1 Nov 2013, 2:10pm

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click this: my design – to see the poster.

I have chosen this design because in my opinion it fits to what I expected it to look like. I wanted my design to be interesting and easy to look at, with a flow to it, and that is exactly what it has. It has more effect on what I was trying to announce to the public. It shows what are the consequences, it gives percentages and show’s what may or may not the be the best solution. My topic is self harm and it is an unpleasant experience many of teenagers have. Some of the people do not know how to deal with it and I like my design because it gives a lot of information about it and it also puts things out there like they actually are, how it actually feels like, and it explains that sometimes the feelings you have towards something aren’t the right thing to follow. Sometimes you have to take a risk and help yourself. This design sends a clear message and is pleasant to the eye. The design isn’t sharp and has visual images which help to understand what the given text is about. This design is allowing me to focus on an issue known by many and I am hoping that it’s going to actually help people out.

I know I have too many words, I will still be working on that.



1 Nov 2013, 2:29pm
by 17masumid

Even though it’s a very touchy subject for many people, and I’m sure many people were even afraid to choose this as their topic, I’m proud of your bravery. It’s a serious matter and it’s important for people to be informed about it. Your poster is very appealing, but there are too many words and it would probably bore someone to read so much. Keep the amount of words to a minimum, and emphasize only the important things. I like how the look of your poster is simple and includes soft and nice fonts.



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