11 Mar 2014, 9:50am

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Tutor: Mindfulness

For the first activity on the list we had to watch to video clips and then write down what we noticed:

1. I noticed that there was only one leader out of all those people praying/meditating to some kind of higher power. It was also located only in one spot, out of all the temples and statues the people could only be found in one place.

2. I think that what they have said in the video is true, our generation has so much pressure about being best that we do not have any other time, but to study, and if you don’t then you fail. No time for friends or any social life.

Brain Storm:

In my opinion all we are asked to do is be in control of your own life. And to be very honest that requirement is so STUPID. We cannot be in control of something that is being forced into our lives. Yes school word is there to help us, but it is no longer learning because we want to learn, it’s learning because if we don’t we will fail, not only at that moment that we write the test, but it also has effect on our whole future. We study because we HAVE to or else our lives will be miserable. And if you’re not the best, you’re not capable of being what you want.

How do I think I would benefit from greater focus and noticing?

I mean we already focus so much on school work, but that’s not exactly what this is asking for. I think that from time to time it is great to pause on what you are focusing on, such as homework, a big project or anything that stresses you and turn away from that. In my opinion when that question is asked many people think “I don’t know I mean I focus so much” but in reality they just don’t fully understand the question. What it really asks “What would you benefit if you focused on the world around you and all the little things that are happening while you’re taken away by all your work?” If you phrase the question like that, people will start to think deeper about the answer. I think this is another mistake schools make. They give a question that can be answered with one word, or with laziness, ¬†while they should be asking questions which aren’t that easy to answer and require a bit of thinking. I just noticed that little thing, which allows me to think about something completely new. When we are into all our school work and stress we don’t notice the world around us. In reality we should be able to work and still notice everything. Looking at what around you will make you less stressed, happier and more enthusiastic, because in all that hard work and darkness, the light is to notice. The little things in life change everything. When you’re working don’t ignore that text message from your friend, don’t push away your pet when it comes to you, don’t forget about the talks with your parents and siblings, all these things are the key to success. You cannot succeed if all you do is stress. You need the social life. You need your own world to still be there no matter what. Live in the moment, and learn to notice.



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