14 Mar 2014, 6:06pm

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PE: Futsal – Reflection

This PE unit we were doing futsal.
At the beginning of the unit I thought I would be doing very bad as I am pretty bad at soccer and I knew I would not be engaging into the games as much because our class mates were so much better than me. Even though this was a tough unit for me, and many times I was about to give up, there was always something to smile about. Over time I began to accept the fact that even though I am not the best at it, everyone finds their place. ¬†Another reason this unit was tough for me is because I ¬†don’t really have an interest in the sport. I can play it if I have to, but I there should be no one expecting me to be good or good or anything.

Coaching in this unit was “okay”. What I mean by that is that even though I had the chance to coach, it did not seem like anyone wanted to take instructions from me, or even listened. I tried to coach fairly and not to exclude anyone, or not to go too hard on anyone. Coaching is definitely not my thing as I am usually the person who receives the instructions and does things for others. In a way it was “fun” to be able to tell people what to do for once.

Games were probably my least favourite part of the lesson as that was the time I actually had to go and get engaged or excluded from the group as I was not “good enough” compared to others. Even though it was not my favourite part of the lesson, I think I picked up some tips along the way and I learned a couple new skills. I tried to stay positive and just go with the flow and listen. I liked the rules we had such as “the ball had to be passed to every single player” because that ensured that you touched the ball while playing and you did not just sit out on the side watching. Another rule that I really liked in the games was that the good players had a limited amount of touches on the ball which also ensured that you had to be there to help the team.

We were also doing a lot of exercises and drills in class which helped us improve our skills. I really like the exercise where there were a lot of cones put out and we had to dribble in between them using both the inside and the outside of both of our feet.




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