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What makes a good/interesting game?

For this unit, we will be creating an educational game for the kindergardeners. Last class, to make this game purposeful and interesting for the kindergardeners, in a group of 4, we discussed about what kind of games we should create, and what kind of questions we should ask them. These are the questions we came up with:

  1. What are you interested in right now?
    – If they talk about “Doraemon” then we can make a game which includes that character in it.
  2. What they are learning at the moment
    – This can help them with their studies, perhaps make it easier.
  3. What challenges they are facing with work
  4. What they dislike
    – For example if they don’t like something at school, we can make a game which involves that and make them enjoy it.

These questions really help a lot when it comes to creating a game or even making an idea as they make us think about what we can do to not only prevent our game from being boring, but also how to make it more successful. These questions give us an idea of what is required and also that not everyone likes the same thing, which forces us to think about how we can make it likable by most.

Games have to fit into some basic requirements which usually are that they have to be a little addicting and challenging like “Flappy Bird”  (which unfortunately is not deleted), it has to look good and it has to be easy to play like “Temple Run“. These games are (were) very successful because they are a little addicting, they look good, and they go on forever. Not all games have to go on forever, but if they do not, you would usually be required to have a story behind it.

1. Yoshi’s Math Game

This is a simple and fun game which involves two very known characters: Mario and Yoshi. It is a easy game as all that is required is to move left and right and press space on the answer that you think is right. This is a good looking game which also has some simple animations such as: Yoshi dropping an egg on Mario’s head which after makes a small coin pop up. The only problem I see in this game is that it might get boring after a while as it does not have anything new that comes up in the game, no levels, no power ups or anything. Besides that it is a very good game.

2. Times Tables

This is a nice math game which  is interesting quite interesting. I like how when the game starts you can choose which times tables you want to work on. The game does not go on forever like “Yoshi’s Math Game”, instead it has a limit of 60 seconds which really forces you to think and try to get the best score possible. This game does not look best, but it keeps you hooked on it. I think that maybe the game could have gone on for a bit longer as 60 seconds is a very short time, and I also would suggest the creator to maybe add some more colours to the game. Besides that it is a nice game.

3. Math Crab +

Is another math game which is quite addicting but VERY simple. It has a playful crab in the middle of the screen which asks you questions about adding numbers. It keeps your score and has a little timer in the top right which also makes you think about actually trying to do it as fast as possible. I would say the only problem left is that it gets boring after a while because it is the same animation over and over again. I like the simplicity a lot though.



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