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What do you need to do to get a high mark? What attributes or skills will you need to work on for success?

To get a high mark in Criterion A, I have to definitely learn many of the exercises that we will be doing during our P.E. classes and also I definitely have to learn a quite wide range of vocabulary which we are currently using quite frequently in class. I will have to have a qide understanding of all the rules, principles and techniques used in our P.E. class to be able to fully participate and aim to get the highest score. I also have to use my knowledge to solve familiar and unfamiliar problems which may occur during our P.E. sessions.



what are you doing already in class (and what mark do you think you are currently getting based on your work?) and what goal/s could you set now for further success (or to maintain success?) and how will you show this over the second half of our unit?

Currently in our P.E. class we are going through our unit which is fitness. We are learning and studying movements of muscles and how to improve the strength of them and the endurance of our bodies. Very recently we have been learning a lot about movement and composition, commonly known as dance, and the one we have been focusing most right now was and is Zumba. I am pretty sure I am doing quite well, sometime’s I do have to focus a bit more as I get distracted easily which leads to me being off  of the task often. Besides that I think that I somewhere around a 5/6 in both criteria. My main goal is to learn and memorize all the vocabulary we have been learning. I am not finding any of the thing’s we do very difficult, therefore I think I might just do well in this unit.

Thanks for taking the time to get this post up on your blog Daniella! It is good to see you thinking about your actions in class and setting some goals for the rest of our unit. I would argue that every lesson should be thought of as a clean slate, and for Crit D you need to think about your engagement here and how you are working to your personal potential. Take risks; try new things and support your peers to do the same. Your group work assignment will be a good test of your group and team skills. Thanks again.



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