what people were looking at in my design, what they focused on and what they liked. I took all the feedback and decided to combine it all into one making my design “better” as maybe I did not like it as much as I wanted to, but my friends and my client definitely said it was better that way. I think that the feedback really helped me improve my design in many ways.


I learnt a lot through making this design, mostly about how peer review helps me to improve my artwork. Other’s opinions mean a lot when you have to make something that everyone has to somewhat enjoy looking at. I learned a lot about how to make graphic designs and that graphic design is not only about what you like. I did not have any questions that remained unanswered because  I made sure to ask questions and form them in a way that I get answers for many things throughout one opinion. This unit was a great learning opportunity for me.

My final Product:

Student Handbook Cover


14 Mar 2014, 6:06pm

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PE: Futsal – Reflection

This PE unit we were doing futsal.
At the beginning of the unit I thought I would be doing very bad as I am pretty bad at soccer and I knew I would not be engaging into the games as much because our class mates were so much better than me. Even though this was a tough unit for me, and many times I was about to give up, there was always something to smile about. Over time I began to accept the fact that even though I am not the best at it, everyone finds their place.  Another reason this unit was tough for me is because I  don’t really have an interest in the sport. I can play it if I have to, but I there should be no one expecting me to be good or good or anything.

Coaching in this unit was “okay”. What I mean by that is that even though I had the chance to coach, it did not seem like anyone wanted to take instructions from me, or even listened. I tried to coach fairly and not to exclude anyone, or not to go too hard on anyone. Coaching is definitely not my thing as I am usually the person who receives the instructions and does things for others. In a way it was “fun” to be able to tell people what to do for once.

Games were probably my least favourite part of the lesson as that was the time I actually had to go and get engaged or excluded from the group as I was not “good enough” compared to others. Even though it was not my favourite part of the lesson, I think I picked up some tips along the way and I learned a couple new skills. I tried to stay positive and just go with the flow and listen. I liked the rules we had such as “the ball had to be passed to every single player” because that ensured that you touched the ball while playing and you did not just sit out on the side watching. Another rule that I really liked in the games was that the good players had a limited amount of touches on the ball which also ensured that you had to be there to help the team.

We were also doing a lot of exercises and drills in class which helped us improve our skills. I really like the exercise where there were a lot of cones put out and we had to dribble in between them using both the inside and the outside of both of our feet.


11 Mar 2014, 9:50am

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Tutor: Mindfulness

For the first activity on the list we had to watch to video clips and then write down what we noticed:

1. I noticed that there was only one leader out of all those people praying/meditating to some kind of higher power. It was also located only in one spot, out of all the temples and statues the people could only be found in one place.

2. I think that what they have said in the video is true, our generation has so much pressure about being best that we do not have any other time, but to study, and if you don’t then you fail. No time for friends or any social life.

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17 Feb 2014, 1:18pm

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What makes a good/interesting game?

For this unit, we will be creating an educational game for the kindergardeners. Last class, to make this game purposeful and interesting for the kindergardeners, in a group of 4, we discussed about what kind of games we should create, and what kind of questions we should ask them. These are the questions we came up with:

  1. What are you interested in right now?
    – If they talk about “Doraemon” then we can make a game which includes that character in it.
  2. What they are learning at the moment
    – This can help them with their studies, perhaps make it easier.
  3. What challenges they are facing with work
  4. What they dislike
    – For example if they don’t like something at school, we can make a game which involves that and make them enjoy it.

These questions really help a lot when it comes to creating a game or even making an idea as they make us think about what we can do to not only prevent our game from being boring, but also how to make it more successful. These questions give us an idea of what is required and also that not everyone likes the same thing, which forces us to think about how we can make it likable by most.

Games have to fit into some basic requirements which usually are that they have to be a little addicting and challenging like “Flappy Bird”  (which unfortunately is not deleted), it has to look good and it has to be easy to play like “Temple Run“. These games are (were) very successful because they are a little addicting, they look good, and they go on forever. Not all games have to go on forever, but if they do not, you would usually be required to have a story behind it.

1. Yoshi’s Math Game

This is a simple and fun game which involves two very known characters: Mario and Yoshi. It is a easy game as all that is required is to move left and right and press space on the answer that you think is right. This is a good looking game which also has some simple animations such as: Yoshi dropping an egg on Mario’s head which after makes a small coin pop up. The only problem I see in this game is that it might get boring after a while as it does not have anything new that comes up in the game, no levels, no power ups or anything. Besides that it is a very good game.

2. Times Tables

This is a nice math game which  is interesting quite interesting. I like how when the game starts you can choose which times tables you want to work on. The game does not go on forever like “Yoshi’s Math Game”, instead it has a limit of 60 seconds which really forces you to think and try to get the best score possible. This game does not look best, but it keeps you hooked on it. I think that maybe the game could have gone on for a bit longer as 60 seconds is a very short time, and I also would suggest the creator to maybe add some more colours to the game. Besides that it is a nice game.

3. Math Crab +

Is another math game which is quite addicting but VERY simple. It has a playful crab in the middle of the screen which asks you questions about adding numbers. It keeps your score and has a little timer in the top right which also makes you think about actually trying to do it as fast as possible. I would say the only problem left is that it gets boring after a while because it is the same animation over and over again. I like the simplicity a lot though.

10 Dec 2013, 9:19am

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Reflection: Semester 1

Over the first semester I did become more organized, but still not as organized as I wanted to be. A lot of times I would be freaking out about school, sometimes I would feel very lonely, left out because I couldn’t spend as much time with my friends. I still have to improve on this.


I have also definitely become much more confident with myself, I ask questions in class, I am open to new things and challenges. I think that this goal was accomplished, but can be further on worked to improve if I really want to.


The last goal was also almost accomplished, sometimes whatsoever I could be doing a bit better, but overall I think I did study and give my best in most or all subjects, it could have been better from time to time, but overall it was all good.

5 Nov 2013, 10:41pm
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Art Reflection

In this art unit we have been working on observational drawings. We focused on concepts like foreshortening, shading, proportions etc. We started off by taking pictures of many things inside the art room, making it look artistic. I chose to draw a picture of paintbrushes in a bucket. It was a very challenging drawing for me as it had 4 different textures, which were painted wood, plastic, metal and the brush at the end of the paintbrush. I knew some bits and pieces about how to draw things realistically from my past experience, but it was not enough for me to complete this unit without the practice we got. We started off by seeing who could draw what and at what level without knowing any of the techniques that we were meant to be using. That was a simple drawing of a wine bottle. We had many different activities to practice our drawing skills such as drawing upside down, practicing proportions, practicing the right values, right textures and shading. One of our graded exercises was drawing a shoe with from a coloured photo. Another exercise we did was drawing three balls which were lying on the table. We had to shade it using lightest and darkest values. I think this was one of my best practice drawings that I have made throughout this whole unit.


Step one to our final project was to take 8 different pictures of the surrounding which looked realistic, then we had to chose 4 out of those 8 which we liked most and thought were most decent to draw for our final project. After we have chosen our 4 pictures in our sketch books we had to make thumbnails of them and write notes on the side to see which of the photos would look best and most interesting. I chose my first thumbnail as the one that I drew in the end as I thought it was challenging enough and also interesting.

Step two to our final project was to make the paper to we were going to use proportional to our image, this was in order for us not to make any mistakes and have troubles while trying to fit the image to the un-proportional paper. After I have cropped the paper I took a HB pencil and drew four lines across, this was the grid which would help me to draw the final art work in the correct spacing.


Step three which was already leading towards the end of this unit was to draw the actual work. We had a lot of time in class and at home to finish everything up. I think I spend my time wisely in class and also taking time after school to make sure it was good enough to submit. I ended up starting off one drawing, but then having to trash it and restarting everything as I have made mistakes which would not allow me to finish up my drawing and affecting my final grade.
Overall I think  my drawing was pretty impressive, considering the fact that it had many complicated and challenging bits and pieces. One thing I will sure still be frustrated with each time I look at my drawing is the plastic on the right side of the paper which is covering the paint brushes. It was by far the most challenging part of the whole composition, but I gave it my best shot and I think it turned out to be the best I could have possibly done. I really like the fact that I have used a full spectrum of shades, from the darkest to the lightest in the composition. In my opinion this was the most challenging artwork I have ever created and I am proud of it. The piece of art I have created is balanced and has a good use of the techniques we learned in class, which helped me achieve the realistic look of it. My artwork has depth in it, and it shows which parts are closer which are further away. I am happy with my final results and I hope  to keep this up throughout the whole year 🙂

5 Nov 2013, 3:25pm

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Our First Value Visit

On October 29th (Last Tuesday) we went to visit the kindergarden, Mrs. Brown’s class. It was nice to see the little kids being so enthusiastic about us visiting us, but it would be nice to have the little kids speak up a bit more as I really wanna interact with them. It was nice to talk to them and the little girl i was assigned to, Nina, and read a book together. I think my favourite part of the whole meeting was playing the games as it was the only time I could really interact with the little kids. All of the kids were really cute and nice 🙂

1 Nov 2013, 2:10pm

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Tech – Design

click this: my design – to see the poster.

I have chosen this design because in my opinion it fits to what I expected it to look like. I wanted my design to be interesting and easy to look at, with a flow to it, and that is exactly what it has. It has more effect on what I was trying to announce to the public. It shows what are the consequences, it gives percentages and show’s what may or may not the be the best solution. My topic is self harm and it is an unpleasant experience many of teenagers have. Some of the people do not know how to deal with it and I like my design because it gives a lot of information about it and it also puts things out there like they actually are, how it actually feels like, and it explains that sometimes the feelings you have towards something aren’t the right thing to follow. Sometimes you have to take a risk and help yourself. This design sends a clear message and is pleasant to the eye. The design isn’t sharp and has visual images which help to understand what the given text is about. This design is allowing me to focus on an issue known by many and I am hoping that it’s going to actually help people out.

I know I have too many words, I will still be working on that.



27 Oct 2013, 10:37pm

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Field Studies

I have chosen science as my topic for this field studies project. I will be working on answering the questions about Mangroves as they are very interesting and it is something I would like to discover a bit more as it is new to me. From my research and what I have seen, mangroves affect the coral reefs and eco system a lot.


Diary Entires:

Day 1:

I never thought about how small a school can be. how different it can be. Today I have realized how much we actually have, and what made me a bit upset at myself and others is that even though we have so much we still complain a whole lot. I have also been feeling sad for the people, in a way. Because I have seen how much they wish, but can’t have. I felt much better though, when I knew that I can and I am helping those people out.

Day 2:

Today we went on a hike in the jungle. It was an amazing adventure with many beautiful sights. We got to see a lot of wildlife, the plants and insects, such as termites and ants – which were pretty scary when they were in the middle of the trail! We saw the red crab as well, and touched it, which not many had the guts to. The hike was pretty tiring, three hours walking up and down rocks, mud, logs, sometimes even streams of water. At the end we got to go swim in a lake, which was nice and refreshing after the exhausting hike. After we went to the gibbon sanctuary and observed their behaviour and also learnt a little about them. Conclusion: exhausting day ended with some amazing experiences!

Day 3:
The coral reef that we have seen today was in quite poor shape. There were practically no fish – and even with the species that were there it was the same fish over and over again. I think the pollution killed the reef.  Overall snorkeling was fun and it was nice to look at the marine life even though there was little of it. But to go and enjoy those sights sights, we had to go on a one and a half hour boat trip – one way. It was only after the trip that I have realized that that the sun doesn’t like me. When I saw myself in the mirror the only thought in my head was “tomato” – because that’s how red my skin was. Even after all that this day was another amazing day.

Day 4:
Mangroves. That was the main attraction of today. We had to plant 200 of them and the weather was quite interesting. It changed the whole time. Once it was sunny and another time it was pouring down with rain. But besides planting mangroves Ellen and I also caught tiny ghost grabs. One thing that I enjoyed a whole lot was meeting the students at the school that we helped paint. They were so enthusiastic and excited about us visiting. Today was a very heart touching and amazing day, we learnt a whole lot about mangroves and got the opportunity to help the environment.

Day 5:

It was time to leave Thailand. We woke up quite early, everyone took a shower and slowly went back to the rooms to pack. It seemed like a pretty sad day, no one seemed to want to leave. Breakfast went by too fast, and before we knew it, it was time to leave. When we got to the airport it was pretty straight forward, and the flight was long and tiring. I sat next to my best friend though, so it wasn’t that bad. Once we got back to Japan, I went onto the Y-cat bus straight back home, but the day didn’t end there for me. I went and met up with a couple of my friends and for sure got rid of every single last piece of energy there was in me.

24 Sep 2013, 9:40pm
Home PE

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What do you need to do to get a high mark? What attributes or skills will you need to work on for success?

To get a high mark in Criterion A, I have to definitely learn many of the exercises that we will be doing during our P.E. classes and also I definitely have to learn a quite wide range of vocabulary which we are currently using quite frequently in class. I will have to have a qide understanding of all the rules, principles and techniques used in our P.E. class to be able to fully participate and aim to get the highest score. I also have to use my knowledge to solve familiar and unfamiliar problems which may occur during our P.E. sessions.



what are you doing already in class (and what mark do you think you are currently getting based on your work?) and what goal/s could you set now for further success (or to maintain success?) and how will you show this over the second half of our unit?

Currently in our P.E. class we are going through our unit which is fitness. We are learning and studying movements of muscles and how to improve the strength of them and the endurance of our bodies. Very recently we have been learning a lot about movement and composition, commonly known as dance, and the one we have been focusing most right now was and is Zumba. I am pretty sure I am doing quite well, sometime’s I do have to focus a bit more as I get distracted easily which leads to me being off  of the task often. Besides that I think that I somewhere around a 5/6 in both criteria. My main goal is to learn and memorize all the vocabulary we have been learning. I am not finding any of the thing’s we do very difficult, therefore I think I might just do well in this unit.

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