5 Nov 2013, 10:41pm
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Art Reflection

In this art unit we have been working on observational drawings. We focused on concepts like foreshortening, shading, proportions etc. We started off by taking pictures of many things inside the art room, making it look artistic. I chose to draw a picture of paintbrushes in a bucket. It was a very challenging drawing for me as it had 4 different textures, which were painted wood, plastic, metal and the brush at the end of the paintbrush. I knew some bits and pieces about how to draw things realistically from my past experience, but it was not enough for me to complete this unit without the practice we got. We started off by seeing who could draw what and at what level without knowing any of the techniques that we were meant to be using. That was a simple drawing of a wine bottle. We had many different activities to practice our drawing skills such as drawing upside down, practicing proportions, practicing the right values, right textures and shading. One of our graded exercises was drawing a shoe with from a coloured photo. Another exercise we did was drawing three balls which were lying on the table. We had to shade it using lightest and darkest values. I think this was one of my best practice drawings that I have made throughout this whole unit.


Step one to our final project was to take 8 different pictures of the surrounding which looked realistic, then we had to chose 4 out of those 8 which we liked most and thought were most decent to draw for our final project. After we have chosen our 4 pictures in our sketch books we had to make thumbnails of them and write notes on the side to see which of the photos would look best and most interesting. I chose my first thumbnail as the one that I drew in the end as I thought it was challenging enough and also interesting.

Step two to our final project was to make the paper to we were going to use proportional to our image, this was in order for us not to make any mistakes and have troubles while trying to fit the image to the un-proportional paper. After I have cropped the paper I took a HB pencil and drew four lines across, this was the grid which would help me to draw the final art work in the correct spacing.


Step three which was already leading towards the end of this unit was to draw the actual work. We had a lot of time in class and at home to finish everything up. I think I spend my time wisely in class and also taking time after school to make sure it was good enough to submit. I ended up starting off one drawing, but then having to trash it and restarting everything as I have made mistakes which would not allow me to finish up my drawing and affecting my final grade.
Overall I think  my drawing was pretty impressive, considering the fact that it had many complicated and challenging bits and pieces. One thing I will sure still be frustrated with each time I look at my drawing is the plastic on the right side of the paper which is covering the paint brushes. It was by far the most challenging part of the whole composition, but I gave it my best shot and I think it turned out to be the best I could have possibly done. I really like the fact that I have used a full spectrum of shades, from the darkest to the lightest in the composition. In my opinion this was the most challenging artwork I have ever created and I am proud of it. The piece of art I have created is balanced and has a good use of the techniques we learned in class, which helped me achieve the realistic look of it. My artwork has depth in it, and it shows which parts are closer which are further away. I am happy with my final results and I hope  to keep this up throughout the whole year 🙂



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