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Math – About Me.

In last years math class we went through a lot of units, some were more challenging than the others. Overall it was a great year in math, one of my favourite projects that we have done was making our own Casino game. We had to create a game which would be good to go in casinos. Here is the link to my work. (link)¬†Another thing I really enjoyed doing in math last year was for sure the unit on factorizing as it was one of my stronger area’s in math.

My strengths as a mathematic thinker are probabilities, factorizing and graphing. I think those are my strengths because I find those topics quite easy and it is not such a big problem for me. I find them fun to do which means I also enjoy doing them. I may not be the best at them, but I surely think they’re easier and just overall more enjoyable.

My goal for this year math class is to finally try to perfect my skills of using negative numbers. I also want to try to be a better listener and another goal I want to try to pick up my pace of solving equations. I will try my best to stay focused in class, to be able to answer a question on the spot and overall improve all my math skills that I have so far.

I really think this is going to be an amazing year of math, where I will have my ups and downs, I will have some tougher times, some easier times, my grades will be all different, but in the end I would pass the whole year with a smile on my face!  And I hope my teacher will also be happy to see how much his students have progressed in the following year.

Hi Daniella,

It sounds like you have a great attitude towards math class. There will always be ups and downs but our goal as a class is to get through them and to deepen our understanding of mathematics. Thanks for sharing!

Mr H



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