27 Oct 2013, 10:37pm

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Field Studies

I have chosen science as my topic for this field studies project. I will be working on answering the questions about Mangroves as they are very interesting and it is something I would like to discover a bit more as it is new to me. From my research and what I have seen, mangroves affect the coral reefs and eco system a lot.


Diary Entires:

Day 1:

I never thought about how small a school can be. how different it can be. Today I have realized how much we actually have, and what made me a bit upset at myself and others is that even though we have so much we still complain a whole lot. I have also been feeling sad for the people, in a way. Because I have seen how much they wish, but can’t have. I felt much better though, when I knew that I can and I am helping those people out.

Day 2:

Today we went on a hike in the jungle. It was an amazing adventure with many beautiful sights. We got to see a lot of wildlife, the plants and insects, such as termites and ants – which were pretty scary when they were in the middle of the trail! We saw the red crab as well, and touched it, which not many had the guts to. The hike was pretty tiring, three hours walking up and down rocks, mud, logs, sometimes even streams of water. At the end we got to go swim in a lake, which was nice and refreshing after the exhausting hike. After we went to the gibbon sanctuary and observed their behaviour and also learnt a little about them. Conclusion: exhausting day ended with some amazing experiences!

Day 3:
The coral reef that we have seen today was in quite poor shape. There were practically no fish – and even with the species that were there it was the same fish over and over again. I think the pollution killed the reef. ¬†Overall snorkeling was fun and it was nice to look at the marine life even though there was little of it. But to go and enjoy those sights sights, we had to go on a one and a half hour boat trip – one way. It was only after the trip that I have realized that that the sun doesn’t like me. When I saw myself in the mirror the only thought in my head was “tomato” – because that’s how red my skin was. Even after all that this day was another amazing day.

Day 4:
Mangroves. That was the main attraction of today. We had to plant 200 of them and the weather was quite interesting. It changed the whole time. Once it was sunny and another time it was pouring down with rain. But besides planting mangroves Ellen and I also caught tiny ghost grabs. One thing that I enjoyed a whole lot was meeting the students at the school that we helped paint. They were so enthusiastic and excited about us visiting. Today was a very heart touching and amazing day, we learnt a whole lot about mangroves and got the opportunity to help the environment.

Day 5:

It was time to leave Thailand. We woke up quite early, everyone took a shower and slowly went back to the rooms to pack. It seemed like a pretty sad day, no one seemed to want to leave. Breakfast went by too fast, and before we knew it, it was time to leave. When we got to the airport it was pretty straight forward, and the flight was long and tiring. I sat next to my best friend though, so it wasn’t that bad. Once we got back to Japan, I went onto the Y-cat bus straight back home, but the day didn’t end there for me. I went and met up with a couple of my friends and for sure got rid of every single last piece of energy there was in me.



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