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Tech: Reflection – Mash It Up

In this unit for tech, we learnt about how to use and how fair use works. We had to mash up two things, it could be Laugh Track Mash, One Movie Watches Another, Remix an Album Cover, Consumer Mashup, Local Commercial Mashup, Music Mapped Videos, Music Mash, Movie Trailer Mashup, Lip Read etc. We have been learning about the copy right law and how to use it. My mash up was taken from the idea of combining two things I like a lot, which was Coca-Cola and Qoo juices. I wanted to make something that would look colorful and would catch someone’s attention. 

My inspiration for the way my image looked like came from a couple of different commercials I have seen and also from seeing the logo’s themselves and what is used for it. I thought that using the Qoo character in the middle of my image because it is cute and adorable, to state clearly it is mixed with Coca-Cola I drew a giant can of Cola and put it next to the character used for the logo of Qoo. I think people might find it adorable or interesting as it is a perfect way to catch someone’s attention. Another reason for me mashing up those two companies was because Cola is known all over the world and Qoo is something new to some people, it won’t only try to find out what it is, they will also probably try it out, because big companies use only things that everyone enjoys.

I think that my whole mash up looks like it’s drawn, because I first drew it by hand and afterwards scanned it. I have edited it to the end by using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but no matter how much I tried to make it look not drawn nothing has worked. Even though it looks drawn I am proud of it.

During the investigation I had to research and fully understand what is a mash up, I had to see different examples and search for many different ways to edit the final piece. I also had to learn about what is copy right law and how to use it correctly (not to break the laws). I learned about copyright and its connection to author, composer, manager, etc. Even though it seems like I did a lot for my investigation in my opinion I could have done a bit more, just to make everything even more clearer.

For my design stage we had to design the product/solution for what we have been researching about. I went on changing my mind for a long time before I actually got the real idea of what I had to do and what would be the best thing for me to do. First I started from trying to make a song mash up, but I realized that I am not good at editing music, I needed to do something I knew I would do well in. I chose to do the consumer mash up and after designing three different mash ups on paper (drawing), I chose the best one and finished it up on my computer. One of the examples of consumer mash ups was “Seven and Pokemon” and that pretty much inspired me to make my mash up.

Planning is something what we add on after what we did for the design. I didn’t exactly use this cycle effectively, because my schedule wasn’t organized.

Create/final product, after all the time I have gave on creating my mash up, at the very end I realized that it is missing something, in the last minute I took my image and opened it in Photoshop, and that was one of the best decision I have made, I changed some things around, I took some things out and changed colors. I added a bit and now it is the way it is and I am proud of it. My final product is very colorful, I think it reflects a lot on me in a way, it is eye catching and different from anything else I have ever seen.

I am glad I have succeeded on my mash up in the end. I think this was a great unit, we learned a lot about the copy right law and fair use, and that made me understand some thing I didn’t understand before. This was a fun unit to do and it sure did get me excited. As everything it had its ups and downs, but after all I enjoyed this unit a lot and I hope I can use my new skills in the near future.



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